Thursday, October 09, 2008

Who Shall Rule a Nation?

At Backreaction: Save the Global Economy Day, I offer some information on what a home actually means. Some of us had grown without a firm structure and left to wallow in our own miseries, of an undetectable unhappiness, while we constrain to build the better family.

If one travels lots then it might seem the uneasiness with which one finds rest is always the struggle to find meaning in any one place and call it home. The restless soul.

Seeing a Psychologist at Work

Richards Wagners's Ring of Nibelung Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D. Ring of Power was interesting.

Strange that we could have seen A Jungian Understanding of the Wagner's Ring cycle, portrayed in todays world and how could have this been accomplished. But by re-introducing a fictional story and imbuing it with the archetypal structures of what Jean Shinoda Bolen called, "The Abandon Child, The Authoritarian Father, and the Disempowered Feminine."

Discerning the structure of the nation in terms of it's leadership as character is an interesting thought I have about what is actually happen to a nation in terms of that leadership?

An authoritarian father, a ruff and stumbled mom, or a son without a father who with the help of mother "moderates a nation?"

It is not lost to me that such storytelling can have it's benefits, and a really good psychologist can take us places and bring us back home to where the "underlying structure is." In relation to how dynamics play out on different levels of a government in action. I am not a psychologist, but the very idea of a "mathematical structure" plays very close to what I am saying, in recognizing root causes, and seeing how they play out in story form.

This is not lost on those who saw reform in terms of what a "evil villain shall arise" from such circumstances to portray it self illusively as "the father of wars," and the rescue from it's clutches, of a over bearing mother. But in this case, it is much different.

Who is it then that the Authoritarian is much more in tune now with it's feminine side, and by electoral confidence, a government that was being lead by moderation and tempered by that feminine balance, a tuned to a leavening of sorts? Ideological "the character seeks balance" and if the nation adjusts itself through such leaders, then who do you think shall lead a country at a time of peril in it economic state?

This is a question of the meaning of the University’s investments, in all senses. We are concerned, additionally, that this endeavour could reinforce among the public a perception that the University’s faculty lacks intellectual and ideological diversity. A variety of other specific concerns includes the following:
University of Chicago Faculty Letter on The Milton Friedman Institute

This isn't to say that because of it's Chicago roots, and the education of economics "alma matte" can not be dealt with more appropriately, under the watchful eye of a more "moderate economy." Even that institution sought to take itself out of what appealed to an oversight of, as a truer balance of what should happen with the nation and it's economic development? One politically motivated might be quick to cast a bad light over what is a understanding of an "economic thrust" for truth.

Update:Friedman under attack

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