Friday, December 07, 2007

Kip Thorne on Space Place Live and Cosmc Colors

The most important thing is to be motivated by your own intellectual curiosity. KIP THORNE

Click here to watch Kip Thorne on Space Place Live.

The "Color of Gravity to Sound" forces perspective. What can I say? It becomes an exercise into an artistic adventure. So there has to be a historical development in any idea to express gravity in such a way. So you develop new ideas, learn that detection methods in the aluminum bar for gravity detection holds ameaning for a new enquiring mind. What was Webber doing? Did Einstein hear gravity in such a way? He knew to measure time in terms of the hot stove and a beautiful girl?

The "visible" images in the viewer are what we see with our unaided eyes or ordinary telescopes. The other images shown here were made by instruments that detect light our eyes cannot see. Then those images were colored so that we can see what the instrument saw.

If a "wavelength" appears darkened in the viewer for a particular object, that means we don't yet have an image of that object in that wavelength.

So we develop our measures and apply our colours. How nice these pictures look? Everybody's view the same.

The Colour of the Emotive State

This a person's coloured view of the world around them. The gravity of their situation.

If we were to say that all life was expressed in such a way what would the vibrancy of our emotive states scream, if love is splashed onto a screen, or "anger" stopping in the red?

A man sits under heavy questioning. There are no lie detectors attached to his being. No way is there a better way then to know that his voice, his disposition, cannot hide a lie he might like to tell? The colour tells all, and the deception, is the man's grounded position on life and truth he acquired.

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