Friday, December 07, 2012

Spintronics made easy

Spintronics (a neologism for "spin-based electronics"), also known as magnetoelectronics, is an emerging technology which exploits the quantum spin states of electrons as well as making use of their charge state. The electron spin itself is manifested as a two state magnetic energy system. The discovery of giant magnetoresistance in 1988 by Albert Fert et al. and Peter Grünberg et al. independently is considered as the birth of spintronics.

David Awschalom explains how the spin of the electron could be exploited in completely new types of electronic circuits If you are new to spintronics - or if you are wondering what all the excitement is about -- David Awschalom of the University of California, Santa Barbara provides a fantastic introduction to the field and explains how electron spin could be harnessed to create even denser computer memories and even quantum computers. In this video interview Awschalom also outlines the challenges that must be overcome before we see the next generation of spintronics devices and explains how he is addressing some of these in his lab.

TEDxCaltech - David Awschalom - Spintronics: Abandoning Perfection for the Quantum Age"

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