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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Mars Rover: Curiosity

'Greeley Panorama' from Opportunity's Fifth Martian Winter
This full-circle scene combines 817 images taken by the panoramic camera (Pancam) on NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity. It shows the terrain that surrounded the rover while it was stationary for four months of work during its most recent Martian winter.
Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Cornell/Arizona State Univ.

Looking for Curiosity? Watch NASA TV Show Online

 This blog post is not written to undermine what has already happened with regards to our research and development toward reaching beyond the planet we live on. Beyond the known world we all participate in.

It is most interesting for sure then. We here on earth emulating the robot's sensory parameters in order to gather data on our "measured experience" here on Earth as applied to Mars?

Can a theorist postulate possible conditions on Mars outside of the "earth frame of reference" given the parameters manufactured into our robots?

To be fair in theoretical question, I am correlating "physics beyond the standard model" as contained in the calorimeters as backdrops to our particle search.

Spacecraft: Surface Operations: Rover

Universes of Max Tegmark

I mean there are thoughts about Tegmark's Mathematical universe here as to whether there is reasonable suspicion as to its basis. It may have been on other people's minds. I cannot believe I am the same person writing this. What has changed?

 There is great resistance on my part to believe that such mathematical basis could have ever been seated at the root of all our societies ventures when we know that such algorithms are manufactured and placed to see if the outcome is a constraint towards the outcome? So that is indeed the question in my mind?

We will only manufacture to confirm our suspicions and that it is hard to see outside of the parameters of our existence? How do you provide for finding new physics if the parameters will constraint your data and outcome?

Door of Florence's Baptistery called Gates of Paradise

To be fair again. I have always postulated that mathematics exists at the very basis of our experiences yet I have found myself asking how can this be so? In my previous speculations my own research had me wondering about what lies at the basis of our experience as measured in outward  manifestation expressed in our living in the world.

You are looking for the basis of the qualitative valuations of that experience as identifying the very pattern of that reality. Is this not so? What is in emergence then?

 Similarly, doors and doorways frequently appear in metaphorical or allegorical situations, literature and the arts, often as a portent of change.

So I am are standing at the doorway of all the constraints ever applied to your thinking and that such evolution of our mind and brain is to consider the framework with which you shall move forward?

 You are constraint to the data, that has ever been measured as long as it it written, thought about within the confines of those constraints. Shall I compare it to looking for my keys, keys under the lamplight? The outer edges of that light have somehow defined how far we shall see?

You can see my problem now can't you?  Below "Planck length" you have no measure?

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Are there Patterns to Life?

Its grandness, goodness, beauty and perfection are unexcelled. Our one universe, indeed, the only one of its kind, has come to be.Timaeus concludes

I was just thinking about the idea of being a mathematical structure, and having been made aware of Max Tegmark, it drew me back to the idea of the "soccer ball universe."

"If this holds up to the test of time, it's a real landmark," said Max Tegmark, a cosmologist and cosmic microwave expert at M.I.T. "I really feel like the universe has given up one more clue," he said.
See: Scientists Get Glimpse of First Moments After Beginning of Time by DENNIS OVERBYE

Now yes I'd admit the universe is a far cry from the person we are, but we are much more complex, and I'd liken it to the universe. Why not?

Namagiri, the consort of the lion god Narasimha. Ramanujan believed that he existed to serve as Namagiri´s champion - Hindu Goddess of creativity. In real life Ramanujan told people that Namagiri visited him in his dreams and wrote equations on his tongue.
See:Srinivas Ramanujan(1887-1920):

Anyway twice I have been reminded of the mathematics "are not" the reality of the situation, and that governing such thought is devoid of the reality we are dealing with. I have an issue with this because, we have discovered number patterns that underly nature just as Coxeter believes that "the process" is just awaiting to be discovered. Then, we have found the thread through things.

So, people do not like to believe that we are a mathematical structure, yet, we have seen where hidden numbered processes have been detailed for us in the expressions of nature.

The Valley and our Place in the universe

Jacques Distiler:
Rather, it is assumption 2) that is suspect. I argued that it is suspect in much greater generality in the comment thread I linked to above. But, in the specific case of the proton lifetime, we already have seen two mechanisms, discussed in this thread, either of which could constrain the proton lifetime to be far longer than the anthropic bound.

Jacque Distler:
Obviously, no one has yet found a convincing candidate for the Standard Model, among the string vacua explored to date (in that sense, no one has made any predictions yet). But that’s not what you’re saying(Peter Woit). You are claiming that the framework itself is inherently unpredictive.

Italicized is my addition.

A mathematics man who does not like math?

So you see we are looking for the constants(a product of the standard model), yet, we do not know what that constant will look like in the valley. While it is based on a "gravitational inclination," the formation has a probability "greatly enhanced" when thinking about the entropy of the blackhole. The "energy valuation" from mass while in gravitational collapse, creates the multitude of possibilities(heat)?

Friday, February 16, 2007

The Multiverse is like a....Flower?

Alexander Vilenkin
The implications of inflation are particularly important in the context of the landscape of string theory. One of the leading researchers studying how inflationary cosmology evolves through the landscape is Alex Vilenkin, a theoretical physicist at Tufts who has been working in the field of cosmology for 25 years and is a pioneer in introducing the ideas of eternal inflation and quantum creation of the universe from nothing. Here he sets forth his ideas of how the set of theories which began with Guth's inflationary scenario are playing out.

This post on the Multiverse of mine, may be an "psychological interpretation" here that I would like to bring forward. This may be distasteful for people of science. Please bear with me as I try to explain myself, and not sanction me to a site that has issues with "ten dimensions and and quantum tunnelling?":)

The Flower as a Universe in Expression

So I will open the above with an example of one of the flowers done up with regards to Mandalic interpretations. This has been part of my research to understand the "individuality of each persons expression" from the inside out. As if, one understood the "liminocentric structure" develop from the schematic of the "circle with a point" in it, "to a point" with a boundary condition that is contained, as an equation of E=mc2.

AS well the student here is learning to give credence to a "way of enlightenment" that foreshadows what can exist as "this schematic mathematical diagram," could find itself looking quite nicely in such a expression as that of a flower.

"Out of Nothing" Came Art and Science?

But even empty space has faint traces of energy that fluctuate on the subatomic scale. As suggested previously by Jaume Garriga of Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona and Alexander Vilenkin of Tufts University, these fluctuations can generate their own big bangs in tiny areas of the universe, widely separated in time and space. Carroll and Chen extend this idea in dramatic fashion, suggesting that inflation could start “in reverse” in the distant past of our universe, so that time could appear to run backwards (from our perspective) to observers far in our past.

I think one can be detracted by good pictures as to the originality of how we might see the universe in expression. So "without further explanation" we might say yes indeed they are good pictures of flowers without understanding the inheritance of the explanation forth coming.

So the idea here is not to be judgemental of the "book by it's cover" until one has considered the explanation that is forthcoming. As one weights what the expression of any universe can mean, while within it, there are evidences for the possibilities of what exists as our own universe, was granted a design, as one might grant each galaxy in expression?

Take an event within the colliders and tell how each will react according to the energies used?

MARIO MARKUS, Max Planck Inst., Dortmund
This first issue of the journal became a "meeting place" of an international group of authors, representing five continents. Although the papers give reliable information about the authors, we add here some brief "informal" notes on all of them:

I may have been attracted to this one for consideration by implicating the "music of the spheres" in my previous comments so however words are transported back and forth between scientists, or "the insinuation" of JoAnne of Cosmic Variance has for it, I cannot help the way I see.:)

OKay now. On to the explanation, as I have learnt to understand it, and then, what ever fate I have assigned to me and this becomes the way of it for me? Cracked flower pot and all.

Bubble Nucleation

During a first-order phase transition, the matter fields get trapped in a `false vacuum' state from which they can only escape by nucleating bubbles of the new phase, that is, the `true vacuum' state. See here for correlating Post.

Now is it enough that I identify the "source of such expressions" to advance the "geometrical inherent of form" as a universe in expression? So where did this design come from. How could anything issue from such "chaos implied in all the possibilities" that we might have the universe we did in this one?

Physically, the effect can be interpreted as an object moving from the "false vacuum" (where = 0) to the more stable "true vacuum" (where = v). Gravitationally, it is similar to the more familiar case of moving from the hilltop to the valley. In the case of Higgs field, the transformation is accompanied with a "phase change", which endows mass to some of the particles.

So by looking at the picture below you get this sense of why the "sombrero as a hat" serves us well to explain the nature of gravitational considerations while this "collapse of the sphere" can produce all kinds of models of geometrical expressions, as a Calabi Yau?

The "landscape" has been something of a issue, as I have travelled through the last couple of years, watching scientists go back and forth in debate. They have their reasons why of course.

I will not assign "a label" although I use them here in this blog "to categorize the times that I have ventured onto a particular subject." I will not succumb to "any categories" that insinuate that "one group of scientists belong to let's say the "Templeton Foundation" and thusly criticize them, as being insignificant and deluded. "Founding a movement" to change society other then, what society wants itself to become.

So by characterization I have learnt to not hold any woman or man to the "fate of character alone," or the "choices they make." But to see the basis of science is continually being adhered to on a level of "correlation of cognition." Given, the experiment and facts, what does one conclude to do while they venture forward? What do they pull toward them, as they theorize about the science?

How is their philosophy imbued them to speak, while there is this underlying mathematical basis to the world? Is it all "flowery or drawn to the arts" that it detracts from the science? Are there not ways that art helps science visualize what has come from their thought processes?

So Tegmark saids,"the universe is not a bagel?" And we have all these ideas about the "shape of the universe." Cosmology likes em large, while the Calabi Yau-ist like it small? Okay, not small, but descriptively unique?

Thursday, March 16, 2006

If it's Not a Soccer Ball, What is it?

Timaeus concludes
And so now we may say that our account of the universe has reached its conclusion. This world of ours has received and teems with living things, mortal and immortal. A visible living thing containing visible things, and a perciptible God, the image of the intelligible Living Thing. Its grandness, goodness, beauty and perfection are unexcelled. Our one universe, indeed, the only one of its kind, has come to be.

WMap currently expressed, has some explaining to do. While they talk about ekroptic universe and such, such cyclical natures need some reference with which to speak, in order for such idealizations and perspective form around the information WMap has currently released.

The fifth element, i.e., the quintessence, according to Plato was identified with the dodecahedron. He says simply "God used this solid for the whole universe, embroidering figures on it". So,I suppose it's a good thing that the right triangles comprising this quintessence are incommensurate with those of the other four elements, since we certainly wouldn't want the quintessence of the universe to start transmuting into the baser subtances contained within itself!

Higher abstractness, in the case of leaving euclidean perspective, are part of the realization when you look at the WMAP, that is being presented. While sound implications are being implied, they are necessary if it is understood the role they will play in such analogies of a larger global pewrspectve then the one seen in how gaussian coordinates and curvatures are implied, in Omega features, and critical density.

A Finite Dodecahedral Universe

According to the team, who published their study in the 9 October 2003 issue of Nature, an intriguing discrepancy in the temperature fluctuations in the afterglow of the big bang can be explained by a very specific global shape of space (a "topology"). The universe could be wrapped around, a little bit like a "soccer ball", the volume of which would represent only 80% of the observable universe! (figure 1) According to the leading cosmologist George Ellis, from Cape Town University (South Africa), who comments on this work in the "News & Views" section of the same issue: "If confirmed, it is a major discovery about the nature of the universe".

So having a greater perspective on this kind of mapping is necessary. While I reference tunneling and such, implicate bee's travelling or satelittes using pathways of least resistance, how does such states have been reached, if you did not have the perspective that is necessary in seeing how the universe is laid out geometrically?

Scientists Get Glimpse of First Moments After Beginning of Time by DENNIS OVERBYE

"If this holds up to the test of time, it's a real landmark," said Max Tegmark, a cosmologist and cosmic microwave expert at M.I.T. "I really feel like the universe has given up one more clue," he said.

The quantum gravity issues implored, and speculated, have a diverse model selection with which to talk about? John Baez's view came up when I seen the model in which he choose for such understanding. Having seen the "membrane" idealizations used in qauntum gravity models, helped with the perspective that he used, but like Plato his definition fell short to me of the substructure(a discrete meaasure in bubble facets) of the cosmo that would relegated some model, to perfect our view microscopically, as well as macroscopically.

Tegmark and others disproved this, so what is the nature of the cosmo in question, and it's shape? So having understod the idealization of flat gemetries of the universe, how could such negative features be understood as the hyperbolic understanding became part and parcel of GR in our understanding of the gravity issues?

With the discovery of sound waves in the CMB, we have entered a new era of precision cosmology in which we can begin to talk with certainty about the origin of structure and the content of matter and energy in the universe.-Wayne Hu

Such analogies were very important in raising our understanding of what might have been seen in the membrane ideals of how gravity could act in bubble boundaries conditions. While such faces might have been understood in such analogies of John Baez's, a spherical harmonics would have had to been much smoother in our understanding?

Imploring the analogies and models in this respect made it much easier to see on another level, in non euclidean realities. Further then, the understanding of gaussian coordinates. You knew this was part and parcel of a larger picture understood in GR?

The Sound of Gravitational Waves

We can't actually hear gravational waves, even with the most sophisticated equipment, because the sounds they make are the wrong frequency for our ears to hear. This is similar in principle to the frequency of dog whistles that canines can hear, but that are too high for humans. The sounds of gravitional waves are probably too low for us to actually hear. However, the signals that scientists hope to measure with LISA and other gravitational wave detectors are best described as "sounds." If we could hear them, here are some of the possible sounds of a gravitational wave generated by the movement of a small body inspiralling into a black hole.

So there is a culmination in my views as I now look at the new WMap presented. A greater understanding implored in geometric realization, that had to be taken down to the microscopic where quantum gravity existed, yet, the geometry used, what new math would this be? It was encapsulted in the overall understanding of cyclical natures.

Is there such a thing, as isometrical relations of orbitals, in cosmological designs? A Classical definition of the Quantum World perhaps?

Some patterns are telling to me of the way in which the universe, and the galaxies in which had formed, would have followed some geometrical all inclusive pattern, that we see unfolding from place to place, and assigning, specific polarization points within the view of the WMAP.

Now, look at the map below.

The WMAP (Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe) mission is designed to determine the geometry, content, and evolution of the universe via a 13 arcminute FWHM resolution full sky map of the temperature anisotropy of the cosmic microwave background radiation. The choice of orbit, sky-scanning strategy and instrument/spacecraft design were driven by the goals of uncorrelated pixel noise, minimal systematic errors, multifrequency observations, and accurate calibration. The skymap data products derived from the WMAP observations have 45 times the sensitivity and 33 times the angular resolution of the COBE DMR mission. The WMAP mission characteristics are summarized in the table below.

So by using information in the Chladni plate exhibit within this site, it becomes a interesting picture when such "spectrum analysis" make themselves representable in "color" as a variation of the landscape.

The temperature fluctuations of the Cosmic Background Radiation may be decomposed into a sum of spherical harmonics , much like the sound produced by a music instrument may be decomposed into ordinary harmonics. The "fundamental" fixes the height of the note (as for instance a 440 hertz acouctic frequency fixes the "A" of the pitch), whereas the relative amplitudes of each harmonics determine the tone quality (such as the A played by a piano differs from the A played by a harpsichord). Concerning the relic radiation, the relative amplitudes of each spherical harmonics determine the power spectrum, which is a signature of the geometry of space and of the physical conditions which prevailed at the time of CMB emission.

But if you are really interested in the way we see the universe how would such patterns illustrate what is being shown in the WMAP. A Chladni plate perhaps as spoken in reference. I needed a model with which to work the whole geometrical picture.

If you sprinkle fine sand uniformly over a drumhead and then make it vibrate, the grains of sand will collect in characteristic spots and figures, called Chladni patterns. These patterns reveal much information about the size and the shape of the drum and the elasticity of its membrane. In particular, the distribution of spots depends not only on the way the drum vibrated initially but also on the global shape of the drum, because the waves will be reflected differently according to whether the edge of the drumhead is a circle, an ellipse, a square, or some other shape.

In cosmology, the early Universe was crossed by real acoustic waves generated soon after Big Bang. Such vibrations left their imprints 300 000 years later as tiny density fluctuations in the primordial plasma. Hot and cold spots in the present-day 2.7 K CMB radiation reveal those density fluctuations. Thus the CMB temperature fluctuations look like Chaldni patterns resulting from a complicated three-dimensional drumhead that


  • Plato's Defintion of God

  • Sound of the Landscape

  • B Field Manifestations

  • Resonance:Brownian Motion
  • Tuesday, December 20, 2005

    Has Speed of Light changed Recently?

    You have to remember I am not as well educated as the rest of the leaque connected at Peter Woit's site. But how could one think anything less, then what perception can contribute, as less then what the educated mind might have thought of? If it did not have the scope enlisted by others in consideration cosmology might have expressed, then we might have reduced the value of reducitonism role in how we perceive the beginning of the cosmos?

    So what Does Peter Woit say here? I am glad that the support(choir:) moved to Peter's cause for truth and enlightenment, is clarifying itself, instead of the ole rants that we had been witnessed too, in the past.

    Understanding the clear disticnctions make's it much easier now, instead of what opportunities might have been past by? Of course I understood that he is quite happy with the life given, makes it all the more reason that the value of opinion will have direction(not hidden causes). Contributions by the the opinions generated, held to a educative process that we all would like to be part of.

    Peter Woit:
    In general, what I really care about and am willing to invest time in trying to carefully understand, are new physical ideas that explain something about particle theory, or new mathematical ideas that might somehow be useful in better understanding particle theory.

    Strings /M theory moved to cosmological thinking because of where it had been?

    Life, the cosmos and everything:
    Lee Smolin stressed that it is only justifiable if one has a theory that independently predicts the existence of these universes, and that such a theory, to be scientific, must be falsifiable. He argued that most of the universes should have properties like our own and that this need not be equivalent to requiring the existence of observers.

    Smolin's own approach invoked a form of natural selection. He argued that the formation of black holes might generate new universes in which the constants are slightly mutated. In this way, after many generations, the parameter distribution will peak around those values for which black-hole formation is maximized. This proposal involves very speculative physics, since we have no understanding of how the baby universes are born. However, it has the virtue of being testable since one can calculate how many black holes would form if the parameters were different.

    So what are Lee Smolin's thoughts today, and one can see where the interactions might have, raised a claerer perception of what falsifiable is meant in context of today's reasonings. Has this changed from 2003?

    Lee Smolin:
    My impression, if I can say so, is that many cosmologists undervalue the positive successes of CNS. It EXPLAINS otherwise mysterious features of our universe such as the setting of the parameters to make carbon and oxygen abundent-not because of life but because of their role in cooling GMC’s. It also EXPLAINS the hierarchy problem and the scale of the weak interactions-because these can also be understood to be tuned to extremize black hole production. Further, it EXPLAINS two otherwise improbable features of glaxies: why the IMF for star formation is power law and why disk galaxies maintain a steady rate of massive star formation.

    So while we are engaged in the thinking of what can be measured from the big bang till now( Sean Carroll has given us a positon to operate from), but having the Poor man's collider introspective, helps us to consider how we may see the developement of particle interaction, as Pierre Auger experiments have reminded us?

    Since the COBE discovery, many ground and balloon-based experiments have shown the ripples peak at the degree scale. What CMB experimentalists do is take a power spectrum of the temperature maps, much as you would if you wanted to measure background noise. The angular wavenumber, called a multipole l, of the power spectrum is related to the inverse of the angular scale (l=100 is approximately 1 degree). Recent experiments, noteably the Boomerang and Maxima experiments, have show that the power spectrum exhibits a sharp peak of exactly the right form to be the ringing or acoustic phenomena long awaited by cosmologists:

    Then how would we see such changes and views that might of held the mind to variances in the landscape, as hills and valleys, portrayed in our cosmo? Perception between the Earth and the Sun. What shall we say to these values in other places of the cosmo? Will we see the impression of the spacetime fabric much differently then we do with the fabric as we see it now? Some might not like this analogy, but it is useful, as all toys models are useful?

    Had we forgotten Wayne Hu so early here, not to have thought before we let this all slip from our fingers, as some superfluid and how we got there, Whose previous existance we had not speculated(what about Dirac), yet we understand the push to the singularity do we not?

    "How do you actually make a collapsing universe bounce back? No one ever had a good idea about that,” Albrecht said. “What these guys realized was that if they got their wish for an ekpyrotic universe, then they could have the universe bounce back."

    Such gravitational collapse sets the stage for what was initiated from, yet, we would not entertain cyclical models, that would instigate geometrical propensities along side of physics procedures?

    So what do we mean when I say that we have pushed the minds eye ever deeper into the world of the Gluonic phases, which we would like so much to validated from such "traversed paths" that such limitations might have then been projected into the cosmo for a better perspective of time? Langangrain valuations alongside of the cosmic string? Which view is better?

    When I started to look at the idea of these xtra dimensions, and how these would be manifesting and the experimental attempts at defining such, I recognized Aldeberger with eotvos contributions here, that a few might have understood and seen?

    Together now such a perspective might have formed now around perspectve glazes that we might now wonder indeed why such a path taken by Aldeberger might now have been seen in such fine measures?

    The Shape of the UNiverse in Omega Values

    Having walked through the curvature parameters, in the Friedmann equations while understanding the nature of the universe, I thought would have been very important from the geometrical valuations, that I have been trying to understand. That it might arise in a terminology called quantum geometry, seems a very hard thing to comprehend, yet thinking about CFT measure on the horizon(Bekenstein Bound) is telling us something about the space of the blackhole?

    So people have these new ideas about quantum grvaity and some might have choosen monte carlo methods for examination in the regards of quantum gravity perceptive.

    Now some of you know that early on in this blog John Baez's view about the soccer ball was most appealing one for consideration, but indeed, the sphere as the closet example could all of a sudden become the ideas for triangulations never crossed my mind. Nor that Max Tegmark would tell us, about the nature of these things.

    JUst as one might have asked Max Tegmark what the shape of the universe was, he might of quickly discounted John Baez's soccer ball? Yet little did we know, that such a push by Magueijo might have had some influences? How would you measure such inflationary models?

    Plato said:
    When I looked at Glast, it seemed a fine way in which to incorporate one more end of the "spectrum" to how we see the cosmo? That we had defined it over this range of possibilties? How could we move further from consideration then, and I fall short in how the probabilties of how we might percieve graviton exchange of information in the bulk could reveal more of that spectrum? A resonance curve?

    Variable "constants" would also open the door to theories that used to be off limits, such as those which break the laws of conservation of energy. And it would be a boost to versions of string theory in which extra dimensions change the constants of nature at some places in space-time.

    One of the ways that has intrigued my inquiring mind, is the way in which I could see how xtra-dimensions might have been allocated to the views of photon interaction? We know the ways in which calorimetric design helps us see how fine the views are encased in the way Onion people work?

    I had recognized quite early as I was getting research material together of Smolin's support of Magueijo, had something to do with the way in which he was seeing VSL approaches to indicators of time valuations?

    Again, this is quite hard to conclusive drawn understanding, in that such roads lead too, would have instantly said that (speed of light in a vacuum)C never changes? How many good teachers would have chastize their students, to have this held in contrast to todays way we do things when looking at Magueijo?

    Magueijo started reading Einstein when he was 11, but he wanted to comprehend the theory using mathematics rather than words. So he read a book by Max Born, which explains relativity in the language of mathematics. He quotes Galileo as having said, "The book of nature is written in the language of mathematics."

    Let's look at what is being said from a fifth dimensional perspective, and tell me why this will not change the way we see? Why model comprehension has not sparked this foundational change in the way we look at the cosmos and the spacetrime fabric?

    Thursday, November 10, 2005

    Timaeus:Laying the Ground rules on Genesis

    You all know that you each have a respective hand on the elephant, and thsoe who would contribute their qunatum mathematics are new comers to what had already existed. As the craftsman Plato, I created the elephant in the thought of the man for this time:)

    Genesis Timaeus 27c-34a

    Sometimes as you read my dialogues you discover the flavour of individuals who had passed through these readings, and in selected words, highlighted the logic with which they would highlight my approach, and speak about science and the way of it?

    Had I known that when I wrote this dialogue that minds like Einstein, or a Hooft would travel through these sections, I might then of assigned the "Craftsman" to different people here, as they developed the models of the world, with which this process speaks too.

    Let me pick an example then for you and say that this perspectve I select holds one accountable, and recognizes that in this case it is becoming and perishable. A I highlight a section for you and you read you will understand.

    Now some of you know that early on in this blog John Baez's view about the soccer ball was most appealing one for consideration, but indeed, the sphere as the closet example could all of a sudden become the ideas for triangulations never crossed my mind. Nor that Max Tegmark would tell us, about the nature of these things.

    Is not, as John would like us to have believed? The "soccer ball" is dead, but not my Platomic form. It will remain, and live in the hall of the infamous, as a model of the way the world is created? It's underlying nature? It's "to be," as a Shakespearean thought would also have it's "infliction" on my very own words.

    But let me first clarify some things here before I loose myself amongst all mmy writings, as it is difficult to retain the mind of individuals in the characters of these dialogues so that the discourse is found relevant in ways of a future, as I have first shown thus.

    First then, in my judgment, we must make a distinction and ask, What is that which always is and has no becoming; and what is that which is always becoming and never is? That which is apprehended by intelligence and reason is always in the same state; but that which is conceived by opinion with the help of sensation and without reason, is always in a process of becoming and perishing and never really is. Now everything that becomes or is created must of necessity be created by some cause, for without a cause nothing can be created.

    Now let me say that if you are to define the rules of the game, then it will be that each would come from their corner, and from these distinctive positions, bias themselves to what I had always laid first before you.

    So the ground rules had been laid long before any of you would speak on the ideas of emergence or not, first principle or not, and the defined shapes or not?

    So by these implications you have to then known the logic with which you would approach this discourse with science and all who have used my dialogues :)

    Lee Smolin:
    -Stick to the issues raised. If someone raises a criticism, whether its done according to your standards of rhetoric or not, just answer the substantial science issue. Don’t waste our time with discussion about anything else. Don’t respond to a criticism on a specific point by changing the subject.

    -No personal attacks, absolutely none. If someone has a Ph.D., then they are credentialed. Discuss with them in good faith and with respect.

    -Let’s strive to agree on facts before discussing interpretation. Insist on precision and honesty, don’t allow exaggeration, and admit it gracefully when you are wrong or when the evidence does not support something you would like to be true. If someone questions the status of a claim, don’t say “everyone I respect believes X is true.” Say, X is in fact unproven, but there is evidence for it, which is exactly the following….

    -Listen carefully to those professional colleagues who read the evidence differently from you, and try to understand sympathetically and in good faith, why they do so.

    -Restrain your own communities. Make it clear that it is not acceptable to you when those in your committee insult others or publish or post things that are exaggerated or false. If someone insists on behaving badly, it is up to their community to restrain them. Make it clear that repeatedly treating colleagues disrespectfully in a public forum amounts to professional misconduct. The same is true for repeated cases of knowingly exaggerated or misleading statements in a public forum.

    If we can all agree to some basic rules like this I am optimistic that we-and science- will come out better from the debates ahead.

    While Lubos has some ideas of his own here, then it seems fair that we should work on these "ground rules" so that each understands that when they step on stage, they had both agreed to the plot that would take hold of science for all to see.

    Lubos Motl:
    These rules are, first of all, a proposal for a complete and thorough politicization of all of science. The first point is that personal integrity (or scientific integrity) is a very subjective thing that a person simply has or has not. And people will never agree whether certain things have been honest or not.

    So if Lee Smolin, sets the "ground rules" while Lubos seeks to develope clarity from position and Clifford the stage, then we would know that your bias's would have to be put aside, in order to proceed. Previous conversations failed, Lubos and Lee:)I have watched your respective positions and felt Lee's feelings on trying, but never really succeeding, to adventure respective positions as one would have put it on stage. The Krauss issue timing is impecabble not for book publicity gain but for how one were to develope the scripts of science in dicussion.

    At these meetings of mind, the idealization had been first spelt out in my story of Timaeus, now it is your turn as "to be" the Shakespeare, Einstein or t"hooft would be.

    Wednesday, June 01, 2005


    For me this is a wonderful view of abstraction, that had gone into model making, to help those less inclined to "the visonistic qualities of those same abstractions."

    Shown here are the models in the mathematical wunderkammer located in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Arizona. Like those in most modern mathematics departments, the collection is a combination of locally-made student and faculty projects together with a variety of commercially produced models. Sadly, a century since their Golden Age, many of the models are in disrepair and much of their documentation has been lost. However, some recent detective work, with the help of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, has helped the department identify models by the American educators W. W. Ross and R. P. Baker in the collection.

    So having been allowed through internet developement to understand the work of fifth dimensional qualites could exist (why Thomas Banchoff must be added below), has far exceeded the understanding of those currently engaged in the mathematics? I do not mean to undermine or cast uncertainty in the direction of those who are helpijng us, but make for recognition of what technology has done for us, in the use of these internet capabilities.

    Long before the advent of the World-Wide Web, Tom Banchoff was experimenting with ways of using electronic media to enhance mathematical research and aid in mathematical education. Banchoff helped install one of the first mathematics computer labs in the country, and continues to lead the development of innovative geometric software and curricula for undergraduate mathematics courses. He uses computer graphics as an integral part of his own research, and has used mathematical videos for the last 30 years as a means of disseminating his results.

    I have been exploring these issues in regards to the Sylvester Surfaces, and the relationship seen in matrix development. It wasn't without some understanding that "isomorphic images" might have been revealled in orbital images categories, that dealing with this abstract world, didn't require some explanation?

    The Magic Square

    The picture below was arrived using the applet given from that site. What did you have do to change, in order to get the image I did? We are given possibilties?

    But of course I am held by the physics of the world we see. As small as, might have exemplified itself in some larger cosmological imagery of a kind, can it be suited to topological features spoken too in string theory?

    We know Max Tegmark has refuted the soccerball universe, and bazeian valuation of a quantum gravity model, that seem to good to be true? PLato, still felt that this soccer ball represented God? So maybe baezian, interpretaion, although derived from archimeadean, was more then the models through which they were precribed in Wunderkammen. Something ancient has been brought forward again for the mind bogglers that like to paly in these abstract spaces?

    Mathematical Teaching Tools

    Introduction: Lost Geometry

    When I was small, growing up in Wisconsin, I loved to walk along the railroad tracks. As I walked, I would watch the steel rails grow from a point in the distance ahead of me, sweep around me, and then disappear again in the distance over my shoulder, converging slowly back to a point. The pure geometry of it was breathtaking. What impressed me the most, however, was the powerful metaphor that it suggested: How wide the present seemed, simply because of my presence there; how small the future and the past. And yet, I could move along the tracks, imagining myself expanding and contracting the infinite timeline of history. I could move ahead until any previous place along that continuum had shrunk to insignificance, and I could, despite the relentless directionality that I imagined moving along the tracks like so many schedule-bound trains, drift backwards as easily as I could let myself be carried forward.

    The wonderful stories exemplifed by human experience, places me in states of wonder. About how processes in geometry could have engaged us in a real dialogue with nature's way around us. To see these stories exemplified above. One more that quickly came to mind, was Michio Kaku's view from the bridge, to the fish in the pond. Looking at the surface from two perspective sseem really quite amazing to me.

    Such exchanges as these are wonderful exercises in the creation of the historical abstract. A Lewis Carroll in the making? An Abbotsolutely certainty of math structures, that we would like to pass on to our children and extend the nature to matter of the brain's mass?

    Saturday, March 12, 2005

    Bubble world

    Using a rubber band analogy over top of a ball is a interesting way to approach the circle used, and the energy determinations found of value in calculating 1r radius(KK Tower) of that same circle, as you move to the top. But if you move it along a length and you find that you can calculate the difference in this length by the changes in the energy valuations?

    It’s how you look at this space inside the bubble versus outside the bubble. John Baez might look at it on the outside as such above recognizing well the lines connectin flip and change depending on the energy demonstrated in a quantum grvaity model? While the inside of the bubble is dictated by some other means of interpretation? From the inside, a soccer ball universe(poincare structure) would seem so appropriate but here Max Tegmark has answer this view, through Wmap views?

    For me, I would look at the surface of the bubble and the rainbows that could shimmer across it’s surface. We would be defining the shape of the bubble in a way we had not considered before? Moving sound in analogy to the world of gravitational considerations how would this view be considered now in context of bubble technologies?

    Using circles as energy determination seems viable as they travel the length, but it becomes much more diffiuclt when you are trying to merge these bubbles, it looks discrete, when the lines are joining while curvature defines the connection between the two? You see the bubbles have a outer structure. As these circles merge, it is not past the knowledge to coisder that the path integral approach is being exemplified.

    Running contrary to the view of bubble world, the images of a vast systems of cosmic strings that would flash across a universe may seem very interesting as I gaze from artistic perception about the flash of a lightening strike? That ignited new possibilties into expression, new life in the universe?

    Quantum gravity, the as yet unconsummated marriage between quantum physics and Einstein's general relativity, is widely (though perhaps not universally) regarded as the single most pressing problem facing theoretical physics at the turn of the millennium. The two main contenders, ``Brane theory/ String theory'' and ``Quantum geometry/ new variables'', have their genesis in different communities. They address different questions, using different strategies, and have different strengths (and weaknesses).

    What is Quantum Gravity?

    Quantum gravity is the field devoted to finding the microstructure of spacetime. Is space continuous? Does spacetime geometry make sense near the initial singularity? Deep inside a black hole? These are the sort of questions a theory of quantum gravity is expected to answer. The root of our search for the theory is a exploration of the quantum foundations of spacetime. At the very least, quantum gravity ought to describe physics on the smallest possible scales - expected to be 10-35 meters. (Easy to find with dimensional analysis: Build a quantity with the dimensions of length using the speed of light, Planck's constant, and Newton's constant.) Whether quantum gravity will yield a revolutionary shift in quantum theory, general relativity, or both remains to be seen.

    Thursday, January 13, 2005

    Education, Now Stimulates Creativity:-)

    The nice thing about good educators is the resource that they can help point lay people to to encourage exploration and thought provocation. It is not to nice to have controls place on the the ability of resource searchers to be limited by conceptual hangups that have stagnated educational valubales from ever seeing the light of day. So we are once again happy here under Plato's Arch, that we can develope the ideas necessary, from full fledged thinking human beings and not of the controlled puppets of the choir.

    Galaxy NGC 596, a highly structured galaxy characterized by pronounced twisting and by ripples in the outer regions. (Credit Astrophysics Institute, Potsdam, Extragalactic Astrophysics Group)

    Now I know the topological considerations are supposed to have been dispelled by Max Tegmark and his group, but I can't help but see the relationship of a valuable insight of Greene's that manifests, as you look at this image and consider a Genus figure for examination. This playful image of Greene's is very much thought provoking inthat it ask that we exercise the brain's function as to how such a comment could have been made. Of course, I have to go looking for it.

    But let me talk about it first, without one actually hvaing seen what I mean. I know it is better to let others develope there visonary capabilties, that I will only speak briefly on it.

    Koans Simulate Crossroads

    Why would you want to kill this in yourself?

    Part of the idea here is to create a wall of resistance, where such confrontation can easily set things into motion that need to be expressed. That should be. It's indeed a dynamical quality that such oscillations in "being" could have swung backward and forward, and all of a sudden, such resonance built up, that change is soon initiated.

    Now, never understandng these dynamics and all the time being part of it, action soon precludes this change that is necessary for opportuities to make themself known. But I won't get to that point , but the one I originally wanted made clear of Greene's, before I present another image is to solidify visionary capabilties of those who are developing the expressions within themself.

    it turns out that within string theory ... there is actually an identification, we believe, between the very tiny and the very huge. So it turns out that if you, for instance, take a dimension - imagine its in a circle, imagine its really huge - and then you make it smaller and smaller and smaller, the equations tell us that if you make it smaller than a certain length (its about 10-33 centimeters, the so called 'Planck Length') ... its exactly identical, from the point of view of physical properties, as making the circle larger. So you're trying to squeeze it smaller, but actually in reality your efforts are being turned around by the theory and you're actually making the dimension larger. So in some sense, if you try to squeeze it all the way down to zero size, it would be the same as making it infinitely big. ... (CSPAN Archives Videotape #125054) Brian Greene

    Now I don't have to remind people here, what image is manifested because then I would have to go into a long spiel about what I see, as opposed to what you see. So yes, instead of me telling you. What do you see? Do you know something about topological considerations and when it is implored? Why would I insinuate a Genus Figure for contemplation?

    Through my exchanges with people over time, it will be evident for some, where I am headed. For a vast majority, inklings of insight developed through prodding for the first time? If we are to consider the deeper parts of ourselves and the deepest parts of the universe, what could have manifested, and we ask a lot of questions about the universe, and how matter came into being?

    But here and very suttlely I have wondered, that my own mind is being exposed to concepts, that I ask what is it that we are neglecting? Without understanding, that this manifestaion might be as simple as a play on words, about the IRAq war on Lubos site, to understand, the extension of thought capabilties imploring current thought processes, about manifestation of this energy from within. To what, could have manifested from the beginning of this universe? A lot goes on, and in a systematic way, we are part of this expresssion, and are capable, of being part of that expression:)

    But it's more then just accepting the visionary capabilties of our mind, but of stretching is capabilties as well, into exploring the regions of no man's land where only the theore/mathe...ticions go.:)

    So I'll present one more for consideration and this should surely convince some who know for certain? What I have espoused through a long journey, to have come to my own crossroads in life. To say, it had all been worth it to see such induction and deductions, as part of the extension necessary of bringing forth the silent majority who fell asleep at there televisions sets, like I tend to do:)

    Our brains are more capable of the much finer things, that it's time I formulated a new path for consideration. Part of it, has already been revealled in what you can do, that I intend to do as well.

    Thursday, January 06, 2005

    Primordial Gravitational Waves

    Although I have designated the title above, I want to add current trends for future observations by speaking to this one first.

    It is sometimes evident that such comments made by Peter Woit would have to have enormous amounts of data to back up the reasons why research should not be moving in the direction it is. I do not have alot of time right now so I will just put up this for now.

    Planck was selected as the third Medium-Sized Mission (M3) of ESA's Horizon 2000 Scientific Programme, and is today part of its Cosmic Vision Programme. It is designed to image the anisotropies of the Cosmic Background Radiation Field over the whole sky, with unprecedented sensitivity and angular resolution. Planck will provide a major source of information relevant to several cosmological and astrophysical issues, such as testing theories of the early universe and the origin of cosmic structure. The scientific development of the mission is directed by the Planck Science Team.

    How would such information force us to consider the subject of gravitational wave generation in microscopic avenues, and all of a sudden dismiss quantum geometrical considerations as revealled on topological forms? Would it?

    Max Tegmark and others, current working in this area, will have been provided with a deeper look at what they have been postulating in regards to "topological forms," in the cosmos. As many know, this relationship is part of my attempts at comprehension of what happens at such quantum levels and why quantum geometry is not relevant to cosmolgical scales for considerations.

    For such comments, that would have implied Higher Dimensions to be revealled in the Spacetime Fabric, would have been verified? But like the Cyclical Universe, I could go the way of any model that does not follow the current established trends of thinking.:)It would be consequential, if such speaking is not backed up, but as we know any ear that is lent to discussion, the reasons why before hand, would always be a important one to consider?:)

    Wednesday, December 08, 2004

    Compton and Graviton Scatterings?

    Sometimes it is very difficult to express what you want to say when you have so much information in your head. That you know it has to be expressed most carefully in order for one to get the jest of what is being implied when making statements. It is indeed a struggle for me to be clear in this regard, but hopefully, recogizing the requirements of the physicist and the theoretician, that such scholar attributes can be waivered for the commoner?

    Compton scattering detector

    Compton scattering happens when a photon interacts with an electron - the photon leaves the interaction with a lower energy and the electron has a higher energy. The energies of the outgoing photon and electron along with the angle at which these two leave the interaction allow determination of the energy and direction of the original photon.

    What the heck is a Graviton

    1. A quantizied gravitational wave...........
    2. They travel at the speed of light
    3. They have never been experimentally proven to exist.
    4. They have been theoretically proven?
    5. They permeate all dimensions.

    Particle Physics Probes Of Extra Spacetime

    The exact expression may be found in (15,17). It is important to note that due to integrating over the effective density of states, the radiated graviton appears to have a continuous mass distribution; this corresponds to the probability of emitting gravitons with different extra dimensional momenta. The observables for graviton production, such as the γ/Z angular and energy distributions in e+e− collisions

    Visiting Scientist Sends Physics World Spinning

    This summer, Afshar, Flores and Knoesel are conducting follow-up experiments in Rowan's state-of-the-art Science Hall to determine whether they can validate Afshar’s initial findings for single photons. In the experiment at Rowan, the team is using a single photon source instead of a beam. Some critics have pointed out that the results of the experiment with a laser beam could be explained in terms of classical physics. Thus, the use of single particles is critical and would be able to finally determine the validity of Afshar’s claims.

    If the next round of experiments does support Afshar’s findings, this can mean a whole new way of looking at quantum theory among physicists, who have long-accepted the opinion of Einstein's rival on the subject, Danish scientist Niels Bohr. And that can have meaning for the lay community as well.

    Flores noted, "It is likely that the interpretation problems of quantum mechanics are a hint that there is something new to learn about our physical world. There might be either a new force or a new physical property to be discovered. The problems of quantum mechanics will not be resolved unless they are exposed and studied. Thus, doing this experiment at Rowan is an exciting prospect."

    The ideas presenting the way in whch we have percieved the quantum mechanical spacetime fabric, I am asking, that if applied to string considerations we have indeedd changed the language attributes of the same field that is understood in Compton scattering?

    Dying to Know, by Max Tegmark

    Three quarks indicated by red, green and blue spheres (lower left) are localized by the gluon field.

    A quark-antiquark pair created from the gluon field is illustrated by the green-antigreen (magenta) quark pair on the right. These quark pairs give rise to a meson cloud around the proton.

    The masses of the quarks illustrated in this diagram account for only 3% of the proton mass. The gluon field is responsible for the remaining 97% of the proton's mass and is the origin of mass in most everything around us.

    Experimentalists probe the structure of the proton by scattering electrons (white line) off quarks which interact by exchanging a quantum of light (wavy line) known as a photon.