Thursday, June 30, 2011


Let no one destitute of geometry enter my doors."
I never gave much thought to it before. I thought at this late stage in my life what affect could it possibly having coming now to the twilight years of my life? I have often thought of it over the years. While quite young and in the Armed Forces having gone through an intelligence program,  reference was made to identity markers and this had always stuck in my mind. But as I said that's not a issue. I now have set up an appointment.

So why that one? Regardless of it's age in terms of the Platonic me it is a foundational approach with which a mind thought to approach existence and reality of the world in which we live. So even if  it's not suitable from a lot of perspectives with regard to foundational approaches that is why I chose it as a descriptor, as it relates to the idea of geometries

One thing I noticed a lot about the young people that I have work around me is the different tattoos I have come to see on different individuals. As well as,  students who work along side for the summer months in order to make extra cash to help with their education. Help there parents with their educations.

Some of the most interesting were equations a young fellow had tattooed over his arms and back.

So I'll let you know come the time it is done. Any thoughts?

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