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Monday, January 03, 2011

Concepts Fade to Moments

Relativity, by M. C. Escher. Lithograph, 1953.

Of course I struggle "with" as to be free and in liberation of, as if to liberate oneself from all the constraints that we have applied to our circumstance, "by choice." Can this be done? Can a human being actually float and defy gravity? I mean, how ridiculous?:) No....not one of those meditating bouncing beans either.

So it is ever the exercise in my mind to clarify and to seek an understanding of something given that holds great meaning, and may help me to understand an experience that will not let go..
Lex III: Actioni contrariam semper et æqualem esse reactionem: sive corporum duorum actiones in se mutuo semper esse æquales et in partes contrarias dirigi.

I was given an image in mind a long time ago that has stayed close to me even while I concertize myself to the very explanations that science has to offer as a basis of fact. That if one could in a sense "experience an opposing force of another body,"  that "through playing" one can come into what I had learn about the sensing of, as to blend with opposition. So as to move accordingly, while knowing that it could reach an extreme, I could in turn, turn it back on itself.

A body's mass also determines the degree to which it generates or is affected by a gravitational field. If a first body of mass m1 is placed at a distance r from a second body of mass m2, each body experiences an attractive force F whose magnitude is
 F = G\,\frac{m_1 m_2}{r^2} \, ,
where G is the universal constant of gravitation, equal to 6.67×10−11 kg−1 m3 s−2. This is sometimes referred to as gravitational mass (when a distinction is necessary, M is used to denote the active gravitational mass and m the passive gravitational mass). Repeated experiments since the 17th century have demonstrated that inertial and gravitational mass are equivalent; this is entailed in the equivalence principle of general relativity.

If you have ever expressed this physically, as in some Martial Art Form,  some competitive edge in reaction, then it will have been grokked at it's fullest, because you have blended the concept, with movement. It's as if structurally you are given lines to follow, but now have to extend those lines into actually movements,  from the mind, into the physical body.

View of inner parts of earth. # continental crust # oceanic crust # upper mantle # lower mantle # outer core # inner core * A : Mohorovičić discontinuity * B : Core-mantle boundary (Gutenberg discontinuity) * C : Lehmann discontinuity * Author : KronicTOOL * Software : Photoshop (Click on Image for larger viewing)

Now one would have to assume there is some mathematical basis to this exchange, yet I would rather focus on the exchange, as to define this in our life as something "sensual in movement and form." Is it perfectly systematical and symmetrical "that one side had to equal the other," in order for me to explain something about life as an expressive attitude about our dealings in society? How "justice might work" as a balancing scale? A balancing scale, about life and it's truths

Weight at Earth's Core

Would your body weigh more or less if standing on the Earth's core? What about above sea level?

As you go further inside the Earth, the force you feel due to gravity lessens, assuming the Earth is has a uniform density all the way throughout. Less force means you weigh less.

The reason is that the mass attracting you is inside a sphere, and is given by M = (4/3) * pi * (radius)3 * density

The force you feel is given by F = G * M * (your mass) / (radius)2

This means the net force is F = G * (4/3) * pi * radius * density * (your mass)

(pi=3.14159 and G = Newton's gravitational constant)

So as you go further inside the Earth, the radius is decreasing, so the force you feel is decreasing. The mass above you oddly enough doesn't contribute at all to any net force on your body.

In reality, of course, the Earth is not of uniform density, and there is a slight increase in force as you go down from the surface, before it begins to decrease again. Still, you weigh less standing on the Earth's core.

As far as what happens above sea level - you must realize that what happens outside the Earth is different from what happens inside the Earth. Inside, as you go deeper and deeper, the mass attracting you is less and less (as stated). Above sea level (the surface of the Earth, specifically) as you go further and further away, the mass remains constant (obviously), but the distance gets larger and larger, which makes the force (given by F = G * M(Earth) * M(you) / r2) smaller.

Notice that the formula that applies inside the Earth is different from the one that applies outside.

Dr. Louis Barbier
(October 2003)

So there is this ancient notion about gravity being the same at all places on the earth, that slighting the idea of such minute differences, one would have to say "that it is not the same" and hence has left oneself "back in time" before it could be understood that  the earth can be looked at in another way? That the length and distance to it's outer edge, as some inverse square law can be explained "of all things." Systemically explaining away,  by understanding that gravity "is the same according to the weight of" is not the same in all places.

Truth, is that slight difference?

So how does one break free inside, between the understanding of Feather and Iron, versus Feather and Heart?

Structurally, building any foundation there are exactitude's toward defining that space according to  dimensional attributes as to straight lines and angles of perception. If you actualize this in physical form, you may have constructed a building. There are rules according to Pythagorean theorem that allows you build square things.

The emergence of,  follows distinctive rules according to expression, artistically inclined, and for me, any point in space has such abilities. How structurally sound, any expressive display that for realities sake and purpose, we see where such expressions can arrive out of nothing? It was not logical and did not make sense to me that such expression can appear  out of nothing, to become something. So there is a bias here for me about what is being revealed in that point, as well as, of what is being revealed in that moment.

I am of course interested in the creative process of a scientist. I am trying to be as responsible as I can about our comparison of the Heart and Truth(Feather) on the same scale as to be lead by example so as to define this concept better as,  "If the heart was free from the impurities of sin," not as some religious perspective about good and evil, but about the slight differences in the changes in the gravity of earth, and about the object that occupies that space, as well as,  the inherent nature of that truth.

Composition of Earth's mantle in weight percent[16][citation needed]
Element Amount Compound Amount
O 44.8
Si 21.5 SiO2 46
Mg 22.8 MgO 37.8
Fe 5.8 FeO 7.5
Al 2.2 Al2O3 4.2
Ca 2.3 CaO 3.2
Na 0.3 Na2O 0.4
K 0.03 K2O 0.04
Sum 99.7 Sum 99.1

If I should point toward elemental considerations, each to its own,  then,  as some expression of some inverse square law toward that outer rim of physicality of earth's domain, then  it is with this insight that I look toward  the "weight" of the concept with which "entrance to freedoms of eternal life" are nothing more then the recognition of "what weighs" according to those truths and what we adopt in our own lives according to the choices we make. If I say Heart, then it is wise that such entrances into the human being, is but a mental thing about how we weight things according to our set of criteria according Truth?

Cross section of the whole Earth, showing the complexity of paths of earthquake waves. The paths curve because the different rock types found at different depths change the speed at which the waves travel. Solid lines marked P are compressional waves; dashed lines marked S are shear waves. S waves do not travel through the core but may be converted to compressional waves (marked K) on entering the core (PKP, SKS). Waves may be reflected at the surface (PP, PPP, SS).

Seismographs detect the various types of waves. Analysis of such records reveals structures within the Earth.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Wildlife at Home

Yes you may of noticed the date is wrong again on the camera. Every time we take the batteries out for charging, we loose that date. It dawned on me at this moment and wondered if there is another internal battery that retains the time, maybe, dead too? I'll have to look.

Anyway this fellow has been sticking around the last couple of days.

When we first looked at this lot about a year an done month ago today, I noticed a lot of markings that looked like claw marks, were in fact bull moose who rub their racks on the trees and leave these marks.

You'll also notice my work table I set up to do the final work on the outside of the house. I was installing a product called Nailite We did a board and batten around the rest of the house. I am really quite pleased tackling this job for the first time.

I just finished about two days ago, and have been working like heck to finish the jobs around here, while preparing for a trip into the states. My wife, myself with three of our older grandchildren are going for a trip to Disney Land.

We had our youngest granddaughter yesterday(she's sure a sweety) for the night, as my youngest son and his wife are due for twins which will be here not to long after we get back from our trip. She needs the bed rest and she is huge, and my boy is getting run ragged. So we have been extremely busy getting things in order.

The pillars in front of the house will be done when I get back and the backdrop to the front door will have a colonial look which we are trying to keep to a cottage look.

The aggregate walkways around the house were done at the end of May. We are please with how this has turned out. Unfortunately, the snow came before we had a chance to pour them last November, after having readied the forms, and compacted the crush.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Winter Shangrila

As to the date stamped on the pictures these are the correct ones. Mother Nature has sent us about another ten inches since then.

As some of you know, I spent about seven months in 2007 building this house with my son and wife. We moved into it in late November, and was not able to complete some of the projects that needed to be completed.

The most obvious of course is the siding that will be started, when I have poured the aggregate walkaways. I had prepared these before winter rolled in. I could not get my finisher to come in and complete because of a large contract he had an option on that superseded my work if he obtained. He let me know of course, and fighting time with Winter coming I tried my best. A spring/summer job then.

After the foundation was done and before we started on the house construction, we brought in a 1200lb compactor to make sure that before any concrete was pour inside and out, the future walkways, this process was done. Also to build it up I brought in 2 10 yard truckloads of crush to build it up and pounded again, for levelling and to give it the height in relation to the house.

In construction, there are three main types of compactor; the plate compactor, the "jumping jack" and the road roller. The roller type compactors are used for compacting crushed rock as the base layer underneath concrete or stone foundations or slabs. The plate compactor has a large vibrating baseplate and is suited for creating a level grade, while the jumping jack compactor has a smaller foot. The jumping jack type is mainly used to compact the backfill in narrow trenches for water or gas supply pipes etc. Road rollers may also have vibrating rollers.

If you notice I had some rock work done on the pillars and the front of the house.

Cultured Stone HistoryOwens Corning Cultured Stone products originated in 1962 when brothers Garrett and Floyd Brown of Vallejo, California saw the need for a new kind of building material.

All around this house is stones of similar size, but we went and used a concrete product that looks much like those same rocks. While constructing the foundation, the plans did call for a 4 inch ledge to be in place for these rock additions, but it would have been to cumbersome to use the natural rocks and stone around here. I brought in an old Italian mason to do the work. We were very pleased.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Progress on the House

(Please ignore the date on the picture as it was taken yesterday by my wife.)

One of the first things that I will be doing is getting a new satellite system called Xplorinet to replace the dial up service I am now using.

Can you image the patience that is needed in order to complete any blog posting?

Yes, I have looked at all the ways in which to speed this up, and to no avail. One can take for granted the speeds at which they work, especially if they use University internet services with the high rate of speed that goes along with it.

You know when we were younger I can remember the need to move lots and adjust to what we would like in the future. Maybe it was not like the young folk who with their degrees need to travel to the new locations in which to practise they trade, but still it was a up rooting.

So having stability for any new science person would be a "dreamy thing" in which to explore the trade and travel according to that trade, but always appreciative of the home based with which they could return.

These are my thoughts about what the PI institute could do for the people it attracts. For keeping new science individuals here in Canada under this prospect. Allows, the creative ingenuity to thrive. Knowing full well of course that some of the benefits of working at that Institute are taken care of. We all have to live.

Warmth Frees us from the "Agitation of Being Cold"

I do not think a lot of people understand the need for getting focused, requires that we take care of some of the things that allow us to think creatively and allow ingenuity to be set free.

In the picture to the right, here I had decided to to use the in floor heating after all. I was made an attractive offer I could not economically refuse. Using those Styrofoam templates for the piping convinced me. I was going to purchase the styrofoam anyway, and it would have cost me the same as if I spent it. It would not have included the new heating system.

Anyway the heating system was fired up yesterday to allow for the heat needed for the dry wallers to begin their work. The insulators will be in on Friday, so things are progressing.

Living Space

You notice how open it is in picture above? We built the house this way to allow for the outlay of the heating system, and once the concrete is poured, we construct our interior walls.

One of the things that I found interesting, was the bridge we had to build in the centre of that room to allow us to handle the trusses being put up. The bridge is an idea that came out of my son's mind in his house as well. So this is the origination.

Once done I removed it to begin the other work necessary.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Back to Normal?


It's been some months since I had been using my own computer. Building our new home, we had to make some adjustments. One of these being, not having our computer setup.

We are quite pleased with the work that has been done doing the construction with my son and myself. Least I forget, the hands of the mother here, in keeping us going with the buying and deliveries of materials to do this job. So defintiely, it is a concerted effort, that I should mention how hard my wife has worked as well, to help us reach our goals here.

Back to Blogging

Well, trying for the last couple of days, one can hardly say it has been easy to get to this point. In some ways, it's as if the neuron's firing, had taken a leave of the thinking process, and has become somewhat stale. You know that saying "that if you do not use it you loose it?"

This has always been part of my thinking, that if you do not keep these pathways functioning, like a person who has had a stroke, the need arises that one refamiliarizes themself, with getting the extremities working. Raising an arm, to get the pathway in the brain to work again.

Do I discount the memories that reside in a deeper placed beyond the neuron's firing? Of course not.

The "same system" that fires, is part of the memory packet exists and it survives? It's not just in the camera, but also recorded just outside ourselves? While smell is an instant reminder, I would say too, the "emotive force with which we live our lives," leaves a lasting impression in that other place too.

Do you only see a wire when a current runs through it? You know better. There is a geoemtry to it as well.

Going over the Research Material

Of course doing such work to keep these neuronical processes working, is also part of working in science? The connections to equations, like math, could have such an elegant feature to simplicity in nature yet it is the "one inch equation." One would had to wonder about the distilliation process of all this work in science that is going on.

What can it be reduced too, that "this thread" that seems to be running through it all, would explode within the thinking mind, that one could say "one day that we will actually get it?

Friday, June 22, 2007

Foundation Done

Footings and foundation walls have been completed. Tomorrow we will lay all the wiring that is necessary and then we will backfill and compact the foundation area.

I would have liked to add more, as the foundation process is very important to the whole house building. It is all very physical and as an aging gentlemen, I find it quite tuff sometimes.

One more house to go? Yes I will help my son build one more house next year and then I will officially retire from the house building process.:)

What is true from the unconscious?

Try being hyphnosised sometime. My son when on stage was asked th emost deep seated question in his youth and he answered accordingly. Actions speak louder as the physical questions proocupiies those who are viewing as he is making this sawing motion. Do what you want to do in life asked the hypnosist. The stage of people answered accordingly as well.

My son has a innate skill when it comes to building. Married with a older man and father whose dreams as a child came with an official note to boot. I had completed some of the goals that I had wanted to do when I was a child.

The Childhood Writing

I was given a note from my mother before she died years ago, that was hidden in the roof where I placed it as a child. There was this picture of myself, and all the things I wanted to do in life. I can safely say, that I touched each of them.

Dreams of science came later in life, although I had this predisposition to always wanting to know the mysteries of life. What could be discovered in science that we had not known before.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Electrical Shed

I really miss doing my study of those things scientists engage in, but getting ready for the work ahead, the planning stages, are always important. Just as anything in life is, when you decide to undertake any move, or change of location.

Yesterday and today, my boy and I completed a 12 by 12 shed, construction grade of course. It cost my wife and I about $2500.00 dollars when completed. All the framing is done according to current construction methods. I will insert pictures later on in these postings when I get my equipment back up and running.

The idea here is to get power as soon as possible so that we can move our little 19ft trailer to our property. Having this power plus other conviences of life, are a priority, while we set up the connections underground to our new house. Having this shed is the first step.

A electrical contractor will put a mast on this shed and the electrical department will connect to this when it is ready. Two things are required here. The electrical setup that satifies the electrical people, and the money of course, to connect to the shed.

The cost to the electrical department is about twenty-two hundred dollars. This will give me a connectin to the grid, a 40 ft hydro pole and about a 150 ft of wire in this connection.

Most of the the services to the new home as I had mentioned will be underground, removing lines above ground. If you have ever work properties, this sometimes becomes a impediment to bringing heavier equipment, al the while watching overhead. Most of the bigger trucks, will evade this by coming before the conections to the house are made.

I have talked to the drillers about water and this is coming soon. As well the sewer fellow who had done my clearing will be putiing the septic field in. Having done perks test, this allows him to know where the field will be located. It has to be 100ft away from these feild and my well. I'd like it further of course:)

Saturday, May 05, 2007

On Newton and Alchemistry

I am working from a temporay connection so it is not easy to check back in and respond as quickly as I would like too.

We are in the midst of lining up our contractors I will be using. So part of the vision of building our new home has taken up a lot of my time.

I was up last night about 2:00 in the morning, as I am recovering from shift work that throuws odd hours of living to times I can work my interests.

It was at this time in the morning that I turned on our little Televison that we have put in our little 19ft trailer we are currently living. We are doing this while I prep the property for new construction. Moving from a larger home to a small habitat has us thinking about space and what we really needed.

Children gone, and what we are considering in our 1300 sg. ft home, has us in a position where we living in a small space, I think we will appreciate the 1300 Sq. Ft. immensely.


While science guides my mind in terms of expeirmental processes, I am not without what is important when I speak about the alchemist at work. While I may refer to Newton's work in alchemistry it is hidden in allegorical settiings that would have past quickly for the mind to see further then what it can accept in reality.

Are you just passing time? Bored? There is much that can be learned from Newton in his reserved life, away from, what was the standard then?

Solitary in his work "the mind likes to search" the fabrications that may have been put before it. Mathematically, as well as ventourous as the child may be in all of us, to understand nature.

I again always fall back on what is awaiting to be discovered, that is out there, and that with minds ready will see, while we may not see.

Life is this way in that your probabilty and outcome from the path you walked, allowed you to see what you will see. If I had never walked your life, how would I know of your experiences?

PBS on Newton

The program reaffirnmed for me all the work I had been doing on my own as I found this reported inthe PBS series on Newton.

It brought back to me the importance of Gravity, as it has been defined in the equations of Newton. It brings to me today's issues and the work in Eotwash.

Becuase of my understanding of the alchemcial process and the work that was done repeating the experiments of Newton's allegorical statements, I point to this as reaffirmation of the process that gravity plays.

I would depart from this science developement, to include a farther vision I have in regards to the psychological I am placing in regards to gravity, that would leave most scientist against the work I am doing here.

That is just part of me. That I may practise somekind of religion in relation to science has me holding my personal views, yet knowing full well, what is required of me in the avenues of science.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

String Theory Crib Sheet

My wife and I are in transient, so I am posting this from my oldest daughters home.

We head back to our home town and set up for living for the next month in new travel trailer we purchased. We will be placing this on the land while we construct the new home we will be building. It is better for security reasons with all the homes under construction that there be some presence.

The topic above in the crib sheet was taken from Seed Magazine, and was done with the help of Clifford Johnson.

Friday, April 13, 2007


It all start off as "a dream" or "an idea." Where do these come from? Dialogos of Eide

This is the house similar to what we will be constructing, with some modifications of course.

Most know of my time helping my son last year constructing his home. The journey of pictures that I have here within this bloggery. It has also some "dimensional aspect" in it's development, so I thought this might help those who are working Euclidean coordinates, may help to seal this process in some way, by being introduced to house construction.

This is the home that my wife and I had built in 1998. It was built on ten acres of land with a wide sweeping view of the mountains in the background. Although not seen here, you may have seen some of my rainbow pictures that I had put up over the years to help with the scenery we had.

Well the time has come for my wife and I to be entering into the venture ourselves. You will notice that the model we choose above is one floor. We thought this suitable for the coming years as when we move into retirement.

Here is a picture of my daughter-in-law and son's house in the winter of this last year. He still has some work to do, but as per our agreement, I help him, he is helping me.

I think I am getting the better of the deal, as he has taken the time to write me a 17 page step procedure with which I must follow. I thought this will become part of the journey for my wife and myself, so that everyone may see the process unfolding and maybe learn something about home construction. The plans of course change from country to country, while this plan is unfolding in Canada.

We purchased a 2 acre parcel of land with which to build the new home up top. I went into the bush with the camera and with about 2 feet of snow. It was not to easy to get around, so as time progresses,and as I put in the roadway and cleared site, you will get a better idea of what it looks like.

We had to contend with where we will live. We wanted the freedom and space to be close to where we will be building, so we bought a 19' foot travel trailer and will be putting it on the acreage while we build our new home. We thought of "renting" and our son of course offered for a time to let us live with him. We thought all around with the new baby Maley, we would leave them have their space as well.

Laying the Foundation

Articles on Euclid

See No Royal Road to Geometry?

I would like people to take note of the image supplied on the website of Euclides.Org, as it is one that I have used showing Plato and Aristotle. The larger picture of course is one done by Raphael and is painted on the wall in the "Signatores room in the Vatican."

The Room of the Segnatura contains Raphael's most famous frescoes. Besides being the first work executed by the great artist in the Vatican they mark the beginning of the high Renaissance. The room takes its name from the highest court of the Holy See, the "Segnatura Gratiae et Iustitiae", which was presided over by the pontiff and used to meet in this room around the middle of the 16th century. Originally the room was used by Julius II (pontiff from 1503 to 1513) as a library and private office. The iconographic programme of the frescoes, which were painted between 1508 and 1511, is related to this function. See Raphael Rooms

While one may of talked abut the past, or use a name like Plato of the past does not mean that what is being supplied from that position is not dealing with information for the 21st century. I would like you to think that while speaking about models that what the house is doing in "a psychological sense" is giving you a method by which all that you do in your life will materialize in consciousness and digs deep into the unconscious.

How often had you seen yourself in dream time, doing something or other, in the living room, kitchen, or anything that deals with the current state of mind, that you of course will see in this house? They are the many rooms of the mind.

All those who have written histories bring to this point their account of the development of this science. Not long after these men came Euclid, who brought together the Elements, systematizing many of the theorems of Eudoxus, perfecting many of those of Theatetus, and putting in irrefutable demonstrable form propositions that had been rather loosely established by his predecessors. He lived in the time of Ptolemy the First, for Archimedes, who lived after the time of the first Ptolemy, mentions Euclid. It is also reported that Ptolemy once asked Euclid if there was not a shorter road to geometry that through the Elements, and Euclid replied that there was no royal road to geometry. He was therefore later than Plato's group but earlier than Eratosthenes and Archimedes, for these two men were contemporaries, as Eratosthenes somewhere says. Euclid belonged to the persuasion of Plato and was at home in this philosophy; and this is why he thought the goal of the Elements as a whole to be the construction of the so-called Platonic figures. (Proclus, ed. Friedlein, p. 68, tr. Morrow)

See also Laying the Foundation with Respect While one indeed had to start somewhere I thought I would start here with, "Foundational Perspectives."

I choose this as an introduction, whilst I will be starting from the ground up. This will include the planning of road way and building site. Since I have this interest about physics and where science is going these days, how could I not incorporate these things into what I am doing currently with my life now? So while I speak about the science end, I am encapsulating "this process" with regard to how I will construct my home.

Is this possible?

Well having spoken of the "Euclidean reference" one would have to know how one departs form such a scheme of Euclid, to know that this graduation to Non-Euclidean geometries was somehow related to the "fifth postulate" written by Euclid.

So of course, we had those who were involved in this development historically, which serve to remind us about where someone like Dali may of been as a visionary, in terms of Time. Or "geometrically inclined" to higher dimensional figures.

It definitely had it's connotations to "points of view." I mentioned religion, but for the nature of Salvador Dali, and his lifestyle, one would have to wonder where he was going with the Tesserack and his painting of Jesus on the Cross?

While I do not subscribe to any religion per say, I do subscribe to the finger of Plato pointing up. Have you for one moment you thought to roll your eyes up in your head, and think of what is up their in your mind? Assign our highest values to goodness. Surely you would enlist the "Colour of gravity" in all situations as you choose to live your life? It's there for the choosing.

Surely, that if you wore a hat on your head, or thought, to think of the roof of your house, you may indeed think of the highest ideals with which you choose to live your life. It's not my job to tell you what that is, that is yours alone.

You will be involved with aspects of the "universal language" that knows no boundaries, no matter your race, gender, or nationality. Yet, it will be specific to you. It will have "probabilistic outcomes" according to the life you are living regardless.

The Secret of the Golden Flower

When ever you walk the pathways in your mind of what ever model, you are laying the road work for that which you will travel through. Why, I may have referred to the title of the "Golden Flower in the Bee story," is a result, that the probabilistic outcome of life calls upon this "chance meeting" to come to what is held in mind. So what's new having the honey of the Bee community?

Do the Bee dance, and you learnt from others what this model is doing. So you travel. You get the benefits of the honey sometimes in new thoughts? There had to be a point "like the blank slate, glass room, a pen and paper ready" in order for the mind to be receptive to what already exists out there in the "form of ideas." How will these manifest? So indeed, it came from deep inside/outside you?

I never thought this inductive/deductive method while thinking it topological smooth in it's orientation, was not the exchange going on with our environment. That if you live your life according to your principles, then the principles would become part of your life. That on a level not understood to clearly, the "colour of gravity" was what we could evolve too? What is our own dynamical makeup, to become part of the ideals we had set for ourselves. We set our own ship in life. The boat or vehicle, becomes part of the way we will travel in our dream time. The airplane we ride.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Mathematikoi had Synesthesia?

Pythagoreanism is a term used for the esoteric and metaphysical beliefs held by Pythagoras and his followers, the Pythagoreans, who were much influenced by mathematics and probably a main inspirational source for Plato and platonism.

Later resurgence of ideas similar to those held by the early Pythagoreans are collected under the term Neopythagoreanism.

The Pythagoreans were called mathematikoi, which means "those that study all1"

To say it is easy in knowing where to begin, is a understatement of what has been an enormous struggle to define the world around me. Indicative of the complications of how one may have seen this world in regards to the "views of a Synesthesist," would have taxed most "science minds" if they had "this inkling" of the complexity this brings to science. Think about what is implied here when one refers to "studying it all?"

So as I lay in the twilight hours of the mind's rest period, there are these things that I am asking of myself, as to how I may point to what is comparative in the "geometric views of science" and what is comparative to the views of that science in relation to examples given of the Synesthesist who sees from a certain position.

Again, my mind falls back in the history of humanities evolution and while the distinctiveness of sectors of that past history, it would not be unkind to draw from that history and present the question of what a Synesthesist might have seen in relation to the numbers?

Create and play with the most beautiful, hypnotic light illusions you have ever seen.

I seen the above in relation to Lubos's post. It would be nice to offer the "equation correlations" to these "colour displays" in string theory?:)


Are you quicker then I then to see that numbers may have had the colour attached to their very nature, that "all things" then my have had this basis of "music" and "colour association" thrown "into the mix/cross over points"" to call it the Pythagorean?

So imagine being strapped with the job to start from some place, and move any mind to consider the complexity of "departing euclidean views" to meld with the "non-euclidean reality" assigned our everyday species to "what is natural" from straight lines and such. Has now moved to a dynamical world of "Faraday lines" Gauss's role as "teacher of Gaussian Co-ordinates" to views of his student, "Riemann?"

This equation provides a simple relation among the three sides of a right triangle so that if the lengths of any two sides are known, the length of the third side can be found.

Should one be so crude as to see that straight lines can have a "greater implication of design" that one would not have seen, had they not understood Gauss's work? That if you moved yourself to natures's domain, how many lines are really that straight?

Ask your self then what is natural and what was man-made? That these straight lines are indeed an order to mankind's "ode to building and living," while there are these "other worldly visions" supplied in the "non euclidean realm" existed free from man's definition of nature.

8.6 On Gauss's Mountains
One of the most famous stories about Gauss depicts him measuring the angles of the great triangle formed by the mountain peaks of Hohenhagen, Inselberg, and Brocken for evidence that the geometry of space is non-Euclidean. It's certainly true that Gauss acquired geodetic survey data during his ten-year involvement in mapping the Kingdom of Hanover during the years from 1818 to 1832, and this data included some large "test triangles", notably the one connecting the those three mountain peaks, which could be used to check for accumulated errors in the smaller triangles. It's also true that Gauss understood how the intrinsic curvature of the Earth's surface would theoretically result in slight discrepancies when fitting the smaller triangles inside the larger triangles, although in practice this effect is negligible, because the Earth's curvature is so slight relative to even the largest triangles that can be visually measured on the surface. Still, Gauss computed the magnitude of this effect for the large test triangles because, as he wrote to Olbers, "the honor of science demands that one understand the nature of this inequality clearly". (The government officials who commissioned Gauss to perform the survey might have recalled Napoleon's remark that Laplace as head of the Department of the Interior had "brought the theory of the infinitely small to administration".) It is sometimes said that the "inequality" which Gauss had in mind was the possible curvature of space itself, but taken in context it seems he was referring to the curvature of the Earth's surface. 2

The Interior Probabilities Manifests as Colour

How foolish would I be then to tell you that "Heaven' Ephemeral Qualities," are coloured to the degrees that "gravity defines itself in time?" That "model building" had to take place, so that the understanding of where this gravity explains itself, could find correlations to humans experiencing "durations of time" within in the living of day to day.

Again I move one back to what this "egg of fluttering does" as of physiological consequent, as the correlations of those same colours manifest in the qualities of those same thought patterns. Those experiences mapped to MRI imaging are condensible features "in the physical" do not explain the "Ephemeral Quality" assigned to each of these regions. Had one knew how to switch around the "value of consciousness" to the condensible feature as brain matter, one would have known about the happenings taking place "outside" of our bodies.

It is here to then that I take from the "metaphysical realm" and bring it into the relations of what is happening in the physical brain. While history has shown groups who gathered to see what was happening, saw "human experiencing" as they went through these colour modes.

1 Hemmenway, Pryia – Divine Proportion pp66, Sterling Publishing, ISBN 1-4027-3522-7
2 Reflections on Relativity8.6 On Guass's Mountain

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Breakthrough Propulsion Physics?

Shuttle Main Engine Test Firing-1981-A remote camera captures a close-up view of a Space Shuttle Main Engine during a test firing at the John C. Stennis Space Center in Hancock County, Mississippi.
Spacecraft propulsion is used to change the velocity of spacecraft and artificial satellites, or in short, to provide delta-v. There are many different methods. Each method has drawbacks and advantages, and spacecraft propulsion is an active area of research. Most spacecraft today are propelled by heating the reaction mass and allowing it to flow out the back of the vehicle. This sort of engine is called a rocket engine.

While the topic here is about how travel is possible, it is the idea that "new physics" can some how propelled forward the mass in space to do the things of travel necessary.

In addition, a variety of hypothetical propulsion techniques have been considered that would require entirely new principles of physics to realize. To date, such methods are highly speculative and include

Within the definitions of the literature it is then possible to deduce what is required? So this saves me the time while speaking to the new physics, of having to explain the rudimentary understandings of how I can leaped forward. No less, the idea of the "thought experiment" that is put in front of us that we create the dialogue necessary, with or without impute, to advance one's thinking.

Credit: NASA CD-98-76634 by Les Bossinas. Artist's depiction of a hypothetical Wormhole Induction Propelled Spacecraft, based loosely on the 1994 "warp drive" paper of Miguel Alcubierre.


The term breakthrough propulsion refers to concepts like space drives and faster-than-light travel, the kind of breakthroughs that would make interstellar travel practical.

For a general explanation of the challenges and approaches of interstellar flight, please visit the companion website: Warp Drive: When? The Warp-When site is written for the general public and uses icons of science fiction to help convey such notions. This website, on the other hand, is intended for scientists and engineers.

How is a Blackhole Determined?

PLato:Remember the "closed loop process?"

From the "blackhole horizon" what value would, "to e or not to e" speak too, if "one" was falling into the blackhole and "one" was out? Are they separated? What is our "state of the universe" then?

A black hole is an object so massive that even light cannot escape from it. This requires the idea of a gravitational mass for a photon, which then allows the calculation of an escape energy for an object of that mass. When the escape energy is equal to the photon energy, the implication is that the object is a "black hole".

IN the process of discovering the gravitational variances in space of "gravitational effects" how is it that a spaceship could become sensitive to the variations of that travel and slow down, if it did not have a way in which to calculate these fluctuations?

There’s a place from which nothing escapes, not even light, where time and space literally come to end. It’s at this point, inside this fantastic riddle, that black holes exert their sway over the cosmos … and our imaginations.

There’s a place from which nothing escapes, not even light? So I have to re-educate some people so that they understand the limtiations that have been applied to current thinking, by what is currently out there in terms of what we know about blackholes. So breaking from of those limitation on perspective is very important with what we know now. How we can determine a blackhole.

So here to then is a wider perspective about lagrangain perspective of space that is needed in the understanding of travel in space. Implications of ways and means to determine the needed velocities of the space craft to move forward within context of determinations of gravitational influences.

Special Lagrangian geometry in particular was seen to be related to another String Theory inspired phenomenon, "Mirror Symmetry". Strominger, Yau and Zaslow conjectured that mirror symmetry could be explained by studying moduli spaces arising from special Lagrangian geometry.
Dr. Mark Haskins

So while our imagination is being captured by this "gravitational concentration" in the cosmos what use to discern the nature of the "closed loop process" if we did not consider the "thought experiment" of Susskind as I have spoken to it in the last couple of posts?

Hawking radiation owes its existence to the weirdness of the quantum world, in which pairs of virtual particles pop up out of empty space, annihilate each other and disappear. Around a black hole, virtual particles and anti-particles can be separated by the event horizon. Unable to annihilate, they become real. The properties of each pair are linked, or entangled. What happens to one affects the other, even if one is inside the black hole.

The first order of business here is that we use methods based on the understanding of the "link of entanglement" around what is inside the blackhole as a measure? What that photon is telling us in relation to the gravitational considerations influencing the space craft? IN this way, "calibration technique" allows for variances in the determination of what we see in the perspective of the cosmos as a vital differential understanding of that pathways through space.

IN "weak field understanding" we know the loop process is symmetric? Also, if gravity is combined to electromagnetism, what value the photon for determination if we had not understood this relation to gravitation effects in the cosmos? So this process then is understood in terms of developing the means to travel in space that was before not so easily determined(escape velocities for mass in space), but has now been shattered by moving beyond the paradigms of previous thought processes?

This is the benefit of thinking "thought experiments" to progress any idea. Now what has been written here, is it right or wrong?

The Propulsion System?

AIRES Cosmic Ray Showers

Also no where have I revealed the propulsion system need in order for the space craft to exceed the gravitational variances within the cosmos

Gamma Ray production in particle creation?

The Pierre Auger Observatory in Malargue, Argentina, is a multinational collaboration of physicists trying to detect powerful cosmic rays from outer space. The energy of the particles here is above 1019eV, or over a million times more powerful than the most energetic particles in any human-made accelerator. No-one knows where these rays come from.

Such cosmic rays are very rare, hitting an area the size of a football field once every 10 000 years. This means you need an enormous 'net' to catch these mysterious ultra high energy particles. The Auger project will have, when completed, about 1600 detectors.

Understanding the collision process within context of our own planet, and what information is received from other events within the cosmos allows us "to rebuild" what happens no less then what "LIGO operations" and it's gathering techniques, allows us from the complexity of the information to a thing of beauty?

The H.E.S.S. telescope array represent a multi-year construction effort by an international team of more than 100 scientists and engineers

So how shall we identify such sources if we had not considered the "light house effect?"

Black Hole-Powered Jet of Electrons and Sub-Atomic Particles Streams From Center of Galaxy M87

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Concrete, Floors, and Tubes

Since last I wrote about my son/daughter-in-law's house they have had contractors in their installing electrical and plumbing.

My son has done lots of work in terms of equipment, trenched his water lines, and connected to the house. Clear more trees and stack them for me to cut up and use for firewood. He has yet to have his lagoon done yet, but he is waiting until he is closer to finishing date as this free up money to pay the other contractors. Natural gas has been installed to house. My daughter-in -law makes sure things are organized financially.

Their target date to move in, is November 1, and it look's like they will be on target here.

Radiant Heat

As you can see the tubing can become a rats nest, like string if it is not taken out in order of the way it was gathered together. But patience an dtime you learn to unwind these things as you stretch them out.

To me this kind of heating is the best, when concrete is poured over top of it. Also a fluid passes through these pipes and is heated by a boiler system that is run by natural gas.

In my research over the years I came to understand some of the draw backs of forced air heating systems, although they still can be efficient, can cause problems in terms of humidity control in the house. He will have a air exchanger put in to help circulate this air, but it will not have the duct work a forced air system will have.

Garage Area

His mother and I helped to tie his rebar together as well as himself and his buddy in his garage area. He was inbetween his changeover on his shifts, and he wanted to get ready of his inspection for framing and concrete slab pour. This was passed yesterday, so as a "new builder" he has done extremely well.

You will notice in the garage area that you will only need a vapor barrier and the Rebar? While in the other picture you will notice that the floor area needed a vapour barrier, a 2 inched interlocking styrofoam sheet over the entire floor and a 8 by 8" wire mesh. On the concrete foundation walls, you can see that he drilled holes for the rebar and tied these to the wire mesh.

In my own home the rebar was used and no in floor heating was done, so this principle as to holding the concrete together, should prevent any cracking. In preparation, my son again used a two hundred pounder to make sure the ground was compacted.

While filling the entire inside area of the foundation he used a six hundred pounder to make sure it was sound. So by adding just a touch more crush, he repounded. There should be no problems with his floor and settling. In floor plumbing in basement disturbed by digging, needed to be compacted again as well.

Second Floor

I wanted you to see the second floor, so you see all that is done there, is that the tubing in nailed with brackets to the wooden floor. The tubing, and the plywood floor are holding the concrete, and we you do not need anythng else there for preparation. Not like you needed on the ground floor.

When we were constructing his house we added a extra 2 by 6 plate which gave him, 1 and 1/2 inches to allow for this tubing and concrete to be poured on the second floor.

With the inspection completed he will be pouring on Monday or Tuesday. He has had a concrete finsiher lined up since he started this project. This is where they come in. Like all trades, they lined them up, as well as got their quotes so they knew how much each is to cost, as well as what order they would come in.

I am very pround of my son/daughter-in-law for taking on a project that they had never done before. It's like you can be this scientist, fisherman, or plate manufacturer worker, and like anything else, if you set your mind to it, you can accomplish what ever you set your mind.

If someone saids to themself, "I can' t do it" then this becomes a limiting factor in anything in life? What new bold adventure had you not tried and thought to overcome in your deficiences in knowledge to say, "I can do it."

My son said, "not all people can do it," and there is no doubt given the financial circumstances. Certainly, I can see where this might be an issue. I always go back to his ability to do this kind of work, and "their vision" that can be built up from the days of planning. All of us can do that. Physically are you capable?

Learn to read drawings and schematics, so you know, you are following a plan, as well as learn to see what construction techniques a picture can show you. They travelled from house to house being constructed and looked at framing techniques and other means of construction. They took pictures.

Vision on it's own is not everything, but needs all the implements of the trade and skill's of determination to see you through the long haul. Patience. Independance of thinking.

Independance is Everything

His mother and I tried to instill these principals in all our children, and we have been blessed that they have grown to provide for their own families and carry on with these principals. So it is by their own strengths, that they move ahead in life, and choose their own course and directions. Build as parents, what they thought may be lacking in their own upbringing, to maybe institue in their own ideas?

That is the way of it in growth and change. To become who each of them are. To fulfill their life goals and work to what they had thought necessary in this life time. As parents, we hope to take them to that point, and let them go on their way. With all the skillsets that they have gained in their raising of course.

As parents, you do not want them to remain children, but become functioning adults so that they can quickly move on to their objectives. Mothers sometimes can have a stronger "attached heart" and find it difficult sometimes to let them go? But time is always on our children's side, for the changes to be made. Leaving home etc.


  • Doors Windows and Shingles

  • Framing Complete

  • Foundational Perspectives

  • When Is a House A Home?
  • Monday, August 21, 2006

    Doors, Windows, and Shingles

    Last Thursday the 17 of August, my son and I were able to get the windows and doors into the house. It's quite an accomplishement for me, as the height issue is a troubling one for me. So climbing the ladders was a good crash course on "facing the fears."

    The roofers started on that date as well, and they will be finishing today.

    The work by the electricians was not started as promised by the contractor, and there were no phone calls or attempts to let my son know why. So it's like your suppose to be somehwere and you just don't show up?

    WEll, because of the trying times to find contractors in the trade these days, it's as if you have to suck that up and then see what do next. He is settling to do the work himself, as he finds these challenges as acceptable propositions to overcoming what was done before in the tibits here and there.

    Like handling construction on this scale.

    He's going to approach the subject head on and if the answers are not suitable, well the option is there. It 's a matter of reading the guidelines on the electrical trades and then having the inspectors come in to have.

    That's been the process anyway so far.

    Sunday, August 13, 2006

    # 184 Metamorphosis

    "A Nuance" can be a compelling thing for the soul as it seeks to understand why something has caught it's attention.

    IN that case, I pointed out the relation to Einstein's "early life" and the compass as an example. IN one other example, I pointed out the man who saw the geometry of his early life, as he noticed the shadows cast. The angles of geometry had made themself known.

    Another example I used, was of my own younger brother who has since passed on in years, told me of his youth, and the realization of why he would teach deaf people to sign in his later life.

    IN the sandbox of his youth, he was making tunnels, and all of sudden he could not hear the world around him anymore. He ran into the house crying asking mother why he could not hear?

    These nuances may be called meme's by some?

    You have to remember that the numbers correspond to pages that were read from the book, "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions," By T.S. Kuhn. The individual that read this, made notes, and each of these notes corresponds to a page.

    I used the title "#63:Six of Red Spades" to drive home my point about "anomalistic behavior" and the problems facing scientist's.

    What's life without a problem to solve?

    I also bunched in Smolin because of his use of Kuhnian perspective recently. If Lee Smolin can use it in his new book, and invoke this subject into the engagement of science, then why not, at the intersecting roads to quantum gravity? :)

    I have my reasons. While some of you may of had your own nuances made known, I also had many of mine that worked their way to the surface of my awareness.

    #63:Six of Red spades-
    Page 63-About red spades and black hearts.

    Thus too, from my developing perspective and language, what use new models, if it were not given to ways in which one can percieve reality that others are not accustom too? I speak, but it does not make sense to a lot of people, yet, it is based on a model assumption I used, to drive forward my perceptions.

    I never forgot what science required, or, what it was doing by experimental purposes.

    Onto the Notes

    A question/answer from Kuhnian book, synthesized from another into notes. I answered them.

    It's been awhile. Here is the answer I gave in quote below.

    Page 184:
    Reversible and irreversible are levels infused in each other.

    So a man weights the issues in his life and has something against he compares, what value could have been garnered from it when it has come into balance?

    That it equals what he has been sure of in his attempts or is there differences that arose that caused further reaction?

    A man who has found balance, and in looking at it from the whole page, recognizes, the duality in life as necessary changes in life? How did he come to know his values are different and how much more do they weight then the other?

    You have found balance in your life, what does this mean?

    It means that the very issues of the heart come into focus when something arises in opposition. What should happen then, that conflict arises from these differences? Is this a moment of change, that we could say in retrospection, that the life we have lived, has lived to the scale of truth to which I had set my own life to standard, and on review, the convictions and awareness grows beyond the borders of what was known to have been confined in experience?

    That the boundaries of existance , and in moving into a new domain, sees where the life and all its events have made a statement for him,? Has revealed the pattern his life will now move too, and how far can this be taken?

    Lets just say, that if the speed through which we had measured something was infnitely slow on a macro scale , how fast indeed would all life been contained in that blink of a eye? So what are we seeing then, that a whole life has been reviewed?

    Would we not see the rise to non-euclidean spaces as a recognition of the differences of the triangle on a sphere or its hyperbolic counterpart, and what have we see from the flat plane in its measure? What is zero that we have not recognized that the symmetry here is space and what matters will move too?

    What is a frozen space in analogy, that we would see all thing in contractive phases to see, is shape in matter determined, by the nature of gravitation forces inherent in that movement?

    What would this mean in side one, who has seen the world and recognize the emotion that was dark in its manifestation, to have found a very slow moving world. Against one, which would have recognize, a higher value to emotive and inspirative connections? Funny how time can travel so fast?

    If we slowly recognize the matters to which we had been involved in life, the ancient understanding of a process of Platos would have us acknowledge the platonic forms as a attempt to understand nature? That the very stars in their expression, would have understand the very nature of human kind in its growth from these matters?

    When the matters are moved to the heart, there is the possibility for the mind to recogize the heart of these matters, as it will now be understood, as a measure of what we hold to truth. We each are unique in this measure, as we are individuals in our attempts at expression?

    The metamorphosis, cacooned in a life lived, is a new page, when a man's eye has turned into that butterfly:)

    Where does this energy flow into one?

    You have it circulate the lower centers(The square base of the pyramid), or it can be transferred to the higher centers(triangulated)? A metamorphosis is required. The cacoon, now becomes the butterfly. Imagine, being wrapped like a cacoon and all that you had taken in, becomes transformed in the heart(you have learnt to work with the emotions), to the "heart in the mind?" You are no longer trapped in the body emotions, but have gained access to the spirtually qualities of life?

    Inspiration and creativity is like a "nectar of a kind," when you think about the "substance of reality" and what culminates from using the energy, artistically embued?

    Of course looking for those places that allow all of us to use this universal language, given it's place and time, I wonder? Can this place be the fifth dimensional backdrop I have spoken about often and placed "ideas in mind" from whence they come, all probabilties, because you did "own it" from what went inside?

    #185:Symmetry Breaking

    I spoke often as well of the "Scale of truth."

    It is true that most scientists (at least the ones we know) would consider themselves to be puzzle-solvers as much as they are scientists. After all, a scientist who is not trying to solve puzzles must be a bored scientist indeed!

    What is to be found when we are confronted with the heart and it matters? Would we then call it, "the Scale of Heart and Truth?"

    A man reviews his life, and what has he seen in all that he has lived? What has been created in that all these truths, become fixed in a man's consciousness, not to have considered all that has been built?

    What becomes the man's crucible, that all matters could have been combined, to arrive at the scale, to which such minds would excell too? How would we know this, and what value would we have attributed to a Ego that works to excell, to a Heaven, and recognize the Hell in which his life has been marred?

    He would have to recognized that the matters and all life that he has been involved in, required the conviction of a Ego to excell and Crown itself. He would have recognized indeed, that such matters and the rotation out of, from that center now recognizes the mind that watches all that he can become and has become? Periodic Table of Elements

    A firm conviction of belief is then supported, in the validation, and we soon learn, what truth must be weighted against the heart of, that we have lived our life indeed?

    Standard Model

    So he realizes that he has been building this truth within self, and on the final analysis, what will you have to say about all that you have lived? What will you have to say abut all that you had choosen, and here now, the conscious you decides, and the adjustment here made?

    Indeed the whole picture has now been looked at. The you, who observes now decides, and the whole map that is you, now moves ahead to what determination?

    He comes back to life then? He has seen all that he has been, and what choices made. All that has become firmly inplanted within the life, and in all this that you now weight, has changed who you are. How could one become so different then, from all he has been, unless he has seen the whole picture?

    Does he then recognized tht indeed that choice is the heart of all matters, and what moves such matters that we indeed recognize something anmidst its formation. That all energy in motion recognizes, that it has its motivation to be, and what gave it so?

    So, if someone did not know where the "psychic interpetation was asked of the image of the Scale of Truth", then what purpose would it serve you going "back in time" to know that you will be sent "back to the future?" To access all that you had taken inside, and become "the sound" that gathers all information in the "new reality from which the stillness born" an assignment, given each soul willingly and purposely taken on?