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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hippies, Rock Bands, and Woodstock

There is a reason for this article. Bee was kind to point to this article, ""Artist on LSD" for consideration.

2 hours 45 minutes after first dose.

Patient tries to climb into activity box, and is generally agitated - responds slowly to the suggestion he might like to draw some more. He has become largely none verbal.

'I am... everything is... changed... they're calling... your face... interwoven... who is...' Patient mumbles inaudibly to a tune (sounds like 'Thanks for the memory). He changes medium to Tempera.

Now I give "my impression of what happens" from the different pictures, while the artist is under that influence.

Every youth has their experiences in "growing up." Any youth is greatly influenced by the actions "back then/now" of "role models." Then it was like Timothy Leary below, who paved the way for some dramatic exposure to the underlying creative aspects of consciousness. "Freeing" of the focus of the mind. Influencing the "children of that time" as I look retrospect, as a mature father, husband and grandfather.

Then names of people like "Flower" or "Pink" come to mind.

Timothy Francis Leary, Ph.D. (October 22, 1920 – May 31, 1996) was an American writer, psychologist, and advocate of psychedelic drug research and use. As a 1960s counterculture icon, he is most famous as a proponent of the therapeutic and spiritual benefits of LSD. He coined and popularized the catch phrase "Turn on, tune in, drop out."

The reason this link of Bee's is of some significance to me, is because of a time with my elder brother. He was 4 years my senior, back around that time. The thought came to me when he proposed something that he was doing. He was young at the time, and I more so.

You are Free to Explore Without

Now, I have to fast forward here to what I know now, that I didn't know then. Why this "example given under the influence" is of some significance and what it means. IN "reputable hands" this kind of "LSD treatment," and I would be foolish to say that I would know the process, would have to be done under a experienced doctor of the trade. One might add here the same scenario to all situations of DR.'s who have put in their time? :)

"All paths lead nowhere,so it is important to choose a path that has heart.-- Carlos Castenada"
I have told you that to choose a path you must be free from fear and ambition. The desire to learn is not ambition. It is our lot as men to want to know.

The path without a heart will turn against men and destroy them. It does not take much to die, and to seek death is to seek nothing.

I do not sanction this kind of access to "learning the depth of consciousness" that LSD seems to open, without an "experienced guiding hand." Reading of "Carlos Castaneda" of that time, will help to make this clear.

Mental hospital wards were evident then of the "freaking out cases" that had occurred to those who could not handle the "dramatic change in perception."

Now ,back to what I saw in the pictures as they developed through time, are what I saw in the diary of my brother. His writing, as he was "under the influence."

You must know, "brothers can idolize brothers older then them self." I was no exception and under his influence, I would say great care was not taken of his younger. I suspected his intelligence as he enter university, and his "own wanderings" that provoked thoughts about many things.

It was after his death while flying through the Montana mountains, with our cousin, and his ordeal with another two people, that I came into the possession of his diary. Now, I recalled our talks, and of this experiment that he had proposed. As to where this diary is now, I am scared to say, that it is with the papers "some place."

As I gaze through "his experiment" I must say that you had to be there, and if you had this sanity about you, then you would ask, "what connection is there to the reality you are writing or speaking?" Perhaps he was looking for the "gold, held in the secret of life," that by chance, could be gained from "there?" Where? "There," under the influence.

No "great words" and if I had thought that there would have been this picture revealed of "6 or 7," then I would have to say, "the wording" did not reach this interesting style.

Stretching the Brain

Tone color is also often used as a synonym. People who experience synesthesia may see certain colors when they hear particular instruments. Helmholtz used the German Klangfarbe (tone color), and Tyndall proposed its English translation, clangtint. But both terms were disapproved of by Alexander Ellis who also discredits register and color for their pre-existing English meanings (Erickson 1975, p.7).

So what are we doing when we find the situation "experimentally conducive" to offering a "deeper perspective" about the reality we live in? Are we providing "for a change" in how we have always thought? How we see differently, versus, the everyday reality we have become accustomed too?

So by "stretching the brain" we are doing much more then talking about the theoretics and the metrics. We are talking about "freeing one self" from the constraints that we have applied to ourselves in terms of, what we understand, and what we "can" understand.

If I were to say to you, that of "natural consequence" that we have assigned a "tonal perspective about life," then what would this look like? What would this mean? Surrounded by this "egg of consequence" may we see a dynamical fluttering of colors assigned to physiological happenings?

If one were to understand the "shifting of the tonal" then one might say this would indeed mean that the perspective has been changed from where it always "focused" to where the eyes rest in "new" theoretical terrain?

"Setting up" for new experiences, is about "experiencing life." The more you add, the more in terms of probabilites you have to draw from in terms of "correlating" experience. What you once read of this blog/book has now "new" meaning.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Coxeter and Plato's Cave

IN Beyond the Dance of the Sun I give an image of Plato's Cave for consideration, about dimensinal perspectve.

This is not only held in my mind in terms of what free people are chained in their perspectives, but I also feel, that the leading characteristics were kindly put forward not only by my own position, but by those who I have listed throughout this blog.

Bolya, Heisenberg and Hooft?

There are "no wares" here to market(no advertising) other then what perception has granted me by "learning" and assuming the inherent nature of the leading perspectves in geometries and their relation to the real world.

Visitors' shadows manipulate and reshape projected images of "Buckyballs." "Buckyball," or a buckminsterfullerene molecule, is a closed cage-structure molecule with a carbon network. "Buckyball" was named for R. Buckminster "Bucky" Fuller (1895-1983), a scientist, philosopher and inventor, best known for creating the geodesic dome.

Imagine then, that such nanotechnology sites have taken us down to microperspectives and there are such things in the "geometry of being" that would dictate the technolgies that we use?

Was it so distant from the real world that such "projective geometries" exposed the correlation of knowledge from a man like Coxeter, that you would say "I would rather demomnstrate the technological aspect because this is real?"

You know you had to be more suttle then this. You knew you had to think of the sun's ray and "think" beyond in the Sun/Earth Relation in a lagrangian perspective. But you refuse?

It is better then, that the cynics remain chained. And allow themselves to spread their venom about the callousness of "good people who had ventured forth" and asked about dimensional perspective. Who is it, that remains in the box?

Focus then, on the science and what has been accomplished. You need no further explanation. No "back reaction" to what constituted this science.

HOUSTON, Texas, Oct. 31 -- Nobel laureate Richard Smalley, co-discoverer of the buckyball and widely considered to be one of the fathers of nanotechnology, died Friday at the age of 62 after a long battle with cancer.
Rice University professor Smalley shared the 1996 Nobel Prize in chemistry with fellow Rice chemist Robert Curl and British chemist Sir Harold Kroto for the 1985 discovery of a new form of carbon nicknamed buckyballs. Shaped like soccerballs and no wider than a strand of DNA, buckyballs each contain 60 carbon atoms arranged in a hollow sphere resembling two conjoined geodesic domes. Smalley coined the name "buckminsterfullerene" for the discovery in honor of architect and geodesic dome inventor Buckminster Fuller.

Fullerenes -- the family of compounds that includes buckyballs and carbon nanotubes -- remained the central focus of Smalley's research until his death. According to colleagues, Smalley's belief that nanotubes were a wonder material that could solve some of humanity's problems -- such as clean energy, clean water and economical space travel -- led him to crusade for more public support for science and to help found a business, Carbon Nanotechnologies Inc., in 2000 to make sure his discoveries made it to the marketplace where they could benefit society. Smalley was convinced that nanotubes could only be used to solve society's problems if they were manufactured in bulk and processed economically.

The socialogical foundation of thinking about our world here then is a far cry from the very foundationof the geometries and how human being may envision. How they may descend into mind. Thre posisbilties are endless,a nd I would just point to the images of flowers and the kalidescope they cause, as they reveal strange nodes and anti-nodes brought forth in mandalic pattern interpretations.

What symmetry is this, that we can create such patterns and see how beautiful they are? Some like Clifford like th easymmetry of certain flowers?

Again such liminocentric structure are a inhernet part of our consciousness developement and following this process, into reality is a very important step. Some will only like the pictures and some will venture deeper. That's always be the way of it.

How would I know this?:)

Monday, March 20, 2006

Ways IN which To Percieve Landscape?

What a Cosmologist Wants from a String Theorist?

Emotion versus Reason?

3.1 As Cytowic notes, Plato and Socrates viewed emotion and reason as in a kind of struggle, one in which it was vitally important for reason to win out. Aristotle took a more moderate view, that both emotion and reason are integral parts of a complex human soul--a theory proposed by Aristotle in explicit opposition to Platonism (De Anima 414a 19ff). Cytowic appears to endorse the Platonic line, with the notable difference that he would apparently rather have emotion win out.

Emotion can be used as a catelysct into higher abstractual/dimensional thinking, if, it can be used to counter research into?:)

Figure 2. Clebsch's Diagonal Surface: Wonderful.

Mein Gott. :) If seeing on distance scales, had relevances in regards to "all the issues" of the standard model, would this not in effect change the way we see in those distances?

Peter Woit:I’ve looked very carefully in landscape papers and Susskind’s book for any sort of plausible idea about how this stuff will ever lead to a prediction of anything and I can’t find it.

Thanks Peter, that's it?

The Hills are Alive with the Sound of M theory?

With the discovery of sound waves in the CMB, we have entered a new era of precision cosmology in which we can begin to talk with certainty about the origin of structure and the content of matter and energy in the universeWayne Hu

By exercising the imagination I thought Wayne Hu did a fine job of relating these things on a "cosmological scale." Hills and Valleys. But in a more detailed quantum look, what value, conformal field theory of point particles?

In effect, the 5-D universe is recorded like a hologram on the 4-D surface at its periphery. Superstring theory rules in the 5-D spacetime, but a so-called conformal field theory of point particles operates on the 4-D hologram. A black hole in the 5-D spacetime is equivalent to hot radiation on the hologram--for example, the hole and the radiation have the same entropy even though the physical origin of the entropy is completely different for each case. Although these two descriptions of the universe seem utterly unalike, no experiment could distinguish between them, even in principle.

Les Houches

ROBBERT DIJKGRAAF:Map of the world, as used in my Les Houches lectures

I like this picture better Clifford. Is the landscape, as barren, or is it, the hope that we see such beautiful things of which the seed bed wil allow such things to arise from it?

For some, the "creative" outlet? Maybe, a Shangri-la high" in the mountains of abstractual thinking?

IN the Wunderkammern

James Joseph Sylvester (September 3, 1814 - March 15, 1897) was an English mathematician and lawyer.

We are told that "mathematics is that study which knows nothing of observation..." I think no statement could have been more opposite to the undoubted facts of the case; that mathematical analysis is constantly invoking the aid of new principles, new ideas and new methods, not capable of being defined by any form of words, but springing direct from the inherent powers and activity of the human mind, and from continually renewed introspection of that inner world of thought of which the phenomena are as varied and require as close attention to discern as those of the outer physical world, ...that it is unceasingly calling forth the faculties of observation and comparison, that one of its principal weapons is induction, that it has frequent recourse to experimental trial and verification, and that it affords a boundless scope for the exercise of the highest efforts of imagination and invention. ...Were it not unbecoming to dilate on one's personal experience, I could tell a story of almost romantic interest about my own latest researches in a field where Geometry, Algebra, and the Theory of Numbers melt in a surprising manner into one another.

While I always point upward in Rapheal's painting, I mention often, the "One thing."

Gold or wisdom, while leadng "the alchemist" in the search of that elucive material, mining, has to note the glimmer's as a sun shines on the landscape of ideas. So you work it, use a sluicebox, or a gold pan. Watch how river flow's and the bends in it. Where some deposits might have laid themself while others are carried off further down stream, left to some "eddie" or "pool of thinking." See flowers emerge in rocks crevices of all places.

However, don't be fooled! The charm of the golden number tends to attract kooks and the gullible - hence the term "fool's gold". You have to be careful about anything you read about this number. In particular, if you think ancient Greeks ran around in togas philosophizing about the "golden ratio" and calling it "Phi", you're wrong. This number was named Phi after Phidias only in 1914, in a book called _The Curves of Life_ by the artist Theodore Cook. And, it was Cook who first started calling 1.618...the golden ratio. Before him, 0.618... was called the golden ratio! Cook dubbed this number "phi", the lower-case baby brother of Phi.


  • Fool's Gold

  • The Alchemist in You

  • String Theory Displays Golden Ratio Tendency
  • Sunday, January 29, 2006

    The Landscape of the Neighborhood

    Can you imagine the photography used in those days, and what we have today in terms of our digital cameras. It certainly is amazing in comparison.

    I was lucky enough to have pictures saved of my great grandparents. It is always interesting to see where you came from, and what the background is in one's history. Some think Plato less than human in emotions and some think a unhappy existance. It truly is not so.:)

    Some might wonder indeed what is so beautiful about this landscape below. Really, when you see the fields waving as they do close to harvesting season, you'd realize how captive it is.

    Some might of thought I would have been talking about the "stringy theory issues" but no, this is about something else. It's about the views of what my Great grandparents saw when they came to this country, and saw some of what you are seeing here.

    I wanted to add a earlier post written last year It was Called,

    Where Memories are Stored in Time

    Fortunately the person behind this lense caught a important part of my bloodline's history. Using the camera, they caught a "frame" of this history and quickly, it was dismissed to the realization, that the imagination no longer requires us to see what we could create in mind. We have come to rely on what can be created for us?

    Life memory does not include the images that are beammed through time for us and encapsulated? Do we remember?  Posted by Hello

    Have we forgotten, the clean air that once pervaded this planet? They took the population of this countries people and urbanized them to city dwellings?

    Everyone has a family history. This is part of mine. The world was very much different then. Posted by Hello

    Have we forgotten the room that existed for people, to make there livelihoods? Today, to become more concerned with a window view of some office. Is it the status that would allow our mind to roam in a freer space, then the four walls confined?

    City Dwellers have forgotten their roots. Water that might have been scarce in the summer sun, would be collected as ground water. This was used to feed the livestock, and support the families drinking concerns.

    Today we turn on taps and and we don't give this another thought. Posted by Hello

    As we look to our grandchildren skating on the pond, and look "beyond" to the landscape, what mind is it that the frame of all these images are recorded, and forgotten for ever?

    Every child now does not see, what ever child before them saw. Every child does not know what the parent knows? Have we become good modulators of form?

    I wanted to add this post that was previously written as well.

    Where Hockey Started, and Horses Live

    Platos Human face?

    There is a human side to the faces of Bloggers? We just tend to forget, that human attributes could have been wiped out in a very technical world.

    This is of my grand children feeling the ice in November of 2005.

    Why Canadians become Great at Hockey? Posted by Hello

    It's always nice to feel the earth under your feet, or the smell of wood smoke from a fire burning. To hear the wind, and feel it effects on your face. The smell of horseshit is not always that endearing, but being in touch with one's human side you learn to empathize with those around you.

    At twenty five below celcius you have to wonder about cozy temperatures of the far south Posted by Hello

    The fellow on the left facing you is my boy.:) In the middle is his son Jake, and the mother to the right, with head not seen, Tisha.

    So here we are.

    Today Outside

    So now I am going to bring you today and some of the nice things that reminds of us of where we are in our lives.

    My wife was outside today, taking some pictures of the snow that fell yesterday. She said these pictures in particluar were taken to remind us of the winter,in the summer time, when it gets warm. Keep it as a screen saver

    While the thing of nature would seem so cold, a snow that many down south would not see, it will remain strange and foreign to some. To us, it is a very beautiful scenery when the suns shines.

    IN the Summer

    She is very good at picture taking and I just wanted to show the collage of flowers that she grew outside our home. She indeed has the "green thumb" in this family.

    Sunday, January 22, 2006

    Earth Bound Solutions to All Possible Pathways

    Will I might have been guilty of taking Physics down a road so similar in conceptualization bastardizing, that I would have driven a nail in the very deaths of what could have emerged from the outcome of all possibilties? That we were indeed attached to the consequences of our ever actional decisive forays into human contact. Decision making, action orientated, outcomes, of the original simplectic intiated ideas?

    It had to arise from something?

    Would it be so easy to lay out the pathway required, that each of us woud have recognized our time in existance, would have indeed been the measure of all things that we choose to endorse in our ever perfecting evolution as cyclcical choices of perfecting our thinking.

    This is a interesting thought held in my mind when you think of about what is held in context thinking, if we hold the photons in context of earthbound recognitions of those time orientated distances.

    Many will know instantly what this means while others, scoff at the notion that we could have seen such influences telling us anything useful about the space of these interactions.

    All the while the initial plectic recognition of Gellman's arose to complexities. We lost sight of the simple ideas about what might happen to the spin rotations over those vast distances? That the connectiveness, would have ever acknowledged equative relations that these two photons under the squared earthbound views, would include all probabilites being still held to view. While we still look at all possible actions? So what about time indeed.

    Einstein's prettty girl scenario and hot stove, served to help me see conceptual framesworks about speed attributions of the nature of fast and slow moving world in terms of our earthbound considerations. This action was decisive, and held in context of that experience. He helped me to see that experience is indeed fleeting, depending on our circumstances, where such nature would have embedded the very nature of the spacetime fabric itself to include, how we will measure that distance of mind.

    Is there another story here that we might be convinced of a rational behind?

    Here is something that Brian Greene mentions to reinforce where I had come to in looking at the completion of that chapter.

    the quantum entanglement would become so spread out through these interactions with the environment that it would become virutually impossible to detect. For all intents and purposes, the original entanglement between photons would have been erased.

    Never the less it is truly amazing that these connections do exist, and that craefully arranged labratory conditions they can be observed over significant distances. They show us, fundamantally, that space is not what we once thought it was. What about time?
    Page 123, The Fabric of the Cosmo, by Brian Greene

    Does gravity vary over time?

    If you did not have this in mind, what value would you attribute gravity in any scenario, as you mull over all the geometrical implications if a positive geometric solutions to Riemann's spherical solutions. The persective that GR holds for us, in our considerations?

    Theory, experiment and fine structure

    Were it not for relativity, the three states with different J would all have the same energy, and the light emitted in the transition would have a single frequency of about 277 000 GHz. However, relativistic effects mean that the states have slightly different energies, and when this light is analysed carefully, splittings of the order of 10 GHz are seen.

    If ever driven to micro-perspectives how would time been of value if held to the quantum perspective as a strong enviriomental influence. One which spreads out all interactive phases that we could no longer discern, a viable solution to what is presented to us, unless in "symmetry breaking" realizations. So what was that beginning. Again Kravstov computer simulations help to drive that concept home.

    Another laser beam is used to make the atoms fluoresce, and the amount of fluorescence is measured as a function of the microwave frequency to plot a "resonance curve". An ultra-precise measurement of time can be made by measuring the frequency of the peak in this resonance curve (see "Atomic clocks" by Pierre Lemonde in Physics World January 2001 pp39-44).

    So simplicity for me asks what image in mind would hep one to discern entropic valuation to what this universe had become from temperature orientated view of that early universe, to have said, "that the probabilites that are evident now, have become like this?"

    Two things formed in my mind as to the consequence of numbered systems, and pascal triangle, as to the source of all probabilitistic valuations and the marble drop held in context of BINOMIAL DISTRIBUTION.

    So having defined the early universe and quantum valution arising from temerature, it helps to think about the outcome emerging from what had never been understood or have in "measured stick," to what would become our universe today? It still is the earthboud experience that we have, has emerge from astate that was equal in it's determinations. Ideas are like that.

    So you had to see simplicity settling into our minds in such a way that If Plato indeed points up, then you would understand immediately, what he is pointing too. If you hold that image in mind of the triangle, then how would you ever assess Riemann's hyptohesis, as to the spirlaic outcome of Ulam's spiral indications? While the spiral opens up to the vast potential of outcome originating from ideas, it still settles into minds in it's concrete form.

    So you have to define this relationship very carefully, and if I had said Liminocentrically topologically organized, what the heck would I have been saying?

    Heaven's ephemeral Qualities?

    It seems it would have far reaching enlightening features of what the buddhist mind might have to offer? What subtle arrangement the conceptual framework might have said about our everyday interactions with each other? Then you might have said what color indeed are the emphemeral qualities to our [mathematical]decisive minds that we would choose such abstract colors as yellow in our mental appreciations of what nature hides in the color of flowers around us? :)

    Friday, March 18, 2005

    On a Very Large Scale Spatial Curvature?

    These are beautiful pictures of flowers my wife grew, and as a collage they make a nice way of expressing the diversity of galaxies, within context of our whole universe.:)

    So you develope this sense on the large scale about what is possible given certain circumstances. What is driving inflation? As this universe expands and we realize that Omega=1 one has to assume that teetering on the brink of a topolgical form has some significane in how we see the overall expression of this same universe?

    What are supersymmetrical valuations telling us about the nature of the universe in that the beginning? Is it "seed like" and how would such things be driven too, if something did not already exist? Can this nugget actually be living in nothing and arise from nothing? This logic is really hard to swallow for me, yet I recognized that a dynamcial universe needed soemthing in order to drive it from such flat state of existance, to indicators that would have revealled and explained these geometries/topologies.

    Unsymmetrical-cooling-gravity weaker
    \ /
    \ /
    \ /
    _\ /___
    / \ / /
    / \ / /
    / \/ / --------
    / / Supergravity
    ------------- Symmetrical

    If you define something arising from such a state where nothing exists, the logic saids, that the geometry could have never arisen if you did not have some motivator telling it too? So you begin to enteretain cyclical natures that would be very revealling. Steinhardt, Turok, and others start to wonder then about how these things could materialize?

    Image Hosted by

    So we look at the span of time in relation, from the supersymmterical state to the 300,000? Yet on a dynamical level if the universe was to level out in fifteen billions years, then we would have understood that we had only seen one part of this dynamic process revealing itself from a state of existance maybe as a nugget form, to extend itself, all the way to the outer fringes and cooling nature, in a flat state. Will it turn back to the crunch?

    One consequence of general relativity is that the curvature of space depends on the ratio of rho to rho(crit). We call this ratio Omega = rho/rho(crit). For Omega less than 1, the Universe has negatively curved or hyperbolic geometry. For Omega = 1, the Universe has Euclidean or flat geometry. For Omega greater than 1, the Universe has positively curved or spherical geometry. We have already seen that the zero density case has hyperbolic geometry, since the cosmic time slices in the special relativistic coordinates were hyperboloids in this model.

    So the logic is telling me that such a crunch would have had to signal other geometries/topologies, that would kick in, that taken in view of the large way in which we are taking snapshots, this consistentcy is being, and should be topolgically considered even though it is happenng on such large scales?

    If a blackhole existed in the center of every galaxy, then the universal expression in nature would detail for us "phases in symmetrical breaking" within the overall larger perspective?

    On this larger perspective and sense, we would see this mode of operandi, expressing itself many times not just in context of the whole universe, but within the subtle parts, all the way down to the microstates of existance? Thes ewould have to be initiated even within context of our safe and surreal world of matter states, that we have come to love and feel safe in?:)

    So what does sound have to to do with all this?

    I like knocking the wind out of the sails in order for one to shift perspective in how resonances might be percieved and such gatherings in nodal point cosiderations, as string indicators of gravitonic expression.

    In order to shift this focus to such states of cyclical natures in the realms of topological considerations, you had to understand that even on a flat plate in Chaldni examples, these views were developing on much larger scales, on ballons with dyes, all the time revealing resonant features, to the quality of those same sounds?

    Ahem!:)Ya I know. How do you transfer such thinking from orbits of Mercury and binary star rotations to signal valuations in sound determinations? Now remeber I gave a very global perspective on the unverse that include geometry/topological considerations. I wanted to shift these views to viable means of expression.:)

    One the Earth as a Sphere is not so Round, and giving the symetrical relaizatin of a sphere, smaller circles and all, there had to be a way inorder to speak to the 1r radius of expresion not just a s a inverse square law valution of gravity, but also within context of other things based on this law. These within the case of the standard model would have to be inclusive in a model design.