Sunday, October 28, 2007

Work in Progress


Most mathematicians adopt a pragmatic attitude and see themselves as the explorers of this mathematical world" whose existence they don't have any wish to question, and whose structure they uncover by a mixture of intuition, not so foreign from poetical desire", and of a great deal of rationality requiring intense periods of concentration.

Each generation builds a mental picture" of their own understanding of this world and constructs more and more penetrating mental tools to explore previously hidden aspects of that reality.

Ideas contained in the "realm of spirituality" are attached to "matter states" and are building, "the pyramidal structure." This is a map of the expression into matter all thing that are born in mind.

......Ideas are spiritually based.....

/ \
/ \
/ \----base of the pyramid is matter

These ideals affect the direction of our evolution. They affect our spiritual inclination.

----Ideals are expressions into matter states-----

| |
| |
| |
| |

With the spiritual inclination already existing, the tip of the pyramid, all matter states and densities there of, contain the essence of this spirituality.

.~-.~-.~-Spirituality and Matter-~.-~.-~.-~.

Spirit and matter combined ----------
. ................. | \ /|
. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~. | \.../ |
.~|-------------|~. | \./ |
.~| |~. | /.\ |
.~| |~. | /...\ |
.~| |~. | / \|
.~| |~. ----------
.~| |~.
. .................
Emotion and the Intellect


"The Emotions" are "matter based defined" yet are quite fluid. They can be very restrictive in our perspective of the spiritual world, yet, they are inspirational enough to transform our baser matter to spiritual clarity.

....The intellect....

"The intellect" is a finer form of the matter states, yet, it is closer to the spiritual domain.

See:Please Tell Me What “God” Means

His was the best single sentence summing up the concept, as we were to use it that evening: Intuition is the process of getting to a destination without knowing the route. He also added: Sometimes you did not even know you wanted to get there. I've modified the words a bit, but that's the essence of what he said. It was a definition that was so appreciated, you could hear several audible hhhhmmmmms of recognition from the audience.

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