Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Smoky Comes to Visit Again

We built a patio to the one side of the house that allows us to watch the birds feed, and some of these pictures I have shown on this site. We found that quite a variety were coming as long.

While the birds still do come, the squirrel population is doing well, as they come to these feeders. It seems to attract our friend Smokey too.

This is a black bear, and you wouldn't know it. My wife shot this photo, as I was talking to her from work. The cub was apparently interested on what was inside the house. Good thing the patio doors were not left open like we usually do.

The interesting thing was the bear was actually coming to the patio window to have a look inside, and at one point actually stood on the house with it's front paws while leaning against it.

This is the little bears second season.

Not fifteen minutes before this little one showed up, my wife seen a Mother bear and her cub. It was obvious that Smoky was causing some distraction for the mother as the cub was chased up a tree.


  1. Hi Plato,

    So it seems that your friend is back, well actually what may be the child of your friend. I can only imagine what it would be like to leave ones house only to stumble across Smokey. As for you leaving the patio doors open I would suggest you look into titanium screens:-)

    In regards to what you have been writing about lately I would like you to know I have been looking in and yet must admit a lot of the subject matter I have little knowledge of.

    Just as a side comment, which you may consider as off topic is I wasn’t aware that you held such a strong negative opinion of Peter Woit writings. Admittedly, I also questioned his motivations in regards to his anti-string position and yet can’t deny that restoring a little balance to the subject is perhaps a good thing. As I promised I do intend to read his book at some point which may give me a better sense of where he’s coming from. That for now however will be a bit of a problem as currently his book is out of print and not available by just walking into a book store. Since I’m not one of those that like to go online and scramble around to source such things unless of course it’s for something I deem really important to me and rare so I think I’ll wait until I come across a copy somewhere.



  2. Phil:As for you leaving the patio doors open I would suggest you look into titanium screens:-)

    Yes no doubt that when you have wild things, and wild things that seem to be getting cozy, it might not be such a bad idea.

    Just as a side comment, which you may consider as off topic is I wasn’t aware that you held such a strong negative opinion of Peter Woit writings.

    Just as such motivations might be revealing about what Bee may write, this is a lot of what I write based on this understanding.

    Over the past couple of years I have watched the dialogue of Lee Smolin, Susskind, Lessig Sean Carroll Peter Woit, Jacques Distler, Aaron Bergman. The underlings, who emulate, and are free to express themself in intonations set by Peter, in regards to the characters of scientists. The classifications of those characters Peter introduced in regards to the anthropic principle. I didn't just show the review of Aaron's because I am out to destroy Peter, only to give what I think is a "well balanced view about what string theory is."

    Aaron's position is like that of the others that work in string theory. They know what is needed to be done, and they help to elucidated the position string theory has, and their views are well balanced. Peter's is not.

    While it is of great interest to me that mathematics and physics can be explained historically to today, it is clouded by his insinuations of peoples character. The illusion that is continued to be perpetrated that he is the reason with which one must approach string theory.

    No, and this is why I have such a strong negative feeling towards him, and why recently Bee's current alliance is a loss for me. Such an alliance is to steal her spirit.

    When Peter first started his blog I was there, and as a experiment, I thought that I could bring by influence to a position of encouraging speaking between two scientists(Lubos Motl and Peter,) so that I could absorb the pros and cons about string theory. You must know that I have been staying close to the subject since Superstringtheory.com was first formed by Patricia Schwarz

    I try as best I can and absorb what string theory has to offer and this is part of my "present assumption about gravity." It being reduced to gravity of our 3+1. That 3+1 then is an outcome of string theory.

    The basis of the "colour of gravity" is set in this acceptance. Why I infer that we are moving back to the micros perspective, and seeing the world in a more more dynamical way. You must know I had been following Lee Smolin's work as well. The principals that I see Lee Smolin working under.

    The PI's as an institution and the principal of bringing diverse thoughts of many people into a developing view of the world we live in.

    So I too have my opinion about the about those who work in the shadows and those that work toward the light.:) I will not read his book. There are many good scientists out there who I do think give a much more balanced view and bring us up to date. Lee Smolin is one of them. And as much as a label has been applied to Michio Kaku, he is a good man.

    So now you know. Thanks for taking the time.


  3. Theoretical Physics Fun

    It's a lot of fun to explore a new medium, but even more exciting when the medium is evolving, because the newness is replenished by continual innovation.

    When you get to see the improvement and methodology applied to the developing view, you might have a measure in the bloggery world. It is by seeing "this history" that persons can reveal themself. Their "quirks and and signatures."

  4. Hi Plato, been a little busy with building work at the villa (and little or no time for the internet or blogging in July)

    A sort of working holiday - lol!

    But I hope to have time to catch up and keep abreast of my favourite blogs in August.

    Good to see you still going strong

  5. I am glad you still come to visit.

    Q9:been a little busy with building work at the villa (and little or no time for the internet or blogging in July)

    Now you know I can relate:)Maybe you could share some of these works in progress? The building techniques, and products used.

    I am also interested in how people in other countries build according to "the architectural principals" that are inherent in their societies.

    Spain, is this correct?


  6. Hi Plato,
    the wall is also a retention wall.
    The foundations are reinforced concrete, with 4 sacks of 35 kg cement per metric tinne of gravel.

    Because the main road is a little higher than the land in the villa, they recently widened and resurfaced the road making it even higher, we had to put over one metre of solid foundations in, with most of it bare on the villa side - but it would take some storm or rush of water to unearth or move that.

    Then I've gone up 5 blocks with cement blocks, but thinking of raising it to seven (perhaps that way helping to reduce a bit of tyres on tarmac noise, especially when its wet and at night).

    The villa is further down to the right, but the apartments on the upper floor, not only get a beautiful view of the stars, but thru the french windows you also get the headlamps shinning from the road and some road surface noise - Raising the wall another couple of blocks should reduce most of the light from headlamps, and jopefully reduce the road surface noise.

    The Main Road has gor surprisingly busy in the last 30 years, even at night - and they are talking of turning it into a four lane autovia

    Fortunately because of the bend (and height), I think they'll be doing that on the other side of the road.

  7. Maybe more pictures of the villa perhaps?:)

    My wife and I have wondered about such hot places.

    Just recently visiting California, with many days of sunshine, in contrast to the the northern temperatures of Canada, it seems it would not be such a bad idea too, as we come close to retirement.

    I must say I did not fair to well when it was 116 degrees Fahrenheit in Phoenix Arizona a couple of years back, but as anything, one adapts.

    Yes nice to see such efforts working with the elements.:)No wonder a man can stay thin under such heat and work?

    What do you do in Cambridge for work?


  8. Hi Plato,

    Just as a follow up about our conversation as to when one is playing down a theory and to question if such a play down is scientifically base or not, I’ve just ran across another discussion on bloggingheads T.V. where I think this is put into a clear and proper perspective. It is a dialogue between Cosmic Variance’s Sean Carol and David Albert of Colombia University, which I and many others consider to be one of the most prominent and insightful philosophers of Science within recent memory. This discussion covers a lot, so you may not want to watch it all, yet I would say for many it would be worthwhile.



  9. Hi Phil,

    Just to comment briefly and then off to bed.

    I was able to down load the link you mentioned and the conversation between Bee and Peter.

    I really enjoyed the dialogue between Sean Carroll and David Albert. I am not sure I could call it a playing down as you put it.

    To me the relationship is a good one in my mind with regards to a Philosopher and a theoretical physicist( I had alway thought him a cosmologist for some reason.)

    It is a process of distillation and arriving much closer to the truth as a process development.

    There is definitely more as I watched the conversation. IN the beginning the references to new age well, I had hoped that the real authenticity comes through considering the amount of time I put into understand the science and theoretics of a position.

    I will speak more on Sean's latest work. What I see happening in his WMAP examples later.


  10. Phil

    Hi Plato,

    I’m glad to see that you were able to down load and watch the presentation I pointed to. I’m not sure however how you imagined Prof David Z. Albert as a cosmologist. What I consider as both his most groundbreaking and important work was his book "Quantum Mechanics and Experience". In this book he takes the reader step by step through the logic, methods and formalism of the subject in an easily read ,understood and yet deep presentation.

    He then points out the problems, mysteries and stumbling blocks such as the measurement problem, superposition, entanglement and non local aspects. Finally, he compares these in terms of both consistency and reason as they relate to the many interpretations. The main intend and success of the book it not to render answers, yet rather to draw a sharper focus on the issues that still remain unresolved although necessarily addressed and solved if a deeper understanding is ever hoped to be found.

    In this regard I find that he follows in and continues the path begun by Einstein and continued by Bohm and Bell. Not to sound insistent or cheeky, yet I truly believe that until read and understood many will never truly understand the issues that need to be addressed.

    Just as an observation my second printing (hard cover) copy of Albert’s book was acquired in 1993 and on the back sleeve is a photo of Prof. Albert and now I see him some 15 years later and am strangely comforted and thus reassured that while the body may change more rapidly not for the better, the mind is often able to endure for longer more unaffected:-)



  11. Phil:how you imagined Prof David Z. Albert as a cosmologist.

    I am sorry it was Sean Carroll that I though a cosmologist.

    AS much that we think or I think that philosophy of science has it role to play it was this process that I saw tempered the nature of the discussion to become better at what was being said.

    I find this same openness with the PI institute under the guidance of Lee's.

    I would like to talk about Peter and Bee's dialogue here if you might?


  12. Hi Plato,

    “AS much that we think or I think that philosophy of science has it role to play it was this process that I saw tempered the nature of the discussion to become better at what was being said.”

    Yes it was expressed more in openness and it is as a direct result (in my opinion) of including the philosophical perspective as being valid. It is also my understanding that Lee’s approach is guided and improved as result of the same.

    “I would like to talk about Peter and Bee's dialogue here if you might?”

    First, since I haven’t read Dr. Woit’s book as of yet, I would not think it fair or wise to wade in any further then I have. Second, since I am one that believes there is more to be gained from what can be said positively in such instances, I’m not that comfortable in doing much of this anyway. I find to call one on saying something where their main argument is it should be disregarded since it can’t be proven wrong as to only continue what I consider already a circular argument and thus fruitless.

    For instance it is impossible within our current understandings of quantum mechanics to decide if our world is or is not non local or determinant. Does this then mean that QM should be disregarded as it fails to prove or give method as to make what I and many consider such an important determination? Whether it be strings, loops, supersymmetry or others, none have been able to give methods or reason to be considered as theory beyond simply hypothesis.

    I for one hope this will change shortly, so that some of the bickering might end and the way to proceed made more clear. Many say this is resultant of having no clues from which to formualte tests. I find it hard to imagine with the dark matter, dark energy and background radiation revelations this could even be suggested. Personally I think we are at a point where Copernicus was, that despite the evidence for many old thoughts are being stubbornly held to. One thing to be grateful for is in the past this had sometimes deadly consequence, where today perhaps a little lost time, effort and of course more then a few ruffled feathers.



  13. Phil:First, since I haven’t read Dr. Woit’s book as of yet, I would not think it fair or wise to wade in any further then I have.

    Sure, that's fine Phil.

    Been doing some research on David Z. Albert. His books sound very interesting to me. I read a review last night, that was quite in depth on one of the books. I want to use it as the start of a new post, along with the conversation you linked earlier.

    There are some things that were exchanged that got me thinking. One statement in particular, "was out of Equilibrium a memory can manifest."

    Using a faster download and using my 500 Gigabyte storage I can take this to work and download, when I am working. Ahem! When I am working?:) The points about "asymmetry" and how "the three interconnect" was another point of interest as well. I'd have to go back and detail this.

    Anyway, it is time again to hit the sack.


  14. Q9,

    Nice Pool. Order from Chaos, then to relax in the pool would be a wonderful thing especially at those hot times.