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Sunday, November 10, 2019

An Experience, with the Big Bang?

Suddenly it was completely clear. I could understand it! It was an unbelievably complex, yet self-explanatory evolution of concentric patterns growing out of concentric patterns; like self-generating, hyper-dimensional mandalas recursively blossoming, like flowers, out of the centers of previous hyper-dimensional mandalas, ad infinitum, but with a single point of origin from where it all emanated. This point of origin, this Source of it all, however, remained elusive: hidden behind the layers of wonders growing outwards from it. Somehow, the way new patterns unfolded and evolved was already entirely encoded in, and determined by, the very shapes, angles, and proportions entailed by previous patterns, so that no new primary information was ever added to the thing as it evolved. The entire story was already fully contained in it from the very beginning, and it was simply unpacking and manifesting itself in all its indescribable glory. It was a thing of startling power and beauty, yet put together with a level of sophistication and perfection that goes way beyond anything I could compare it to. ... This was the answer to the question that haunted me my entire life: ... One simply needed to “look” at it with the mind’s eye to know that this is how reality came to being; this is how nature was formed. ... All of reality seems to be the unfolding of a thought pattern in the imagination. Dreamed Up Reality by Bernardo Kastrup

See: The Symbolic Big Bang

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Information Technology

Who are we? And what is our role in the universe? Information technology is radically changing not only how we deal with the world and make sense of it, or interact with each other, but also how we look at ourselves and understand our own existence and responsibilities. Philosophy Professor Floridi ( @Floridi ) will discuss such impact of information technology on our lives and on our self-understanding; he will take us along the Copernican revolution, the Darwinian revolution, the Freudian revolution right up to speed with the Turing revolution: a world of inforgs in a global environment ultimately made of information. Floridi will talk about expanding our ecological and ethical approach to both natural and man-made realities, in order to cope successfully with the new moral challenges posed by information technology. Ready for some philosophy? You bet!

Saturday, April 06, 2013

AEREO's Antenna

The Antenna- We're sorry but you are not currently located within Aereo's market area. Aereo is available exclusively in the New York City metropolitan area. Please come back and try again when you're in the area

Some of you who have been following my blog entries might have seen some correspondence with regard to Fractals and Antennas and The Economy

 Consumers have the right to access broadcast television for free via an antenna because the public owns the airwaves.  Use of that valuable spectrum is licensed by the public to the broadcasters with the obligation that broadcasters must operate in the “public interest, convenience, and necessity.” See: Innovation, Progress and Consumer Choice

By studying some of the back ground information here you might have seen and understood what AEREO has done.


Aereo is a technology company based in New York City that allows subscribers to view live as well as time-shifted streams of over-the-air television on Internet-connected devices.[1] The service launched in February 2012[2] and is backed by Barry Diller's IAC.[3] Immediately following Aereo's launch in New York City the company was sued by a consortium of major broadcasters, including CBS, NBCUniversal, Disney's ABC and Newscorp's Fox for copyright infringement.





An array of Aereo antennas. Each antenna is about the size of a coin.

Aereo's technology allows subscribers to view live broadcast content and to record it for later viewing.[4] As of October 2012, Aereo can be installed on Mac & PC [5] using a compatible browser, and iOS devices including the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Apple TV (2nd & 3rd Gen) via AirPlay.[1] A Roku video player can be used when one of the Apple mobile devices is also present.[5]

As of June 2012, the service offers 28 channels, including all major broadcast channels. In August 2012, the company announced new monthly and yearly pricing options, $1 a day and 'Aereo Try for Free.' Monthly plans start at $8 for 20 hours of DVR storage and $12 for 40 hours of storage. A yearly subscription is $80.[6]
The service is only available to customers in New York City. During times when customers venture out of the normal broadcasting range for network television in New York City, they will not be able to access the service.[4]

Aereo is able to provide this service by leasing to each user an individual remote antenna. Thousands of them are stored in a data center in Brooklyn where it also houses its data servers.[4][7][8] This distinguishes Aereo from purely internet-based streaming services.[9]



On January 8, 2013, Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia announced Spring 2013 plans to expand to the following US cities:[10]


Legal controversy

On March 1, 2012, Aereo was sued by a consortium of network broadcasters who argued that Aereo infringed their copyrighted material because Aereo's streams constituted public performances. They sought a preliminary injunction against the company.[11][12] On July 11, Federal Judge Alison Nathan denied this injunction, citing as precedent the 2008 Cablevision case, which established the legality of cloud-based streaming and DVR services.[13] In response to the decision, Aereo Founder and CEO Chet Kanojia said “Today’s decision shows that when you are on the right side of the law, you can stand up, fight the Goliath and win.”[14] In a subsequent interview with CNET, Kanojia asserted, “With one step, we changed the entire TV industry. The television industry and its evolution are now starting towards the Internet and that was stopped until Aereo came along...And I think as consumers start migrating to the Internet, new programming and new content are going to come in.” [15] The plaintiffs appealed the decision to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. Several other players in the industry, such as cable provider Cablevision, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and the Consumer Electronics Association filed amicus briefs.[16]

Broadcasters argue that Aereo is a threat both to their business model, specifically the re-transmission fees that cable companies pay broadcasters for their content, and to their audience.[17] Because the fees cable companies pay for broadcast content can comprise up to 10% of a broadcaster's revenue,[18] broadcasters object to Aereo's re-distribution of this content without paying any fees. Broadcasters have also identified Aereo as part of the cord-cutting trend among TV audiences, and diminishing or aging audiences pose a threat to broadcasters' advertising revenue.[19]

On April 1, 2013, the federal appeals court upheld the lower court's ruling, finding that Aereo’s streams to subscribers were not "public performances", and thus did not constitute copyright infringement. The appeals court also affirmed the earlier district court decision that denied the broadcasters a preliminary injunction against Aereo.[20]



Reviews of Aereo have been positive,[21][22][23][24] including one by The Wall Street Journal’s Katherine Boehret, who commented on Aereo’s “clean user interface that works well on iPad...and its video quality [that] is startlingly good,” [1]

PC Magazine gave the service a middling review. It complained of the limited channel options, limited availability, and high cost.[25] It did, however, praise the interoperability the service offered.




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Monday, March 04, 2013

Plinko and the Galton(quincunx) Board

See Plinko Probability 2.02 A working replica of the machine  (following a slightly modified design.)

There is this randomness that seems to take hold over my thoughts regarding probability. The thoughts question how we can even know with certainty when something is going end in a result.  To know this before hand.

In a way this is what drew me to outcomes  seen and expressed as scenarios given in context of Game theory in terms of negotiation.  I would like to give a little shout out to the work John Baez is doing in that regard.

Predicting economic events with some certainty(?) and here the questions of Nassim Taleb and the Black Swan raises its head again. Fractal Antennas. A lot of things have elevated the discussion for me as to wonder how we have graduated  to a degree to a level of perception that was not so obvious before.

Both the theorists and the experimentalists looked only at the pile of tokens that landed in a particular slot at the bottom of the Plinko board. While the experimentalists had a set of guidelines about how the tokens should have gotten there and excluded any tokens that didn’t follow the rules, the theorists didn’t care as much about that. They were primarily concerned with the mass of the initial particles, the mass of the final particles and the ratio between them.

When the initial massive particles decay into lighter ones, the total energy must be conserved. Sometimes this energy goes missing; if the missing energy adds up to a certain amount, it could mean that a supersymmetric particle carried it away without being detected.See:Keep it simple, SUSY

It also deals with Particle physics and collision processes as the link suggests at the bottom of this entry. So it seems we are getting some kind of hold on this probability and outcome in terms of what was a random act can now become specific and predictable.

If you get the opportunity to watch the latest show of Touch I thought it interesting,  as I see this fellow searching all over for a machine that is mechanical and not electronic,  to use for a project for Amelia.

What is capture in the picture here below is what made this interesting. While a fictional story,  Amelia is capable of being able to determine the randomness of a dropped ball,  even before the result is known. This kidnapping is somehow recognized as a necessary evil when taking Amelia. They want to teach another computer to be able track the neurons as she relays the pockets with which the balls drop as some underlying algorithmic process sequencing.


The idea for me while it is nice it is so plain that we could map such an abstract mind to have encompassed such probabilities. It is again with such forth sight that I came to such a vision as an  encompassing one, held above such statistics.  Natures way. If you must, a overlord position using the recognition of Powers of ten,  for as such a view is to contain,  all must contain such outcomes.

So this part of this post is not finished, as ideas will spring up as people and scientists talk about different things. For me,  it is about seeing these "abstract things" as viable entries into the recognizable as functions of our everyday lives.

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Sunday, December 30, 2012

General Thoughts About Schuman Response

The Tesla coil wireless transmitter
U.S. Patent 1,119,732

There might have been some confusion around what was implied here with regard to BB's(Binaural Beats) and the affective causation suggested by what I see as  inherent on a global level with regard to consciousness. I wrote," While it is of biological significance the BB's are in question here as one might wonder about schumann response on a global level. "

The first documented observations of global electromagnetic resonance were made by Nikola Tesla at his Colorado Springs laboratory in 1899. This observation led to certain conclusions about the electrical properties of the Earth, and which made the basis for his idea for wireless energy transmission.[6]

I mentioned  "the principal" as to imply historical content as to the idea of resource management attributions when it came to the realization that capital could be induced by fragmentation and allotting packets. These as salable items to the general public. This application,  is the basis of some of my complaints about what was already inherent and free in society. It only became a product once it was thought to being compartmentalize.

 With wireless power, efficiency is the more significant parameter. A large part of the energy sent out by the generating plant must arrive at the receiver or receivers to make the system economical

In this sense, electrical generation, other then use of wire transmission, was at the time, the only means as to the metering capable of being sold as a packet.

1904 image of Wardenclyffe Tower located in Shoreham, Long Island, New York. The 94 by 94 ft (29 m) brick building was designed by architect Stanford White.[1]

PURPOSE: To show the two-dimensional standing waves on the surface of a square or circular plate.

If we had seen and understood the early formation that begins with the understanding that all human beings are cross-wired before they modulate their existence within the framework of the reality. As given then,  one must assume such modulation is a frequency for the idea for such matters?

 See: Cymatics and the Heart Song 

Now before I begin here I want t share some understanding of the chaldni plates had one ever come across them,  as to imply that such resonances are activators for the current patterns inherent in the structure that one might see as demonstrated by bow, string and metal plate.

Herein too, I also supply the idea that there is "the agent,"  an affective idea that materialized from one of my journeys,  as to a time where effective polymerization "could have have been used" to set associative responses in the architecture of buildings. These were to correlate in the idea of this "harmonization structure" as seen as in BB's  choice entrainment,  as brain wave matter states.

Cell-Phone Technology

While considering transmission towers, the idea of energy being used to power has it's basis in the use of antenna to help boost the signal.

While this application is separate from the idea and use of electrical transmission,  it is of consequence that such companies in the use of their "fractal antennas" have specific frequencies with which they operate? Customers that are satisfied according to the plans you use.

If there was a consideration of the White Space that was free for our use in the television broadcasting system,  why was it not mandated that the public remain as a top priority in the access to information as a free and viable enhancement to our knowledge base?

 Access to books in the electric medium, as one would walk to the local library? Google,  it was a good plan.

Now in order to get to our local library,  transportation has been divvied up,  even to the ether as a viable means of charging for such transport.  It should have been a given that such pathways are and must remain a viable source of knowledge enhancement for the public and it's rise above the current constrictions that society has been contained too, by rulings of the international body on the internet?

Lubos, this is also for you just so you know where I am coming from. It is really not that scary once you've figured it out. You don't have to be a communist as to figure that what you can do as a scientist for the public is as if taken the oath as a medical doctor to do all you can do for your patient/individual in society. This is but to help bring society into the state of awareness that knowledge could lift any of us out of our ignorance.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fractals and Antennas and The Economy

 The intuitive framework has to recognize that you have already worked the angles and that such intuition is gathered from all that has been worked. This contradicts what you are saying. I am not saying it is right just that I have seen this perspective in development with regard to scientists as they push through the wall that has separated them from moving on. This then details a whole set of new parameters in which the thinking mind can move forward with proposals.

 I never quite could get the economy either, until I understood the idea of Fractals as a gesture of the underlying pattern of all of the economy in expression. Of course that is my point of view.  I might of called it the algorithm before.

 The idea here is that all thing are expression of the underlying pattern and you might call the end result psychology or sociology of thinking and life as a result.

 It seems that the accumulated reference of mind as a place in it's evolution is to see that all the statistical information is already parametrized by the judgements in which you give them personally?

 Ultimately this is the setting for which your conclusions guide your perspective, yet, it is when we look back, one can choose too, "guide their brain?"

If you did not pick it up, Benoit was able to reduce the economy too, and used an inductive deductive facility in regard to what is self evident. But I would point out what you might have interpreted as illusory in terms of the graph he sees on the board was instrumental to his penetrating the pattern in the economy.

Just raising the name of Nassim Nicholas Taleb and the idea of the Black Swan in relation to the basis of the economy Benoit raises deeper questions and does garner a look for me. I don't know what to expects is opening up the door to understanding more about such erudition's but they are with regard to the economy.

 Taleb was collaborating with Benoit Mandelbrot on a general theory of risk management Collaborations

A simple assumption about heads and tails, leads to bell curves and such?

Taleb, N. N. (2008) Edge article: Real Life is Not a Casino

So you are looking at both sides of the coin.

More on the Black Swan here.

 While these writings are disparate pieces, do they indeed come together under this post book review?? As a scientist and mathematics person are you not intrigued about "the pattern?" I was shocked.....yet is made sense.

Now Nassim adds dimension to the subject. "He calls for cancellation of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics, saying that the damage from economic theories can be devastating".

Game theory if you know how it works it is used in all types of negotiation.

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