Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Type 'Zero' Civilization

Rusty the Tin Man with a Heart

Thanks for your clarity and your whole comment. It help to restore some of my faith based on truth objectification of the place we are currently at, with the views you have shared of our society. Our status.

Bicentennial Man

I was confusing some signs within our society of a progression of sorts with the ideas of technology advancements, yet there was little done on the human species itself in terms of that psychology. Stressing the value of an IQ above the ideas I have about the EQ,  how our society can escape that abstraction of being without attaching the human values seen in computerization development was a case i point about the development of those technologies.


Did we want automatons what ever their guise to be the sheople of a society that looks at us no more then, cold and unsympathetic as sentient beings whatever our shapes. I mean what I had proposed of the Greys is unsettling to me, that such a servant of society could have been created  which does no more then the bidding of that civilization. What it was designed for.

Robots with Feelings

Even this idea is alien in that what I might have thought about as this dysfunction of our society could have been seen as a resource based on the objectification and goals of some alien civilization,  is really my primitive mind looking at it. I would want to think that spiritually the advancements in our psychology makeup would be the advance to those degrees of that  civilization could have developed too, that we would in part be develop our societies here on earth.

Robots feeding that primitve nature

Seven billion inhabitants on this earth......what would one put before them that such progressions would be to excel our civilizations as a family toward the future? Introduce some new religion, some corporate ideal, or something that is new to the peoples as to join them toward that future of sharing and growth, as potentials of us as beings?

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