Friday, June 26, 2009

Beauty is only Photographical Deep?

Like a simple equation, a photograph while recognizing what it can portray, how much more the depth to this 2d image when you live in the world where the vegetation is so green and mosquitoes fly. What can encompass the total reality of this moment when it's been moved to a new place for consideration.

Yes, I am amazed at the beauty of the animals and wildlife that live around us. My wife took this the other morning. This Cinnamon was back again from last year. It made it's way around the yard as we watched it. Beside this bear, the black bear is still hanging around as well.

This I suspect is the same bear above from last year. I know the bear is indeed wet and the hair longer then usual, as well, revealings it's youthfulness in age. It's indeed matured quite substantially, as you can see.

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