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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Soul Food

The Man Who Tasted Shapes: A Bizarre Medical Mystery offers Revolutionary Insights into Emotions, Reasoning, and Consciousness, 2003: Revised MIT Press edition with new afterword

Not everyone will understand the title of this post? I will proceed to make this "exceptionally clear" once all of the post is completed. Some who visit will understand "something is nagging from the subconscious" to look at this even more. I do this on purpose by proposing the title and all "subsequent information a little later" as I am short on time as well.

You needed to know that any human endeavour to try and understand the self we need help sometimes, and I have no one who will do this work for me. I had to go looking for it. To realize the "synchronicity within of my own struggle" was actually recorded somewhere else. That my very site on it's own is realize within the inductive/deductive features where the need to relate too, demanded in my metaphoric relation to science as to how I was interacting with the world around me.

Now again I caution people to know that I am not saying I have this "topic related" other then to say "I see the world from the inside out." And that if you can digest this last statement then you will see what is happening a lot within this site I created, has some correlation within the study of others. I had no idea of these correlations until the words themselves help me to spot the nature of my own expressions.

I do take comfort from the fact Marcia Smilack recognized my language immediately, and that finally I was not alone in my attempts. With all my procrastination on explaining myself received, could finally have dealt with what had give me my views on science.

The fish is "soul food." The water the unconscious, all possible facets of the sensorium. The hook and worm, aspects of the "focus held" while you are fishing.

So I will demonstrate and "turn around a cartoon I seen" to help one understand "how I see" and then you see this cartoon in relation to it's owner's representation for comparison. It is a difference in how "my subjective views" are held in correlation to the original viewers own anecdotal evidence.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Bursting Bubbles of New Universes?

Aero chocolate bars are nicer then the "singularity bubble popping bubble blowing?" Say that fast three times.

The "boundary condition" is the very chocolate bar itself? The "bubbles explain the nature of the chocolate bar," or is it designed that way naturally?

Okay, so the idea of the bubble blown is constrained by the shape of your mouth and the air you push through these constraints (you suck in air through your nose)? "It's memory" is the constraint that you put on the bubble blowing, or will you be a bit more lofty about it, then just stretching your gums?:)

Imagine the metaphors we can use to explain the origins of the universe, in examples we have when we look at the Aurora's, rainbows, or something that we could derive from "quantum dynamic views," as if "Extracting Beauty from Chaos" might have been implied? Qui Non?

Such complexity in the results and it's uncertainty of each and very point in space becomes part of "a larger picture" that looks quite beautiful, and really not so chaotic at all??

While I had been showing some of the effects of the depth's of perception, imagine that the "final picture" is really quite illuminating when just talking about the sun.

So now should I get so abstract that I agree and take you to the bubble gum incident and show the the idea behind the transformation process? Why I would have thought the "Navier-stokes equation implication solved" from the Clay Institute would have thought this would have been worth a million? Maybe I was being to simplistic in my thinking?:)

Remembering is the "continuity and topologically thinking" and not the "discrete values" we assign each point in space? How would you explain what we are seeing naturally? A super computer? Or a Vast array detection system used in IceCube or searching for the effect asymmetrically valued from the sun/collider?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Undercut Philosophical basis , "What have you?"

In "Beyond the dance of the sun" I show what we take for granted from a "observational standpoint," and try to increase perception, based on the quantum views.

Is mathematics Invented or Discovered?

"Philosophy In The Flesh"

When you start to study the brain and body scientifically, you inevitably wind up using metaphors. Metaphors for the mind, as you say, have evolved over time -- from machines to switchboards to computers. There's no avoiding metaphor in science. In our lab, we use the Neural Circuitry metaphor ubiquitous throughout neuroscience. If you're studying neural computation, that metaphor is necessary. In the day to day research on the details of neural computation, the biological brain moves into the background while the Neural Circuitry introduced by the metaphor is what one works with. But no matter how ubiquitous a metaphor may be, it is important to keep track of what it hides and what it introduces. If you don't, the body does disappear. We're careful about our metaphors, as most scientists should be..

So I asked myself a question.

What if the condensation of the human brain was the reverse, of Damasio's First Law. I mean we can train the neuron pathways to be reconstructed, by establishing the movements previously damaged by stroke. What is the evolution of the human brain, if "mind" is not leading its shape? A newly discovered ability called "Toposense," perhaps?

Okay now, what came first, "chicken" or "egg?"

If one had never read Kuhn, how would one know to respond in kind to the philosophical basis a David Corfield might in sharing perspective about abstractness in mathematical models?

The thesis of 'Proofs and Refutations' is that the development of mathematics does not consist (as conventional philosophy of mathematics tells us it does) in the steady accumulation of eternal truths. Mathematics develops, according to Lakatos, in a much more dramatic and exciting way - by a process of conjecture, followed by attempts to 'prove' the conjecture (i.e. to reduce it to other conjectures) followed by criticism via attempts to produce counter-examples both to the conjectured theorem and to the various steps in the proof.J Worrall and E G Zahar (eds.), I Lakatos : Proofs and Refutations : The Logic of Mathematical Discovery

Okay so you understand as a layman I like to see what is going on out there in the blogger world of mathematicians, I thought I would listen here, and do some research. I had to started out with the presumption that one may encounter and be moved from any positon.

I has to philosophical understand it first.

I have enjoyed both participating in a mathematical dialogue and, as a philosopher, thinking about what such participation has to do with a theory of enquiry. The obvious comparison for me is with the fictional dialogue Proofs and Refutations written by the philosopher Imre Lakatos in the early 1960s. The clearest difference between these two dialogues is that Lakatos takes the engine of conceptual development to be a process of

conjectured result (perhaps imprecisely worded) - proposed (sketched) proof - suggested counterexample - analysis of proof for hidden assumptions - revised definitions, conjecture, and improved proof,

whereas John, I and other contributors look largely to other considerations to get the concepts ‘right’. For instance, it is clear that one cannot get very far without a heavy dose of analogical reasoning, something Lakatos ought to have learned more about from Polya, both in person and through his books.

I was quick to point out what I say about "Observation pays off," and it quickly recieved the trash box. That's not dialogue. :)

Albrecht Dürer(self portrait at 28)

It's about paying carefull attention as to what is created for us in images and paintings. Noticing the "anomalistic behavior" that might be brought forth for our human consumption. It required a metamorphsis for change.

Prof.dr R.H. Dijkgraaf

In that case I pointed out the work of Melencolia II
[frontispiece of thesis, after Dürer 1514]by Prof.dr R.H. Dijkgraaf
showing Albrect Durer's images repainted to suit his thesis? So I delved deeper into the image portrayed.

On the surface this information is about what we see, yet below it, it is about seeing in ways that we are not accustom. So, the journey here was to show the nuances that invade perception, and then show what leads further into the understanding of what happens out there in the physics world in regards to the summation of Prof.dr R.H. Dijkgraaf's picture of the original.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

From Experience to Metaphors on Cosmic Variance

Most of you know who Alice is Right? Well Alice isa fictional story for those of you who don't know, the story of the Looking Glass has become synonmous witha a photon's flight into Young's other side.

I do not think I am held in to high a esteem, although my work and struggle has been to pierce the veil of illusions that could mistakenly take one down the wrong informational path. So the title above is quite fitting in a professional sense I guess. But yes I will persevere, to try my best and show historical context of where we have already been, so people understand this has not just been be a one night stand with science, but a life long one, without credentials.

So what did I mean by writing this following comment? Withn this comment I created this link here, to fast track people to today's culminative views on what Alice is now witnesssing from her metaphorical world.

I like your article Sean.

Even Penrose had to seek the help of Escher.

I mentioned Alice briefly in relation to the photonic journey, but realistically this adventure from mathematics to the fabled story has indeed capture the mind in what Alice is doing today. You see?

Spooky action at a distance has been extended from to issues of quantum entanglement, yet in it’s history, this was the world on the other side(Hyphephysics has a geometrical valuation in algebraic geometry(NOn communitative)?

So “piece meal” physics of imagination and experimentation, has move the metaphorial mind to consider “other experiments” as you suggest in this extension.

Yes there are dangers as well. But these are eliminated once engaged in the reality makng process.

Alice in Wonderland, A real World Fantasy

By creating the link in the picture above I am directing attention to what has historcally come out of that past as well as directing the mind to consider how math derivatives can blossom into dynamical situations, in representation not only of Feyman's toy models, but of what Lewis Carroll did in hs mathematical state of mind, to purposefully generate consensus in a fictional model.

The Looking Glast

To a World on the other side?

I mean for me it was a interesting analogy to have considered that if a photon was emitted through what value would all these paths be, if we were to see what arises on the screen? Young's experiement wa sindeed quite interesting to consider. So had I define the spac eand journey that photon could take?

So we have these people now who are working on one aspect of Cern and the LHC that will look at how Alice, now becomes witness to the wonderfuls works of a long string of researchers, scientists who are coming together to create this reality. But does it end with Cern. Of course not. The very title I imparted to Glast or Glass, highlights this continuance and effort to measurte early universe information and the design of the calorimeter is crucial here.

So let me fast track again for you to the Alice of Cern, to now engage what Glast has accomplished. These trains of thought have no one other then myself to consider, because it was in my not understading these issues that I moved into the world of science and laid myself open to the shots that good men and woman would have, about the lessser in knowledge, and those who had not earned the "right to speak?" I am outside academia, looking in:)

So what do I do without trying to infringe on copy right but enlist pictures and quotation from article such as this that follows to direct attention to such accomplishements. Such that are culminative from a fictional and fantastical world derived from some early history. Is it myth that I create or the contued updating of what had been accomplishe by such iteractive feature of events inthat early cosmo to what is evident in the calorimetric view today. We had set the parameters of such interactions that we now have a model whch we will use inthat satellite. We will witnes the SR views that Smolin and other sare being tuff with before ever entetaining the completed version of GR as a extension of geometrical realites set in a hyperdimensioal sense. That is not acceptable to them?

Second Glast Tower Installed By Matthew Early Wright

GLAST has started to take physical shape with the installation of the second tracking tower last month. Now the team can perform the first tests ever of multiple towers in the grid array. Researchers expect to learn much about how the towers and the analysis software will cooperate to eventually produce sharp images of the gamma-ray sky.

So I understand why Smolin and others like this road to confirmation of early universe considerations and tangible proofs to the realities of interactive phases taking us as close as they can. Why such a pricipal based in SRian revolutions are quite acceptable to them becuase of ths science status seen there.

Shall we disavow the roads to theoretcial developement then, or shall we say, that all fictional stories have a basis to them? The real world functions, roads that lead from? What basis are these then in our exploratory views?

Well I have shown one year's worth. If you check my dates of two image links, where the Alice pictures are involved. Does it mean, that I have not been paying my dues as the years have passed? On the contrary, the internal motivation does not need approval or to be paid, for it is more of the interest I have in this reality, to explain nature's hidden aspect and views of alternate pathways. INductive/deductive pulses, to develope forward, and grow with where society is currently housing these scientists in their endeavors.

Yes I might be the pizza man behind the counter, or, the individual that sits next to you on the airplane. I may not sit at your dinner table, but I am, and have been host to the family. The extended family, that although not on par with the scientific updatea nd talk in a communal dialogue, injects humour, and tidbits to spark the wonder in their own observational eye about life.

How we can greatly effect those around us, by example, and quiet invisibility, by the images and impacts that we can inject into that same family called society. But really this is just a sample view about one aspect of reality that scientists have to offer.

There are indeed unscientific views that are made up in our individuality. As emotive forces that act as undercurrents and "emotive" society. Could these be wild in my speculations, that the world is much like "this Onion" to have said, these are culminative views about a planet whose consciousness is developing in stages as well. That global perspective would have assigned hotspots in the world of color valuations, in that same global warring perspective? Color then, would be very dynamic, if we changed our views on how we see the world in other foundational perspectives.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Michael Persinger has a vision - the Almighty isn't dead, he's an energy field. And your mind is an electromagnetic map to your soul.

Persinger's research forays are at the very frontier of the roiling field of neuroscience, the biochemical approach to the study of the brain. Much of what we hear about the discipline is anatomical stuff, involving the mapping of the brain's many folds and networks, aperformed by reading PET scans, observing blood flows, or deducing connections from stroke and accident victims who've suffered serious brain damage. But cognitive neuroscience is also a grab bag of more theoretical pursuits that can range from general consciousness studies to finding the neural basis for all kinds of sensations.

IN a materialistic sense I wanted to show how matter constructed phases and brain thinking, could be exemplified. Just as mathematics can, and this requirement of models of math, somehow need it's inception to arise from that same brain?

Rafael Núñez and George Lakoff have been able to give an elaborate first answer to the questions: How can advanced mathematics arise from the physical brain and body? Given the very limited mathematical capacity of human brains at birth, how can advanced mathematical ideas be built up using the basic mechanisms of conceptual structure: image-schemas, frames, metaphors, and conceptual blends?

Now I have done some home work here to say, that the thinking is leading from a brain orientated perspective, although this evidence is overwhelming, I have countered it with another thought.

Stanislas Dehaene
Like Lakoff, I am convinced that cognitive studies of mathematics will ultimately provide beautiful examples of the limits that our brains impose on our thoughts. As I tried to show in The Number Sense, we have very strong intuitions about small numbers and magnitudes, which are provided to us by a specific cerebral network with a long evolutionary history. But one could probably write another book describing the limits on our mathematical intuitions. Take topology, for instance. At home, I have a small collection of extremely simple topological brainteasers. Some of them (essentially made from a metal ring and a piece of string) are strikingly counter-intuitive ‹ our first reaction is that it is simply impossible to remove the ring, but of course it can be done in a few moves. Thus, our sense of topology is extremely poor. Yet it's easy enough to imagine a different species that would have evolved a cerebral area for "topo-sense", and for which all of my brain-teasers would be trivial

This intuitive feeling that is generated once math processes are understood are realized in dynamical movement revealled in the brains thinkng? Had to arrive from lessons it learnt previously? Pendulums, time clocks, great arcs, and gravity?

"What's Your Law?"

  • Damasio's First Law The body precedes the mind.

  • Damasio's Second Law Emotions precede feelings.

  • Damasio's Third Law Concepts precede words.

  • What if the condensation of the human brain was the reverse, of Damasio's First Law. I mean we can train the neuron pathways to be reconstructed, by establishing the movements previously damaged by stroke?

    What is the evolution of the human brain, if mind is not leading its shape?

    In Pioneering Study, Monkey Think, Robot DoBy SANDRA BLAKESLEE

    Monkeys that can move a robot arm with thoughts alone have brought the merger of mind and machine one step closer.

    In experiments at Duke University, implants in the monkeys' brains picked up brain signals and sent them to a robotic arm, which carried out reaching and grasping movements on a computer screen driven only by the monkeys' thoughts.

    The achievement is a significant advance in the continuing effort to devise thought-controlled machines that could be a great benefit for people who are paralyzed, or have lost control over their physical movements.

    In previous experiments, some in the same laboratory at Duke, both humans and monkeys have had their brains wired so they could move cursors on computer screens just by thinking about it. And wired monkeys have moved robot arms by making a motion with their own arms. The new research, however, involves thought-controlled robotic action that does not depend on physical movement by the monkey and that involves the complex muscular activities of reaching and grasping.

    Now the direct connection, is self evdient once the brains mapping is understood and connections made. In computerization the mathematical structure is very importan,t so such a math mind and the computer persons would excell if the equaitions would demonstrate the math as a model constructed. In this sense, if we think of the Torso, rotation turns 360 degrees, or 720, would somehow bring it back to it's original position.

    Monkey Moves Computer Cursor by Thoughts Alone, By E.J. Mundell

    Going one step further, her team then trained the monkey to simply think about a movement, without reaching out and touching the screen. A computer program, hooked up to the implanted electrodes, interpreted the monkey's thoughts by tracking flare-ups of brain cell activity. The computer then moved a cursor on the computer screen in accordance with the monkey's desires--left or right, up or down, wherever ``the electrical (brain) pattern tells us the monkey is planning to reach,'' according to Meeker.

    So I must put here some information to show the counter proposal.

    Lets say my own brain did concieve a process within it's own structure that I had been able to identify as a process of continuity and called it a inductive deductive process, according to that shape? Would this reveal something about my own brain, but of others as well? Hw el have tunnels served to help the mind engage a physiolgical process, to find it self decribing the math, in experience?

    The counter proposal I am making, is disguised in Persingers own words. That such a field manifested in the brain dynamics, as neuronic developmental pathways? Could this have been initiated from thinking structured born in mind and as a model assumption, somehow transformed the process of the whole brain?

    A Paradigm Change? Penetrating the unpenetrable?

    This plate image is a powerful one for me becuase it represents something Greene understood well. His link on the right hand side of this blog is the admission of "cosmological and quantum mechanical readiness," to tackle the cosmological frontier.

    How do you classify some experience where mind might have projected ahead of itself, while the neurons would become the basis of thinking. Something had to exist before a personality could develope. Personality is our man made, while deeper is the essence of that flows through to expression? How would you have concieved of this in a physiological processes? Einstein crossing the room, and in this, "higgs will have found it's comparison?" "Neurons," that fall in behind the projected mind?

    Brian Greene:
    it turns out that within string theory ... there is actually an identification, we believe, between the very tiny and the very huge. So it turns out that if you, for instance, take a dimension - imagine its in a circle, imagine its really huge - and then you make it smaller and smaller and smaller, the equations tell us that if you make it smaller than a certain length (its about 10-33 centimeters, the so called 'Planck Length') ... its exactly identical, from the point of view of physical properties, as making the circle larger. So you're trying to squeeze it smaller, but actually in reality your efforts are being turned around by the theory and you're actually making the dimension larger. So in some sense, if you try to squeeze it all the way down to zero size, it would be the same as making it infinitely big. ...

    So you look for the topological equivalent.The sphere and the torus? So there is this struggle of sorts. Where energy can flow through, in and out, and how had it changed, and this field becomes the image of gaussian curvature easily expressed in Maxwells delivery as part of some greater whole?

    But it is more then the relationship of that same cosmological partnership to reductionistc attempts at defining the beginning of the universe, will somehow have found it's relevance through the expression of the mind? The universe 's beginning?

    Melencolia II
    [frontispiece of thesis, after Dürer 1514]

    Historically this development of the geometry of consciousness was working hard to bring itself to light? The manifested realization, of those early universe indications.