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Monday, September 12, 2005

Types of Blackholes

Now the statement below is important from one perspective that is not to my mind explained very good. I mean, taken from the public views, how is it such a thing like the blackhole could exist, and what scientific validations do we have for it.

This is an important question, as we learn from the statement below that this is all a mathematical construct, yet it has moved many avenues of research to build upon what we know in terms of issues about what is emitted from the horizon.

Thus far, all that we know of a black hole and its properties are mathematical deductions. The event horizon, for instance, is purely a mathematical constructProject Members from CCSP02 Semester 2, 2000-2001

How advance then our mathematical constructs become, if such realities have been merged in the mathematics, to have it detail a world in cosmology, that enlists what could happen in a geometrical valuation system. What would implore K values determined in the Friedmann equations, in the determination of our universe? Such universal implications detail further insight to determinations of curvatures parameters, that leads the mind to incorporate something much more dynamical in the geometrical nature of those same collapsing stars.

As the star is of a finite mass, there comes a time when its nuclear fuel is exhausted and as a result, the outward pressure due to radiation decreases, allowing the gravitational force to compress the star inward. The contraction of the core results in an increase in temperature which allows the remaining nuclear material to be used as fuel and thus yet again increasing the outward pressure such that hydrostatic equilibrium is once again established. The star is thus saved from further collapsed but only for a while.

This idea and nature of the "corner of the room", had me wonder how could such a thing quiver the nature of the spacetime fabric, if we did not realize that this vacuum had some truer nature to the implication of events that happen so far away in our early times. That we could have found such evidence in the here and now.

So of course such extravaganze, is in our measures of what LIGO can do or LIsa in all it's glory had been the theoretcial approach of the Wheeler's and Kip Thornes of our day, that we now implore the quest for such infomration.

Then why not too the idea that such a vacuum reveallled in our measure could have left evidence in how this spacetime will stretch with regards to that gravitational measure? So we look for these deviation in what might have been implied in those extra dimensions?

Now true to it all this mathematical construct has produced an amazing set of circumstance as show here that leads humanity to develope and proceed along some schedule as to becoming aware of the nature of our reality?