Monday, November 28, 2011

Reality Tunnel

Certainly do not know who the fellow is in present image(Gregg Braden).....but for now,  that is not important. He is not important and his message.....about life.....I am concerned about the science. As I watch the Tibetan Monk there is a question for me about the boundary and the infinite. These same notions of belief about the multiverse too have hidden in them thoughts from a scientific point of view(think of The Fabric of the Cosmos IV) as well as a spiritual perspective as shown in YouTube video above. Put the spiritual wording aside then. What is it we strive to do then about something then greater then ourselves? Is this what we are doing?

Of course I am seeking responsible questions about the nature of reality as they are are very important to me.

So indeed it would have been much easier for me to see the traced pathways of routes that any of us took could become a pathway for another to experience and understand. This is not about "What the Bleep" and the value of the entry of the video  above,  is something more then what is ascertain by such description of what could have fueled those local universes. What is to become the motivation of what could have progressed from the Big Bang to become the eternal inflation?

Yet can we not say that each of us has their individual pathway of experience is but to know that "such a tunnel" predates and points toward the idea of expression as a viable option to the life unfolding for us.  Is it real? What is your motivation for being then if not to have a "driving force for expression?" Your acceptance to participate?

So such a tunnel for expression then becomes a method by which all undergo the process toward us saying something that is real when and only when....or indeed,  is it illusory? So we accept "the tunnel as real?" Such a format becomes a method by which such expression for life is "becoming?"

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