Monday, July 09, 2012

Our Backyard Chickens

As you can see the picture is from 2010 so we have had them for a few years now. We have had chickens in the past, but not in as elaborate set up as we have now.

As you can see it only took a couple of days. Sort of designed it our selves.

This is Buddy our Rooster. Nancy beside him and in the background they are called the Divas as we cannot tell whose who as a account we cannot tell them apart.

So yes after being completed a home.

 This years we let the hen incubate 4 eggs and only two survived.  That's them four weeks old after hatching.


  1. Shannon9:33 AM

    Nice henhouse ! It reminds me of my childhood (in France) : when I was about 4 I locked myself inside the henhouse by accident, I must have stayed almost half an hour with the little chicks and the hens. Thanks to them being so cute I didn't feel too scared ;-)

  2. PlatoHagel6:42 AM

    Not sure why comments are not updating to the right ?