Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Primitive Aspects of Being

"God does not care about our mathematical difficulties - he integrates empirically." Albert Einstein

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So I got up and I jumped onto my cardio glider, which is a full-body exercise machine. And I'm jamming away on this thing, and I'm realizing that my hands looked like primitive claws grasping onto the bar. I thought "that's very peculiar" and I looked down at my body and I thought, "whoa, I'm a weird-looking thing." And it was as though my consciousness had shifted away from my normal perception of reality, where I'm the person on the machine having the experience, to some esoteric space where I'm witnessing myself having this experience.Stroke of insight: Jill Bolte Taylor
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I think this is part of the discovery of who you are. What makes up the person that has slipped ever so gently into this matter defined state. Who would of thought the elements of entanglement could have meant that energy and matter intertwined could have the oscillatory nature of this person become "who it is" by defining the atmosphere of it's relations with the world.

So technically, if we see the vast resources of so many bodies, what is relevant to our species that we could say there is indeed eternal hope that we will one day return to the very places we all arrived from? What happens to that "I am?"

I may of gone to far here for the minute because what I wanted to focus on was the recognition of those things that are primeval in all of us. Things that from such an elevated state of perspective are recognized. That while the elements of the physical are apparent in Jill Taylor's observations, it was through that "ancient part of our brains" that evolution has redeemed itself by the very evolution of perspective. We have somehow elevated the existence of being apart from the containment?

But in the meantime, there is a "relativity of being" that all things hold us to the ground, while the recognition of those things that are much more ephemeral in nature, can be the elements of emotive states of recognition that bind us firmly to our abodes.

The Triangle

So very basic in it's shape it can symbolize many things to many different people. The basic factor here is that we choose this design to exemplify a systemic approach to what our minds can relate in viewing reality.

While thinking about the ephemeral quality of the emotive states, and fully understanding this anatomical relation, I thought of these emotive elevations/descents and such. It was more the work for me to realize that the quality of perspective could be ruled by such "emotive states of recognition" whether you can identify these on your own or not. They were experientially defined in our relation and anatomically ruled by our minds, whether we could separate from them or not, was never the "not accepting ownership" that I would have implied through recognition, but the realization that we are all imbued with the elements of this "facet of being."

So we have Jill's perspective of her hand holding onto her cardio glider? Such observation qualities of mind and viewing from such a space, is the work of assigning responsibility to what we have become entangled in, in our acceptance who heartily of becoming the bodies in which we live.

The Square

Study of structure formation in the Universe is an area of forefront research in astrophysics. The early evolution, when the seed fluctuations are small, can be calculated analitycally on a piece of paper without the help of large supercomputers. As the fluctuations grow in their amplitude, the evolution becomes too complex and theorists have to use computers to follow the subsequent evolution.
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Martin Rees begins, and ends his lecture with the understanding of a given space.

If one had thought about the energy valuation of this given space, then what values could be reduced "from the beginning" to define it in these matter defined relations. You had to have a way in which to perceive the given reality at a time before the immersion of these rarefied thought forms that descend into the matter definitions of existence?

The grounding of perspective is the direct relation to how we perceive the elements of our physical bodies, to it's most densest form. While of course we recognize the degrees of the different phases of the elemental states,? It is with such conviction that I saw this relation to what defines the body our home, and what can be the bodies highest aspirations in terms of it's functionality as producing such thoughts.

While Martin Rees defines this ability of the culture as a sliver in the macroscopic relation of where humanity sits now, the final hour, is a transformational attitude about where we are going as a species?

That while all things things can be mapped to their biological nature, did we ever recognize the finer forms of manifestation that are revealed? Whether we accept the emotive states purely as anatomical, or, whether we plainly accept these mental capacities based on the neuronical processes alone?

So that is where I went in my journey was to define this "relativity of mind" in full acceptance of what Einstein may have implied in the "measurement of that time" based on our emotive relations, and acceptance, of this relation in the human experience. I based it on a much finer forms of realization, above the most rarefied matter states that one could think of, to develop a "model of understanding" beyond the limitations we had assigned the physical basis of our relations as a human form.

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