Monday, November 26, 2007

Gino Fano

Gino Fano (5 January 1871 - 8 November 1952) was an Italian mathematician. He was born in Mantua, Italy and died in Verona, Italy.

Fano worked on projective and algebraic geometry; the Fano plane and Fano varieties are named for him.

Ugo Fano and Robert Fano were his sons.

There are reasons with which I wanted to share information about this gentlemen. What has been written in context of "finite geometry." You must know I am never the expert, but one who aspires to learn what is needed to learn and understand what is happening with regards to model presented by Garrett Lisi.

You must know that my mind thinks in abstract spaces and is involved in a wide range of variables expressed in terms of the dimensional attributes of actions within that space.

Diagram of the Fano plane

In finite geometry, the Fano plane (after Gino Fano) is the projective plane with the least number of points and lines: 7 each.

See: Elements of Finite Geometry

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