Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Quantum to Cosmos

Came by this announcement from Bee of Backreaction and posted here. Looks like it will be an exciting event.

The Record.com reports....

You don't have to be Einstein to appreciate the principles explored in an upcoming festival about theoretical physics, titled Quantum to Cosmos.

After all, the festival's name essentially translates to: "Really, really small to really, really big."

Making science accessible and, to a certain extent, understandable to the general public has always been part of the mandate of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics.

So to celebrate its 10th anniversary, the Waterloo think-tank will open its doors to the public -- and to dozens of scientific scholars from around the world -- for 10 days in October.

Starting Oct. 15, the Quantum to Cosmos festival will host more than 50 events including keynote presentations, film screenings, interactive exhibits and informal barroom discussions.

Nearly 20 renowned physicists from Perimeter Institute and around the world will deliver presentations about quantum communication, robotics, green technology and planetary exploration.
.....See more here:Festival to show physics as 'extremely exciting'

I have not seen to much interaction below as of yet, but hopefully we can change this.

See:Quantum to Cosmos Blog
Welcome to PI’s Quantum to Cosmos Festival blog! It’s exciting to get acquainted with fellow physicists, scientists, students, and inquisitors.

We’re writing this blog to let everyone know that this October is a chance for you, no matter where you live, to participate in what may be one of the biggest science festivals this year.

What sets our festival apart from other numerous celebratory events? Our extensive program of presentations, exhibits and cultural performances will offer 50 events to explore. These include activities featuring Stephen Hawking, Honorary Festival President, and displays such as the full-scale model of the next Mars Rover.

The Festival’s three interconnected themes of Quantum, Cosmos, and Ideas for the Future will celebrate the power of human understanding and ingenuity – from our current scientific knowledge to anticipated innovations in the years ahead. Quantum to Cosmos (Q2C) will showcase fascinating topics in detail, such as new forms of quantum communication, scientific visualization, green technologies and the possibility of life on other planets.

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