Friday, December 16, 2005

Human Evolution has no Limits?

Topological What a search function might reveal when you type in.

I see no possibilties in the "filth" dimension, but I do in the fifth. :)

How could it be possible for the human capabilties within the context of geoemtrical design, to not "see" that it could have incorporated select words to describe those processes and may of compared it total human discrete function and sending such events into space, aromatically?

Is it a better process to lay claim to such physical abilites and prowness in our assessment of topolgical functions without ever wondering the extent of logic forming, that would exend our understanding from such filth? Or was it creatively inspired to bring vision to a suppposed journey, content in the fifth??

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Second of Five Lagrangian Equilibrium Points

The more I thought about it, the more it made sense that one image we're getting, is quite different(lensing) from the image that is behind the brane? The idea of brane collision from steinhardt and turok perspective, created this space bewteen the branes, while the image behind this(the other image) is receding?

I am not sure exactly.

Dark matter in the high-redshift cluster CL 0152-1357. Gravitational lensing analysis with the Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) reveals the complicated dark matter distribution (purple) in unprecedented detail when the Universe was at half its present age. The yellowish galaxies are the visible cluster member galaxies forming a filamentary structure, possibly in the process of merging.
(Jee et al. 2005, Astrophysical Journal)

Not many can see in this abstract way, or have considered how a photon might have travelled? Sure they have understood satellites and the travel through space, but have they consider this in context of CSL lensing? Sean put up a link yesterday that had me seeing how such a travel over distance might have had some photonic strange journies in context of such lensings.

The second of five Lagrangian equilbrium points, approximately 1.5 million kilometers beyond Earth, where the gravitational forces of Earth and Sun balance to keep a satellite at a nearly fixed position relative to Earth.

This picture below really set the final stage for me. Thus simplification has been mounted in how we see such tubes formed within the greater context of the universe and here we have a way of seeing that is new? It helps one to view universe travel and paves the way for roads through such space?

Is it so hard to visualize? Is it so hard not to consider how one should make there way through such space?

Weak Lensing Distorts Universe?

IN order to extend the link to the information supplied in previous article presented by Sean Carroll, Fraser Cain here links us to the following conversation.

Feynman's Path Integrals

While this following comment might seem inappropriate to the content of this post, I place it because of what I see in determination of the langangian methods used to help us see how gravitatonal equilibrium points, speak to how such travels would have been initiated in sum over paths used as Feynman's distributes the actions according to set model held i a cosmological sense I am looking at the the picture above here and the path ways shown.

December 15th, 2005 at 2:35 pm
Tony Smith:

As to the time of Feynman soving the QED problem, in 1941 (according to Mehra’s Feynman biography The Beat of a Different Drum (Oxford 1994)) Feynman had the inspiration from Dirac’s paper of using the Lagrangian method, which led to Feynman’s 1942 Ph.D. thesis. As to that thesis, Mehra says “… Feynman mentioned that “the problem of the form that relativistic quantum mechanics, and the Dirac equation, take from this point of view, remains unsolved. …”. So, Feynman’s Shelter Island relativistic QED solution was developed after his 1942 Ph.D. thesis.

I had been looking for this relationship and how Feynman’s toys models came into being? Can this be the beginning as you relate?

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

On Blogging and Experiment

Variation of the Standard Two-Pin-hole "welcher-Weg" Optics Experiment

George R. Welch setting up an optics experiment with graduate student Sophia Ilina

Uncertain Principles :
So, “A Week in the Lab” has come to an end. The experiment itself goes on, of course, but the week of blogging the experiment is at an end.

As physics, it wasn’t terribly successful– the experiment didn’t succeed, after all. As a life-in-science blogging event, I think it worked pretty well. I got to cover a fair range of the experimental physics process, from the basic design stuff, to the nuts-and-bolts assembly, to the prelimanry calibration measurements, to the process of figuring things out from sketchy data, to the frustration of an incomplete experiment. I wouldn’t call it the most successful week of my experimental physics career, but I think I might be happier with how this played out than anything else I’ve done on this blog. I’ll have to look back at it again in a couple of weeks and see if I still feel that way, but at least at this early stage, I like the results.

So I thought I would point you to another case. I mean sure there is going to be trials and errors.

I was pointed to the failure of the system of blogging that did not seem up to par with a link given by Sean in regards to experimentation and it's falure? While I see it as a success, presented in the following way.

The Ties that Bind?
John Cramer:)
The Blind Men and The Quantum (1,338k) - The First Hal Clement Memorial Lecture, given at the Boskone 41 Science Fiction Convention, Boston Sheraton Hotel, February 15, 2004. A 50 minute discussion of quantum paradoxes and interpretations, with emphasis on new data (The Afshar Experiment) that appears to falsify the Copenhagen and Many-Worlds Interpretations, but is consistent with the Transactional Interpretation.

It sort of stays in the family.:)

kathryn cramer
The Transactional Interpretation, which involves a forward/back in time handshake, is one of the few (perhaps the only) interpretation(s) left standing after the Afshar test.

Why is it so important? If scientific perspective had been isolated from the vast resources of people spread throughout such probabilistic valuations in science? In consideration, how would chance have it, that someone could comment on the experimentation? Help the experimentor, and discuss it from a theoretical standpoint how such and such should go? Lubos comment section helps greatly here to assess how this might have gone?

Shahriar S. Afshar
Dear Lubos,

"Therefore we have humiliated Bohr, Heisenberg, Dirac, the Copenhagen interpretation, complementarity, the uncertainty principle, quantum mechanics as well as the rest of physics."

From the content of your response, I can only conclude that you have not fully read my preprint:

Now that the process has been seen in this context of blogging potential I thought I would add one more for consideration? In terms of what Aldeberger had to say to those on Cosmic Variance in terms of those extra dimensions and the experimental process Evotos is unfolding in this regard.

String Theory Displays Golden Ratio Tendency?

Srinivas Ramanujan (1887-1920):
Ramanujan was a mathematician so great his name transcends jealousies, the one superlatively great mathematician whom India has produced in the last hundred years. "His leaps of intuition confound mathematicians even today, seven decades after his death. ..the brilliant, self-taught Indian mathematician whose work contains some of the most beautiful ideas in the history of science. His legacy has endured. His twenty-one major mathematical papers are still being plumbed for their secrets, and many of his ideas are used today in cosmology and computer science. His theorems are being applied in areas - polymer chemistry, computers, cancer research - scarcely imaginable during his lifetime. His mathematical insights yet leave mathematicians baffled that anyone could divine them in the first place.'

Namagiri, the consort of the lion god Narasimha. Ramanujan believed that he existed to serve as Namagiri´s champion - Hindu Goddess of creativity. In real life Ramanujan told people that Namagiri visited him in his dreams and wrote equations on his tongue.

Artist's impression of the setup.

The disks represent the bosonic condensate density and the blue balls in the vortex core represent the fermionic density. The black line is a guide to the eye to see the wiggling of the vortex line that corresponds to a so-called Kelvin mode, which provides the bosonic part of the superstring (image and text:

When I was a kid, I liked to take buttons and place a thread through them. Watching Mom, while I prep the button, she got ready to sew. I would take both ends of the thread and pull it tightly. I liked the way the button could spin/thread depending on how hard I pull the thread

I was thinking about this toy model developed for strng theory comprehension and all of a sudden the attempts by Lubos of Solving the Riemann Hypothesis came into view?

Now some of you know that such consistancies built up from the very idea of "Liminocentric structures" are always pleasing to me. Because of the energy valuations I might have associated to the "circles within circles" as ideas manifest( their degrees of manifest).

A KK tower about 1r radius valuation seen in the varing shapes of tubes? At what stage were these and what could I tell about the idea as it merged from that deep source and probabilstic value of where we all draw from.

That soothing watery world( our dream world ) of ideas that could manifest for us into nature, taken as an consequence relayed, from the continued circles of action? We are better predictors then we think? We did not know where this idea could manifest from, and what energy relations could have given such suttle thoughts repercussions in the very world they could have manifested into?

The relation and perplexing problem I had with identify how such a structure intrigued by Sklar would make it difficult to identify which circle is describing which stage of whee we are at with the innner/outer, was raised when it came to the developing the understanding and differences on how rubber bands placed over a apple, might have a different connotation, when moved over a donut?

Continuity of this action as a color vaiation would have made me then think of Mendeleev in his table of constituents, as I looked at the relation in the world of such discrete things.

Imagine the complexity of music that could be most pleasing, could also be very destructive in the "fields of thought"? I had espoused this in Plato's academy? All of this contained in the light sensation in a little music disc?

What stories indeed have we converted to light, in our apprehensions? Philosophically, I could be committed for my heresy, for all the things I might have assigned to "Heavens ephemeral qualities." Verging on the crackpotism, I know.:)


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  • Monday, December 12, 2005


    How to understand this quantum-to-classical transition linking two incompatible descriptions of reality is still a matter of debate among the various interpretations of quantum theory. In any case, one can probe the borderline between the classical and the quantum realm by performing interference experiments with particles of increasing complexity.

    Of course I am cocnerned about the determinations of the paticle natures seen in a particular light. These constituent s are part an dparcel of a much larger view from increase entrophy( I always get these things a**backwards), and cooling temperatures?

    Decoherence is relevant (or is claimed to be relevant) to a variety of questions ranging from the measurement problem to the arrow of time, and in particular to the question of whether and how the ‘classical world’ may emerge from quantum mechanics. This entry mainly deals with the role of decoherence in relation to the main problems and approaches in the foundations of quantum mechanics.

    Of course I am paying attention and listening. :)Of course I want to find my way back to the classical world from where probabilistic valuations reigned. I was acting as a "gathering point" in my quest for a "philosophical design" (not to be confused with ID?). :) Okay, I understand this is not acceptable.

    The difference between quantum and classical behaviour is exemplified by the famous “double-slit experiment”, in which photons are fired at a barrier containing two slits, and then allowed to fall on a screen opposite the barrier. Classical particles would pass through (at most) one slit at a time, but photons can pass through both simultaneously. The two waves associated with the photon passing through the two different slits fall in and out of phase with each other at different points on the screen — the phase of these waves being related to the total distance the photon travels from source to screen — so they interfere either constructively or destructively, producing a pattern of light and dark bands.

    What motivated such cosmlogical design, as a crunching inevitable to have found the limitations of the energy having found itself turning back? So we do not see this right now and we speculate. this did ont take away from the isolated examples of unfoldment as a cyclcical process between energy and matter did it??

    Oh for heaven's sake, where will my ramblings take me next? :)

    Lubos Motl:
    I would not promote overly technical lecture notes, especially not about things covered in many books. But the interpretation of quantum mechanics in general and decoherence in particular - a subject that belongs both to physics as well as advanced philosophy - is usually not given a sufficient amount of space in the textbooks

    Those are strong words [shut up and calculate] for a layman to consider, when he is groping to trying to find his way.

    Lecture 23 was pointed out by Lubos Motl in his article for consideration. More was considered from the list contained here.

    If such energies were to be amongst the recognition of the quantum world, had we really been that separated from cosmological recognition of what constitued that beginning? Am I suppose to dismiss Weinberg in his first three minutes, for what might have been recognized in the first three seconds?? Remeber I am in the fifth dimension, where temeprature and entropic findings would have found a furthe rvalue to the discussion of what went this way and what that way. The entangling process is very profound.

    So in looking back, we do not know where such a thing could begin? I think I understand that from what , although, if such proceses were recognized in the cyclcial nature of the cosmos why would we not entertain the rejuvenation of geometrical propensities to models inherent already in the universe? See the universe as a much "larger process" much different then the scope through which we might have treated each galaxy in it's rotations? Everett? Hmmm....

    To map the "invisible" Universe of dark matter and gas expelled during the birth of galaxies: a large-aperture telescope for imaging and spectroscopy of optical and ultraviolet light.

    To measure the motions of the hottest and coldest gas around black holes: a radio interferometer in space.

    To see the birth of the first black holes and their effect on the formation of galaxies, and to probe the behavior of matter in extreme environments: a very large aperture arc-second X-ray imaging telescope.

    To determine the nature and origin of the most energetic particles in the Universe today: a mission to track them through their collisions with the Earth.

    I have been troubled indeed by the "orbital mapping" I speculated to the cosmological design, seen as "events" in that cosmo. By such happen stance, such relations seem to spark some wonder about the arrangement, to the fundamental library of that same orbital design. I made this mistake before, and I need to correct it now.

    Slow down! "Antimatter?" "Pure energy?" What is this, Star Trek?

    But you can see evidence for antimatter in this early bubble chamber photo. The magnetic field in this chamber makes negative particles curl left and positive particles curl right. Many electron-positron pairs appear as if from nowhere, but are in fact from photons, which don't leave a trail. Positrons (anti-electrons) behave just like the electrons but curl in the opposite way because they have the opposite charge. (One such electron-positron pair is highlighted.)

    The collider ring as a boson, whose overall contention could have been seen in the total energy involved, and the dispensing to those extra dimensional perspectives within the "natural world" of our settings? Have I misunderstood the values of the Pierre Auger experiment to see better, then we had seen before, not to have seen a topological question about how one would interpret the sphere with one hole, as a donut? What values circles then?

    Decoherence represents an extremely fast process for macroscopic objects, since these are interacting with many microscopic objects in their natural environment. The process explains why we tend not to observe quantum behaviour in everyday macroscopic objects since these exist in a bath of air molecules and photons. It also explains why we do see classical fields from the properties of the interaction between matter and radiation.

    Angels/demons seem to make there way into view here? Yet in the world of Dirac might he seen the consequence of possible pathways in the construction of the matrix involved and intoduced the i of questionable directives as results in the arrangement of that same matrix?? Feynman took over for sure in his toy models.

    Then of course I come across this statement previous and I am back to scratching my head. Oh boy!

    You might imagine antimatter as a possible temporary storage medium for energy, much like you store electricity in rechargeable batteries. The process of charging the battery is reversible with relatively small loss. Still, it takes more energy to charge the battery than what you get back out of it. For antimatter the loss factors are so enormous that it will never be practical.

    If we could assemble all the antimatter we've ever made at CERN and annihilate it with matter, we would have enough energy to light a single electric light bulb for a few minutes.

    Hmmmm......more confusion again.:)

    What value from such gravitonic perceptions from the modifications if events such as these above are not held to the dynamical nature of the spacetime fabric itself?

    Poincare Conjecture

    I am a little bit sad right now?

    I accidently deleted a lot of what I would have said about assumption of Sklar's position in relation to discrete and continuous functions. In relation to the value of S-Matrix as a discrete measure and how we might see the gravitational lensing as a continous function using abstract topological understandings.

    If string thoery describes the world and it has a compact circle, there are no measurements that will distinguish a small circle from a large one. Since I am only interested in results of measurments there is no reason for me to choose.

    Moshe is leaving me hanging on a limb now that he moves into the fighting reality while the poor clod like me is trying to live in the world created by scientists/ theorists.

    Now, have to work our way back to reality? :( Now the assunption I have adopted is a fifth dimensional perspective as most know when talking about the horizon and the inner workings of the black hole. Inner workings, really?

    Let me explain. If you look at the history [say 1930] of Kaluza Klein theory, you will find that there were two schools of thought. One said that the 5th dimension was real, the other that it was just a mathematical formalism. Of course, nobody disputed that the KK equations were *exactly equivalent* mathematically to the Einstein-Maxwell system, but nobody assumed that *exact mathematical equivalence* was the same thing as “equally real”. Similarly, string theorists circa 1985 surely knew that a purely formal interpretation of Calabi-Yau compactifications was possible, but evidently nobody felt moved to attach any importance to this observation.

    Who would have disputed Smolin's position about responsibility and the S-matrix stance needed to assess this reality? I certainly don't have a probem and the general consensus I am sure would find that all would be in agreement here? A testable and functionable recognizion of dicrete measure?

    Now I am left in a state where I cannot distinquish between the inner/outer and of course to think that I am on the surface of a Klein bottle would be very strange to someone who saids it's oks from a distance. I have to say, "holy crap, look what you have done?"

    So it is not so easy to think of the Skalr's psotion and the abstract world as ending the conversation as such, pushes me to the wonderment of continuous functions, has me now scratching my head.

    Lenny's rubber bands, or sliding rubber bands over apples versus donuts. Now you guys have really done it? Is reality smooth, or discrete? The quandrum of Poincare hold the light of Sklars position in my head, as tohow I should approach the discriptin of that blackhole interior even when the consistancy of the geoemrty expression had come from some real world measure cosmolgically turned inside/out?

    Explain to me the jets of the Bose Nova then as anti-matter creations if such a gravitational collapse is not held in view, and the propensity of that action written in a continous mode?

    Who would have known that the very idea of the colliders would have taken on abstract proportions, and moved the very thinking to hyperdimensional status. While the few might have restraint themselves to the step by step discrete measure?

    Did this move to the abstract say abandon all reason? Or move from the reality of such man made creations and see where the views are taking us into those extra dimensions. Was reason abandon?

    Sunday, December 11, 2005

    Rayleigh Scattering

    Over top of this whole post, I have wrapped it in context as if the fifth dimension. It is being expresed as part of a larger understanding of how such grvatons in their congergations might have been percieved? Yet Lubos cautions this perspective. I don't understand why.

    Aaron Bergman on Dec 10th, 2005 at 1:46 am
    The S-matrix is contact with (hypothetical) experiments. Most of the things we compute in QFT are S-matrix elements. The fact that we’re not really living in a region with free |in> and |out> states doesn’t stop us from figuring out what happens in a collider.

    Some now looking at the relation to what can be constitued to interactions between the nature of the Sun such relation woud have spelt opportunities of what John Ellis might have expressed in the Pierre Auger experiments? NON?

    As I read about this particular subject of the S-matrix I choose this particluar subject to get my head around it, and still, might have been lacking in moving through this subject. But something triggered in my mind to a previous question raised, that I thought I would bring forward here.

    Of course I am thinking about the calorimeters used in Glast and the cosmological depth, as well, in the LHC where the quantum nature is expressed as well. These cannot be taken together?

    Gavin Polhemus on Nov 23rd, 2005 at 6:24 pm
    When you look at a rainbow you see the arcs of color, often against a dark backdrop of clouds. You also see the grayish mist of the falling rain. Where does the mist appear brighter?

    a) inside the rainbow
    b) outside the rainbow
    c) the brightness is the same inside and outside
    d) it varies

    While I am talking about "Heaven's ephemeral qualites" in the pictured link, there was also a link attached to it as well in that post. It would help explain this process in context of Gavin's question. I'm definitely listening, and the information is coming from various sources. You see this, as I bring those sources together here.

    Lubos Motl:
    String theory allows us to calculate the S-matrix (another example that we do call an "observable") for all particles in the spectrum which includes the scattering of gravitons. We don't have to insert our knowledge about the problematic "bulk" observables: string theory automatically tells us not only the right answers but also the right questions. "It is the S-matrix you should calculate, silly," she says. It also tells us what are the corresponding evolution observables for anti de Sitter space.

    Someone may therefore convince you that the S-matrix is the only meaningful observable that has any physical meaning in a quantum theory of gravity. This sentence is both deep, if an appropriate interpretation is adopted, as well as discouraging.

    What is most troubling then is that a simpe picture of the lensing that can occur in the the gravitational perspective, might have been enlisted in how we see this light travel through to the CSL lensing that is being spoken too?

    Simulating the joint evolution of quasars, galaxies and their large-scale distribution

    The cold dark matter model has become the leading theoretical paradigm for the formation of structure in the Universe. Together with the theory of cosmic inflation, this model makes a clear prediction for the initial conditions for structure formation and predicts that structures grow hierarchically through gravitational instability. Testing this model requires that the precise measurements delivered by galaxy surveys can be compared to robust and equally precise theoretical calculations. Here we present a novel framework for the quantitative physical interpretation of such surveys. This combines the largest simulation of the growth of dark matter structure ever carried out with new techniques for following the formation and evolution of the visible components. We show that baryon-induced features in the initial conditions of the Universe are reflected in distorted form in the low-redshift galaxy distribution, an effect that can be used to constrain the nature of dark energy with next generation surveys.

    The poster shows a projected density field for a 15 Mpc/h thick slice of the redshift z=0 output. The overlaid panels zoom in by factors of 4 in each case, enlarging the regions indicated by the white squares. Yardsticks are included as well. The postscript file has been produced for A0 format. Beware of it's huge size!

    Now Lubos mentions the bulk relation here, and I wonder why such a take on a gathering of graviton perceptions would not help to see Heaven's ephemeral qualites as consequences of the pathways this light can take?

    Mine is a simple way in which to understand such graviton scattering which might have "some reasoning?" behind it that would have said the blackhole concentration of such a photon persepctive woud have held greater consequence to the blackhole position in the universe? non?

    Rayleigh scattering using the S-matrix

    For the example of sunlight shining on the atmosphere, the S-matrix predicts that shorter-wavelength light (blue end of the spectrum) will scatter at larger angles than longer-wavelength light (red end of the spectrum). And this is exactly what we see! Let me go through it. It helps to have a globe handy, perhaps using a pencil or straight piece of wire to simulate an incoming ray of sunlight; imagine a very thin layer over the surface which is the atmosphere. A small scattering angle means the light continues on nearly in the direction it started out in, while a large angle means close to perpendicular to the incoming direction.

    Friday, December 09, 2005

    Laughlin, Reductionism, Emergence

    I am still operating from the idea of Xtra-Dimensions. What motivating force would have brought such a quantum gravity group together and the aspect it might have spoken from? What mysterious forces motivates all these ladies/ gentlemen?

    Everyone knows that human societies organize themselves. But it is also true that nature organizes itself, and that the principles by which it does this is what modern science, and especially modern physics, is all about. The purpose of my talk today is to explain this idea.

    Can I hardly leave this post written below in my linked coment without some further explanantion?

    You have to be careful about words like “emergent,” because it has pre-existing connotations that may or may not be relevant to how the theory ends up actually working.

    You know for me it became the quest to understand what the basis of reality was. So if one is given perspective to think about from different angles, then the very idea of a "emergent process unfolding from the quantum gravity regimes", then it would have been a truly ground breaking acknowledgement of what the basis of reality really is?

    I would have thought the modifications to GR might have signalled some truth to what was emergent(although this would ask us what that quantum geometry is?) from a condense matter perspective, as Witten saids below.

    I also heard Robert Laughlin say, it didn’t matter if you use bricks or sargeant majors?

    I had trouble with this ,and looking at CFT on the horizon, it made me think of string as a fifth dimensional component within the blackhole. Is this wrong and misleading, not to have looked at the spacetime fabric a a graviton constituent since these modifications were made to GR?

    My thoughts were developing in perspectve as I did my own research, so all of a sudden the basis of the views that I was capturing started to make sense. What were people doing with the very ideaas of this theory of everything?

    One thing I can tell you, though, is that most string theorist’s suspect that spacetime is a emergent Phenomena in the language of condensed matter physics.

    The Elephant?

    Now having given the poem there for Sean's introduction to Mind and the poetry, we are given a sense of what the historical issues plaguing the ideas of quantum gravity? Filled with the perplex of citizens of a town? To have the proverb, this hinduist portrayal, Sufi expressed, as a lessson in our attempts to understand. It was not me, who first used John Saxes poem in the Physics realms, so do you know who this was?

    So now we have this condense matter approach to consider? I wonder how well it will do when people share perspective about "this approach" to have taken a strong stance against Robert Laughlin's theory of everything? Where are you Peter Woit? What is your way, that you should be so different from what Lubos is saying below?

    Lubos Motl:
    All of us agree that some important features of physical phenomena do not depend on the details of underlying physics; many of these phenomena are emergent in character; it is not too important or useful to know quarks or strings in order to study most of the crucial concepts in biology, climate, physics of water, or quantum computing. If Laughlin thinks that other physicists do not realize this fact, then he is fighting a strawman. Most physicists realize these things - and many fundamental physicists actually use very similar mathematical techniques as Laughlin does in his "emergent" approach.

    So is there a consensus on how the science of our day recogizes the work that is trying to make iself known, as the truth and the light of the way? What does the elephant represent?

    Robert Laughlin:
    Likewise, if the very fabric of the Universe is in a quantum-critical state, then the "stuff" that underlies reality is totally irrelevant-it could be anything, says Laughlin. Even if the string theorists show that strings can give rise to the matter and natural laws we know, they won't have proved that strings are the answer-merely one of the infinite number of possible answers. It could as well be pool balls or Lego bricks or drunk sergeant majors.

    How far in depth shall our abstract views look, as one uses the math to gaze into the "blackhole of oblivion" and wonder? What constitues the very nature from that very horizon. How shall Robert Laughlin speak on it? How shall he speak about the trigger?

    Thursday, December 08, 2005

    Satellites Can Glide But Bee's Can't?

    I just wanted to clarify my statements in regards to the association I made In Bumble Bee Rotations.

    If you understood the "easiest route/shortest distance" in which to travel, how can a satellite be propelled along pathways, with the least resistance? You had to be able to see properly, and in a abstract sense?

    If you understood "tubes" as possible routes, then how would such energies be revealled as such cosmic strings crossed the universe? In the early cosmological design one would understand Andrey's computerized model settings as the earlier face of supersymmetrical valuations. This had to arise from the planck epoch?

    If you held such views in relation to the principals inherent in the lessons provided by Wayne Hu below, then you get some idea of what happens when the simplification takes hold of one's mind, and one sees the landscape not as some fictional entry to pet peeves and name calling.

    I have assigned simplification by providing data to show how ideas of those xtra dimensions would have permitted the photons pathways easy traversables, while CSL patterns can be established?

    You choose how and which side you want to focus on in looking at those langrange points? Easiest routes to langrange point considerations. While you consider this, think about the lensing that occurs.

    The figure to the right
    {above here} shows the equivalent of a Feynman diagram in a string theory. String theorists hope that since this reaction is no longer confined to a single point it may be possible to unify all four fundamental interactions.

    Neural Correlate Speculation

    Neural correlates in my speculations, but once the patterns had been established, it made sense to me that lumiousity would have highlighted the rasiets pathways of expression. As if enlightenment would have taken hold, fromthe first elements of the universe in expression would have been seen as these CSL cosmic strings? Just a thought in passing:)

    Wednesday, December 07, 2005

    Xtra dimensions

    In the Beginning.....

    The field of cosmology has experienced an explosion of activity since the discovery of ripples in the energy of the primordial light of the big bang. Cosmology is the study of the origin, evolution, and fate of objects in the observable universe. These include galaxies like our Milky Way, a vast collection of stars spanning many thousands of light years. The key to the birth and evolution of such objects lies in the primordial ripples observed through light shining through from the early universe.

    Having learnt from Wayne Hu and his CMB info study, it help me see where the hills and Valleys might have attained some recognition in how one landscape might have been seen in relation to Wayne Hu's.

    Cosmologists actually run computer simulations to track how matter collects into valleys. For example, here is a simulation running forward in time which shows how particles collect and enhance small initially small wrinkles

    Thank you Wayne Hu to opening the doors to the realizations that I had formed in the ideas of the supersymmetrical Universe. Little did you know that Andrey's picture would set the course for how I saw the Cosmic string arise from such a background.

    Develope our views into the CSL Pictures here. I wanted to take this time to thank Lubos Motl for his continued efforts in this direction.

    CSL-1 cosmic string gravitational lens and 2 more, with many views of the Capodimonte Deep Field OACDF2 with subtle background features, similar to recent Millennium Simulation of evolution of structure in our Universe. Identical stereo pairs are introduced.

    So to then, if such a trail leads us to what that geometical propensity is, how so from such a tale of quantum gravity? It had to lead from something, so from the beginning.......? :)

    Modification To GR

    Sean Carroll:
    Why three dimensions of space just aren't enough?

    What does General Relativity say in terms of a simple word to describe it? "Gravity?"

    “This is what’s happening all the time within us, we have these little lava lamps,” said Frank Wilczek in his Nobel lecture in 2004 when he showed this QCD animation created by Derek Leinweber. The animation illustrates the fluctuations of the quark and gluon fields over time, revealing a lumpy structure that Leinweber dubbed the QCD lava lamp.

    So modifications to Gr bring perspective to lead us to other views in terms of xtra-dimensional analysis(degrees of freedom at a gluonic level)? Can I say this in regard to such things as xtra dimensional analysis?

    Of course mine is a generalization spoken from the idea of what Eric Aldeberger might find, but this did not limit the scope of vision that would have moved us beyond the fifth postulate. Non euclidean geometries, were very hepful here and so too, hyperdimensional thinking?

    Relativistic Jets: The Common Physics of AGN, Microquasars and Gamma-Ray Bursts

    Reimann then thought there would come a time to see such thinking expressed beyond just the positive expressions in spherical relations? Jets, in relation, to Anti-matter creation? A whole new abstract way of thinking in the mathematical realms?

    So what had radiation and CFT showed us from Bekenstein bound, as we peered into the inside of the blackhole construction? What geoemtries existed? Was there a emergent geometric principal. Of course, that is in question, and the degrees of freedom would spell the depths to what we were able to see? That did not stop us from talking about the substance of quantum Geometry as Greene explained to us.

    What value did the temperatures play in our assessment of the internal dynamics of what would have happpened from a the grvaiational collapse generated and the radiation, that would hav been emitted. Acoustic radiation helps to a degree.

    Thank you Smolin for such a responsible attitude of the science position of Glast, but it now has to induce new insight by adopting other theoretical positions?

    Religious Convictions and Belief

    I as a layman do operate from a biased position, and one that would have asked for a better respect of the scientific procedure, as Peter Woit and those of science would ask us as layman in our demonstrations.

    Would I accept the responsibilty of Sean atheistic valuations, in our determinations of what we can be held accounatble as to the repercussions of our very actions. In our thoughts, that would ripple ever wider, as a consequence of our choices?

    Yes I think deeply about these things, and they are far distant from the responsibilities of science, but I needed to show this, so it is understood that I accept that responsibility, even though I too might have had a belief about God and and our roles in choosing to evolve?

    I quickly generalized Relativity above, and so too, did my journey to have been thinking about a simplification in general conceptualizations of those extra dimensions.

    Was it wrong to do so in light of the need for sound thinking right now? I have to apologize for that too, as this is biased in my views from such a simplifcation.

    There is a result in thinking about the measure of those extra dimensions, and what had been missing from the initial energy determinations calculated. Where is that missing energy?

    Did such a simple logic not recognize that associated in this energy valuation, to reductionist principles, that this would be sent off into some other dimensional recognition of the values of that energy along side of modification to General relativity?

    There had to be a consistancy lead from to incorporate such thinking to simplfications in general concepts and views I have about the psychological prospects of causes of our thought processes. To have ramifications beyond the border of our own brains. But this is just me right now. So I don't want to mislead anyone.

    Further Speculations

    Sometimes I can't but help think that we currently in a blackhole that driven to expansitory values and curent CMB temepratures made me think, that if we saw the expansion process as inhernet in this universe, then why is it not that we see we are in such a Blackhole? Is this wrong?

    Then what value these Suns that still burn within this context, and such distance between the objects of space seen in a cosmological distance? More speculation that I send such thoughts of mine to the beginings of the universe and what interactive features sent this universe into it's expansion process? What stage are we atthen, to have been held at a certain process in the blackholes status, to have thought about the big crunch signal by the very initial response and distance of the schwarzchild radius that preceded this expansive view?

    Inverse Square law, to explain the value of these determinations, as to what would exist on our horizon?

    Forgive me as I lost myself in such thoughts.