Monday, April 09, 2007


I am to well aware of, to know the consequences of this myself. With any blog development there is an aspect and power given to any developer, that they may see the background of all those who contribute, beyond, what is written in any post.

I will admit, that the only time that I have used this ability is to change the name of a person that I thought should have been representing them self as a person then using the "Babe in the Universe" name.

As a older gentlemen with a wife of many years I did not want to advocate the thought that this site would be anything more then sharing the ideas people may of had. I would rather hold to a modicum of decency in this regard and responsibility to the generation I see pervading the science front in relationships. Encourage, respectfulness toward marriage or partners and the "sanctity of those relationships."

I will be adding further thoughts on this subject. About those who practise it, and those who have found grief with the alteration of words to purport the views of any moderator in face of what was presented.

Sure, let it be known that the blog developer has a say in what is and shall be, but if I were to take this position and alter any word other then what you posted in discussion post, what would I be guilty of? If I were to supplant my words and assign any name I choose, what would I be guilt of? If my name was not the "real one" could you have your way with me?

Since moderators can know more then what the average person can know, and our names assigned a IP address, then is this signature valid as to the posted wording and ownership?

If for one moment you thought any person "less then the desired" and your respect for them as a moderator worth changing their wording to support your views, what would you be guilty of? If you had thought "an age older then" should warrant the disrepect one would assign to their own mother, what would you be guilty of? How would you want to be treated? No less then how you would treat someone else?

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