Sunday, June 11, 2006

Science Mathmatically Endowed?

Approaches to the Quantum Theory of Gravity by the PI Institute

Two methods evolved in the theory of elementary particles to describe such quantized flux tubes. The one, called the loop method, studies them using the basic laws of electricity and magnetism, combined with quantum theory. The second, called string theory, postulates that the quantized flux tubes may be treated as fundamental in their own right, and the laws of electricity and magnetism derived from them.

Many theorists believe that these two points of view are actually equivalent—just different ways of studying the same thing from different points of view. The idea that they are the same is called duality, which here, as in other areas, signals that the same object is being studied with different ideas and methods.

Sometimes this is taken to another level of actual "feuding," yet it is understood, that they are all working towards the same end?

One might called it discretism(to experimentally justify-Glast induced) while the other a "continuity of sorts" when it comes to "energy valuations" analogistically based on some "KK tower of tree like" reasoning? :) Unfortunately, I lost the owner of this quote below.

The jump from conventional field theories of point-like objects to a theory of one-dimensional objects has striking implications. The vibration spectrum of the string contains a massless spin-2 particle: the graviton. Its long wavelength interactions are described by Einstein's theory of General Relativity. Thus General Relativity may be viewed as a prediction of string theory!

Encapsulate all things "gravitationally enhanced" while extending the framework of the standard model? I did not say, or others did not say, that we should discard all science thinking?

The History of the Tree Rings

Oh that fellow is not me either.

I wanted to added some "time" to the idea of things holding the history of, whether it be "energy valuations" held in regards to the particle creations, but also to the idea of earth's history embedded in some "form of expression" here on earth?

Why it's hard "macroscopically," not to look at the "ancient tree rings" and wonder about the history embedded? What are all those forces involved at that "specific ring time" doing?

Thales of Miletus

Aristotle: Commenced his investigation on the Wisdom of the philosphers. "Thales says that it is water" it is the nature of the arche, the originating principle."

With "time variance recognition" in terms of the "relativity of thought," what said the "measures of Grace" are not suitable to what the history of time may have spoken to us in our undertanding of what "the climate" is doing today? But it is more then that.

The Thalean excursion into the "primary principle" needed a science basis from which to work?:) What was "first Principle" and how did such a thing come into existance? We had to know what the "building blocks of matter" may be wrap in process? And of course the ancient thought of water going through it's phases, comes to mind.

Distilliation, as a recognition of the energy, as well as the recognition of what phases the state of water is in?

While it may be the search for the "emotive forces and inspirative surges" into the exploration of the human condition, it is well considered, that such distilliations is a delving into our makeup(realms of thought).

An "intensity" of thought, that allows the seed bed to "bubble forth" into the recognition of what may arise from a simplier time? The "origins of time," as if brought forth "entropically designed" aspects of reality?

The idea of circles just made sense to me, and how we interpret it. Now again, I must remind you of the layman status I have, and must be forgiven for the attempt to understand where we are currently going with science that is mathmatical endow, but has it's basis "in" the science of?

I shall not forget:)

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Quantum Gravity and String Theory

Of course the very title of this entry is a "direct link" as well. I mean, I watch scientists in their debates. How they treat one another, and the most profound contributions are opening the floor to dialogue as the seed bed, for other things to emerge.

Again this just seems to be the way of it. So the thinking already assumes certain things, having accumulated in model comprehension, to the degree, that such statements provide for, the "ideas" to manifest amongst them.

"Dialogos of eide," means, to discuss the ideas. So from where to do they come from? How is it they are transmitted in the minds of scientists. Conclusions drawn, set as the bait for things to enter?

In post #19 I am of course responding to Elliot's question about the observables, what is taken as science, and what Sean is referring to as science from the participants contributions.

I think from what I read their is a common bond and understanding, as to what each represents in the way they think about things. This is fine and no one is argue the validation process as to what expeirmentain does,a s they take this for granted from each other? They are scientists.

Quantum gravity and cosmology at the PI Institute

Finally, the extension of quantum theory to cosmology raises new questions concerning the meaning and interpretation of quantum theory. This is because the conventional uses of quantum theory presume that the observer is outside the system studied. But the universe contains everything, including all its possible observers. This means that quantum theory must be extended (or re-invented) to allow observers to be part of the system they are observing. This is presently a lively area of research, to which scientists at PI have contributed important ideas and results.

Of course I will lead by Plato's example and have these thoughts in mind as to substance, and not care as to the issue of substance, just that such ideas exist for us all to consider in context of groups that gather creatively to propel mind forward in our apprehensions about life.

Friday, June 09, 2006

High Energy Particle Creations: PLacing the Universe into Perspective?

"String theory and other possibilities can distort the relative numbers of 'down' and 'up' neutrinos," said Jonathan Feng, associate professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at UC Irvine. "For example, extra dimensions may cause neutrinos to create microscopic black holes, which instantly evaporate and create spectacular showers of particles in the Earth's atmosphere and in the Antarctic ice cap."

While it is a microstatic view of what began from the early universe, such model creations as to the viability of the time line, seems really important to me. THis is a layman's view of course amongst the towers of well educative minds. So I thought I would add it.

Ah, it seems again, while thoughts are being held in mind, and some confusion on my part, the answers make themself known. It seems fate destines the mind's question, like an attractor of a kind? That all things come to those who wait?:)

AIRES Cosmic Ray Showers

The resource to the right index are really quite good, when it comes to Cosmus. I had forgotten why I had linked it, only to find how these particle creations are understood. Animations bountiful, to help the layman mind understand what is going on.

Make sure you let the animation load below. Also, the significance of high energy particle creation of secondaries, while dissipative states exist in plamatic considerations, what effect again is being sited here in the questions of mind tha we see some result on earth here?

The Pierre Auger Observatory in Malargue, Argentina, is a multinational collaboration of physicists trying to detect powerful cosmic rays from outer space. The energy of the particles here is above 1019eV, or over a million times more powerful than the most energetic particles in any human-made accelerator. No-one knows where these rays come from.

As you move through this information, it is really wonderful that such summations having gone over again and again, seem to solidfy what exactly is being sought and is currently understood.

It works that way sometime when you get a group of people together who have been through it all, and repeat all the current data they have for where exactly they are standing now. This thought of course is arisen from what Sean posted in regards to the PI institue in Canada and the group that got togehter there.

Jack, one of the comentors of course is asking why this stufff is being repeated over and over again, and the answer above is basically what is necessary to initiate new thought provoking situations, to what is already known?

That just seems to be the way of it.


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  • Thursday, June 08, 2006

    Scott Ellsworth Forbush:Opportune Times for Experimentation?

    Forbush Decrease

    Scott E. Forbush discovered the surprising inverse relationship between solar activity and cosmic rays

    There is some confusion still on my part as I wanted to understand the relationship between high energy particle and the conditions for which particle collisions would provide for secondary particle creations.

  • How Particles Came to be?

  • This thinking would help to establish further information that has been compelling to me about microstate blackhole creation, and what this may imply for the planet on which we live?

    Has anyone given this any thought as they developed the views on Risk Assessment and try to explain away the possibilties with what happens everyday?

    This thinking then help to stimulate not only secondary particle creations and what we see in our own creations in Atlas, but lays out for us, the sequence of events that are tied cosmologically to the very beginnings of this universe?

    Why did we miss this? Are high energy particle collisions dissauded by Solar Max, or do they remain undeterred in their travel? Here some questions then that arise in terms of how we see the physics of the day in consideration of mass infuences(gravitational lensing, massless photon travel), as I am thinking of Kip thornes picture of travel here as well. Hmmm.....

    Cosmic rays - are subatomic particles, which travel at nearly the speed of light through space and produce secondary cosmic ray particles in the atmosphere.

    Wednesday, June 07, 2006

    It's Alive: Cosmic Ray Recordings

    I was doing some visiting around to see what Jacque Distler was doing and of course some blog entries are more dear to the heart, when you have followed the history and found correlative statements that bring the subject home for consideration.

    Jacque Distler:
    Travis Stewart reports that the LHC’s ATLAS detector has seen cosmic ray events, an excellent sign that things are working as they should.

    Seen it's value in other ways immediately. So of course speaking on cosmic rays this entry was inviting and of course leads from one thing to another. Finally then, leading you to the very source of the article in question. It is good that Travis Steward gave the updated source indications of his article, for further reading.

    Atlas enews

    A major milestone for the Inner Detector project has been accomplished in early May as cosmic rays going through both the barrel Semiconductor Tracker (SCT) and Transition Radiation Tracker (TRT) have been successfully recorded in the SR1 building on the ATLAS experimental site at CERN.

    Insinuated Problems within Own Blog?

    Well after doing some work here to figure out, "what was what," I realized I had spelt John Bachall's name wrong (It should be Bahcall) on the entry url search, which did not show up under that search function as Bachall. Da.

    Gosh, I feel like a fool sometimes:)One of those things where the brain is indeed working faster then my fingers on the keys can type.

    It does not mean Lubos Motl, that by spelling names wrong like Gellman(Gell-Mann) or Feynmen(Feynman)that one is any less on aptitude, or that if one reads Smolin, they are part of some "other class of people" that you relate.

    We have to be nice to people, regardless of their religious leanings "atheistic or not? Or, it is possible, those of older age may call you a heathen? :)

    Pierre Auger and John Ellis's work

    So herein lies some more information for the lay person who wants to explore what Pierre Auger and others were doing, while John Bahcall was educating us in the ways of cosmic particle collision events.

    See Also:

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  • Tuesday, June 06, 2006

    Supersymmetry<->Simplistically<-> Entropically Designed?

    So of course I am troubled by my inexperience, as well as, the interests of what could have been produced in the "new computers" of the future? So in some weird sense how would you wrap the dynamics of what lead to "Moore's law" and find that this consideration is now in trouble? While having wrapped the "potential chaoticness" in a systemic feature here as deterministic? Is this apporpriate?

    In the presence of gravitational field (or, in general, of any potential field) the molecules of gas are acted upon by the gravitational forces. As a result the concentration of gas molecules is not the same at various points of the space and described by Boltzman distribution law:

    What happens exponetially in recognizing the avenues first debated between what was a consequence of "two paths," One that would be more then likely "a bizzare" while some would have consider the other, the cathedral? Leftists should not be punished Lubos:)

    So what is Chaos then?

    The roots of chaos theory date back to about 1900, in the studies of Henri Poincaré on the problem of the motion of three objects in mutual gravitational attraction, the so-called three-body problem. Poincaré found that there can be orbits which are nonperiodic, and yet not forever increasing nor approaching a fixed point. Later studies, also on the topic of nonlinear differential equations, were carried out by G.D. Birkhoff, A.N. Kolmogorov, M.L. Cartwright, J.E. Littlewood, and Stephen Smale. Except for Smale, who was perhaps the first pure mathematician to study nonlinear dynamics, these studies were all directly inspired by physics: the three-body problem in the case of Birkhoff, turbulence and astronomical problems in the case of Kolmogorov, and radio engineering in the case of Cartwright and Littlewood. Although chaotic planetary motion had not been observed, experimentalists had encountered turbulence in fluid motion and nonperiodic oscillation in radio circuits without the benefit of a theory to explain what they were seeing.

    13:30 Lecture
    Edward Norton Lorenz
    Laureate in Basic Sciences
    “How Good Can Weather Forecasting Become ? – The Star of a Theory”

    So this talk then is taken to "another level" and the distinctions of WeB 2.0 raised it's head, and of course, if you read the exponential growth highlghted in communities desemmination of all information, how could it be only Web 1.0 if held to Netscape design?

    I mean definitely, if we were to consider "the Pascalian triangle" and the emergence of the numbered systems, what said the Riemann Hypothesis would not have emerged also? The "marble drop" as some inclusive designation of the development of curves in society, that were once raised from "an idea" drawn, from some place?

    Monday, June 05, 2006

    Types of Blogging Software

    Ask yourself this? What is the new kernel to be, if we had for one moment presented the opportunities for the using Riemann hypothesis, and contained the very idea as a philosophy presented within this blog?

    Each generation builds a mental picture" of their own understanding of this world and constructs more and more penetrating mental tools to explore previously hidden aspects of that reality.

    Would such a "paradigmal change" allow for insightual software development to take a turn for the better if the understanding existed, that one had already left the cave, and saw the aspects of probable outcomes, as more then the primes and it's integrations with physics mentality, along with theoretical development?

    Micro-quantum structures that are exemplfiled, in Monte Carlo methods?

    Are we "FREE" to Express?

    While I have enjoyed the blogging experience of, and the integration of development that had been going on, the questions remain, as to where this information is deposited and how the moderation of "such a tool" is enforced?

    Like many important concepts, Web 2.0 doesn't have a hard boundary, but rather, a gravitational core. You can visualize Web 2.0 as a set of principles and practices that tie together a veritable solar system of sites that demonstrate some or all of those principles, at a varying distance from that core.

    I have a certain ideology about trying to bring together as much information as possible, by asking, if image linking, and phrase connections, do not involve copyright infringements, and allow the versatility of blogging experience, while respecting the owners of images and wording, while connected directly to their source.

    Linux is subversive. Who would have thought even five years ago (1991) that a world-class operating system could coalesce as if by magic out of part-time hacking by several thousand developers scattered all over the planet, connected only by the tenuous strands of the Internet?

    Certainly not I. By the time Linux swam onto my radar screen in early 1993, I had already been involved in Unix and open-source development for ten years. I was one of the first GNU contributors in the mid-1980s. I had released a good deal of open-source software onto the net, developing or co-developing several programs (nethack, Emacs's VC and GUD modes, xlife, and others) that are still in wide use today. I thought I knew how it was done.

    Linux overturned much of what I thought I knew. I had been preaching the Unix gospel of small tools, rapid prototyping and evolutionary programming for years. But I also believed there was a certain critical complexity above which a more centralized, a priori approach was required. I believed that the most important software (operating systems and really large tools like the Emacs programming editor) needed to be built like cathedrals, carefully crafted by individual wizards or small bands of mages working in splendid isolation, with no beta to be released before its time.

    This has been on my mind as I brought together many aspects of the information that is out there. From the respectable information posted by scientists and their personal experiences, to those shared by all, through such blogging experiences. So what was the battle brewing about from those early days and the struggle to develope communities, sharing information, and who are these people today?

    AOL=Netscape? Microsoft? Google? Yahoo?

    How would such blogging experiences allow the movement forward of society, and the thinking brain, this internet has become?

    Are there concerns, that the human being once exposed to the vastness of this information, could bring it together in such a way, as to insight the "new idea" that would forward research and developement? Encourage our minds to percieve in other ways that we are not accustom? I gave an example at the very beginning of this post in regards to the Riemann Hypothesis.

    One thing I can tell you, though, is that most string theorist's suspect that spacetime is a emergent Phenomena in the language of condensed matter physics.

    This is important to ask, because if such an ability is focused through the individuals efforts using such a medium, how could/would it be exploited, that it could be brought to the forefront of the "thinking brain/internet" and find indeed, that such information is useful?

    Meddle then in the internal structure and enforce the rights of deposition as to the respository, and deal with it as you like?

    The information depository costs money, I know? Image transference costs money. Then how shall "the dream of the thinking mind" ask, that if the repositories are the resources held in abeyance, until used as seen fit, then why not/should disrupt the information gathering and make it disjointed, while we/you look at it? Before it reveals it's state secret? An open society, right? People who are free?

    Robert Laughlin:
    Likewise, if the very fabric of the Universe is in a quantum-critical state, then the "stuff" that underlies reality is totally irrelevant-it could be anything, says Laughlin. Even if the string theorists show that strings can give rise to the matter and natural laws we know, they won't have proved that strings are the answer-merely one of the infinite number of possible answers. It could as well be pool balls or Lego bricks or drunk sergeant majors.

    This would mean that the very ideas of the internet explosion and control of it becomes in question, as well as, the provders we use to express ourselves on the internet?

    How will these repositiories change then in technologies that you and I are very quickly connected in ways that the human mind/internet becomes quite capable of seeing, in ways it is not accustom?

    What revolution/paradigmalchange will then happen, that the very experiences we now enjoy, will be defuncedt with all the software solutons to metigate the ability for the individual to do what any of us can do freely, without any ofthe blogging software now demonstrated below?

    Shall we choose carefully, read the requirements of, and what conclusion have you reached?

  • b2evolution

  • bBlog

  • Blogger

  • Bloxsom

  • Blojsom

  • Drupal

  • ExpressionEngine

  • Geeklog

  • Greymatter

  • iUpload

  • LifeType

  • LiveJournal

  • Movable Type

  • MvBlog

  • Nucleus CMS

  • PostNuke

  • Roller Weblogger

  • Serendipity

  • Slash

  • TypePad

  • Typo

  • TYPO3

  • WordPress

  • Xanga

  • If we are looking for the new "idea" where shall it arise from then? It is apparent that the early thinking in cosmology has been changed(to include strings ina time sequence of events evn thoguh they be micro seconds) and so too, the values of measure in "time," recognized as problematic, in terms of it's discrete value, when it is very well understood that continuity of expression can be very smooth(yet is it?)?

    The count of Primes begins in Chaos. If we were to think of the Riemann Hypothesis assigned to a scale as an approximation to the prime distribution function, then how woud any pattern suffice to be an "emergent property" of that chaos?

    Tuesday, May 30, 2006

    The Blogging Experience

    Making "Hard copies" is always nice :)

    I have spent roughly two years devoted to using the blogger format to bring information together and have shared some of the research I had been doing . Bring perspective to areas that while fragmented, brought some new perspective to furthering the issues.

    But the question of whether this blogger shall continue while it has been compromised, has me wondering whether this effort should draw to a close as well.

    If such efforts are not "corrected" and I will be giving this some time for reconsideration, then at that time, I will see whether my efforts should continue.

    What is missing in regards to John Bachall, and here. Shall determine whether I will continue.

    Plato on May 29th, 2006 at 11:35 pm

    I’m sorry it just seems to get worse and worse as I find links have been changed or updated, some of the articles on cosmic particles, gone?

    The Fly’s Eye and the Oh My God Particle?

    In recent years the main focus of fear has been the giant machines used by particle physicists. Could the violent collisions inside such a machine create something nasty? “Every time a new machine has been built at CERN,” says physicist Alvaro de Rujula, “the question has been posed and faced.”

    Anyway here’s is a nice picture while too, any information on John Bachall, reveals another very interesting man.

    Why would one intentionally blur a picture that would help people, like Sean Carroll to understand as well as many others? If a image is "directly connected" to your site, then how has this infringed on what you had been saying? I too, wanted to increase the flexiblity of the internet, to encourage images in mind, to be connected.

    This is the next stage of the internet that I see as useful. Why, I applaud Clifford's efforts, as well as the many who help us see and undertand the issues of science. It has to be highly visual. This has more impact then all the words you can combine, as well as makes the deeper impressions on the soul.

    See Sean Carroll's posting:

    Gamma-Ray Moon

  • The Moon’s an arrant thief, and her pale fire she snatches from the Sun

  • See you in a while.

    What I wanted to Portray in Aristotle and Plato?

    On my site you will see that they work together but from different perspectives.

    Look at the hand gestures...

    Plato - holding the Timaeus - Pointing up as a sign of his metaphysical belief in the higher world of the forms, shown with the face of Leonardo.

    Aristotle - holding his Ethics with hand palm down, reflecting a more grounded approach to the problem of universals

    ......then read the statement at the very top of the page.

    PLato saids,"Look to the perfection of the heavens for truth," while Aristotle saids "look around you at what is, if you would know the truth"

    These "archetypes," were very much evident in the relation of Gell-Mann and Feynman?

    This relationship painted by Raphael sits in the Room of the Segnatura in Rome, called the Raphael rooms. You can type in the "Raphael rooms" at the top of page on the blogger and use that search function.

    While I do not like to infer such attributes to the signatures the Pope signs, I do believe that the ancient mind tried to capture the deeper meaning of these individuals, Plato and Aristotle. As I try to do.

    Epistemology (Wikipedia 30 May 2006)

    The Theaetetus account of Plato further develops the definition of knowledge. We know that, for something to count as knowledge, it must be true, and be believed to be true. Plato argues that this is insufficient, and that in addition one must have a reason or justification for that belief.

    Plato defined knowledge as justified true belief.

    One implication of this definition is that one cannot be said to "know" something just because one believes it and that belief subsequently turns out to be true. An ill person with no medical training but a generally optimistic attitude might believe that she will recover from her illness quickly, but even if this belief turned out to be true, on the Theaetetus account the patient did not know that she would get well, because her belief lacked justification.

    Knowledge, therefore, is distinguished from true belief by its justification, and much of epistemology is concerned with how true beliefs might be properly justified. This is sometimes referred to as the theory of justification.

    Hand gestures have many different meanings? Look at Buddha?

    Monday, May 29, 2006

    The Under a Lamppost Mystery?

    Second, we must be wary of the "God of the Gaps" phenomena, where miracles are attributed to whatever we don't understand. Contrary to the famous drunk looking for his keys under the lamppost, here we are tempted to conclude that the keys must lie in whatever dark corners we have not searched, rather than face the unpleasant conclusion that the keys may be forever lost.

    So what is the exercise here? What was happening in Clifford's mind when he wrote this thread? Was it about funding? Was it about the probabilities of life in the universe? Was it Lisa Randall's views on Brandenberger-Vafa? Hmmm.....

    Inverse Brandenberger-Vafa-upgraded to brane gas cosmology?

    Of course I tried to find out the meaning of the lamppost while operating under certain contraints. I think I understand now having googalized the statement?

    So this philsophical position is really quite interesting then? Did Lisa Randall actually look at this?

    Was Jacque's Distler link to Lisa Randall's warppassage blog credible?

    A comment to the above?

    Jimmy Cerra-March 13, 2005 06:42 PM
    I posted a comment last night in Lisa Randall’s blog, and now the entire thing is gone! I hope I didn’t scare her away. :-(

    Was this link have something to do with the statements be complied from the The Great Filter - Are We Almost Past It? byRobin Hanson

    Wow this conspiracy is really taken on a life of it's own and has become really mysterious? Almost as if, "the tracking of the information," may have lead any mind to think that some ulterior motive and organization is behind the essential question on the authority of life developement in the cosmos? Qui? Non!

    Or does it actually have something to do with the "Bad Twin" by Gary Troup? Check it out!

    Can fans of ABC's Lost (Wednesday, 9 ET/PT) find clues in Bad Twin, a just-published novel with mysterious links to the hit TV show?
    Maybe. And if so, it boosts the popular fan theory that the island on which the cast is stranded is purgatory. Fueling the supposition: The author's name, Gary Troup (a nom de plume), is an anagram for "purgatory."

    Wow, it is really amazing that I started out with Clifford's post and I actually ended up here. Using such meme's i our culture and convoluted the phrasing has some interetsing consequences if we cannot back to the original reasons as to why such a lamppost comment was ever made. It is a mystery for me because the road taken can lead in so many directions, never mind about the periphery of light to the edge that shines the key analogy..