Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Presenting a New Theoretical Position

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.
Walt Disney

Here's the thing that I would caution such a quote, that any work can produce results, but, if we leave life unattended, the future is already written. The artist in you is very capable, and if you thought this aspect of yourself could msilead you, think twice, for the story telling can produce wonderful results and in such abstraction, it draws a conclusion for you.

What enters this room of the mind came from outside the box, and what constitutes this frame of reference is a room you will create. This creation is a subtle part of identification when you assess yourself and are given the warnings as to what shall become in the possibilities if not adjusted or taken care of. This pre-ordination does not imply you are without freewill, but on the contrary, are part and parcel of the greater wholeness defined in the universe. Defined within context of the understanding of ones own capability.

This has to be introduced in our assessment as to the nature of this universe.

JONATHAN SAUNDERS FOR TIMEEdward Witten:The World In A String-Time Magazine

Witten once called string theory "a bit of 21st century physics that somehow dropped into the 20th century." If so, Witten clearly has the 21st century mind to handle it.

There is no doubt, an historical significance to the topic under the heading of theoretics, and what calculable information retention would then lead you beyond the borders of reason, to know it is an attempt to go farther then we had ever gone before. How many combinations of the maths and you soon learn of the complexity of the situation.

But remember now, how "a thinking process" had been moved from the 21st Century.:)

The Decomposable limits of the Definition Conceptually Introduced.

While such reference to the subjective analysis of the current ministrations given by Sean Carroll on the article in the current Scientific Magazine, on the current state of the universe, it is with such presentation that I also included "the subjective side of my own nature," regardless of the warning about doing the physics first, and have one lead to such conclusions. It seems a difficult way in which to send the mind into the future, and while there, bring back the current state of the universe for a proper view of it's own continued existence.

Do you remember the theoretics of the 21 Century? So we now see that I include a facet of our mind that takes a leap, and while in it's most reflective state, while it rests, all that information manifests in a new possibility? From whence this come, and from which "directional face of the box" in it six dimensional rotational possibility, and we are indeed now looking from inside the box possibility? But how is it any new information can enter, if we had but closed all doors, to think like a "Close minded Wotian experience" will reveal of itself?:)Order of chapters, that exist as a fundamental indexed site for those who think in the box, and those who think outside of it?

Well you can now see where such introductions hold such a position for a mind like mine to consistently ever better the views for such abstraction that they be given to a new valley for consideration, that while there are such views of topos theory introduced, they now have become an aspect of the universe, not just the many possibilities, but one aspect for the consideration abstractly given such a state of existence. Who knew right?

Lee Smolin had all but said it was dead, and so too, even Witten himself convinced that such a landscape not worthy of such consideration? The work continues at least from my perspective, and now, some of the junior minds in this respect, and to those who had respect none given, know there is a little more to the story then what is the subjective journeys of a dreamer.

The false vacuum. The Hill. The Valley. Our Universe. Totally dissociatively words for the lay person to be introduced too, and together, sparked the neuron firing to include a "new thought process" about what exists beyond the 3+1 we'd given to our locations in time.

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