Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Gravity in all Shapes and Sizes?

Q9:But Time on every planet is different, therefore Time on every solar system could be different, and Time in every galaxy different still.

First off I'd like to thank you for taking "the time" to answer the posts that I put up :)If you did not do this I would have to place questions marks after every statement, as if to challenge my thinking mind in assuming that I could be in two places at once? Okay, I have mentioned the teacher and student within each of us and I am sticking to that as I explain myself.

Einstein may have preferred some proverbial wisdom in the form of the Old Ones, yet it is not so strange to me that these persona's are place within any mind to appeal to our higher well intention creations for what heaven is/maybe, suppose to be?


What you say is true, yet I am looking to see that no matter which planet you are on, the rules with which we work will work everywhere. If by chance I assume gravity in all my statements and I assume that gravity is part of the standard model with which we are working, then I would say that what works in one part of the galaxy also is suppose to work here?

Whether there is one observer there and one here, we are experiencing time as a "fundamental aspect" of our being? I enlisted the formation of planets to exemplify not only the matter distinctions in what see forming within our cosmos as planets, but it reveals the hierarchical thinking that exists as a fundamental pattern as the basis of our constructive guise as we put this cloak on?

So I am spelling this out from all the things that have been put forth in regards to model approaches, "as if" I have become them.

How is it then I see as a observer? Do you not think my approach in terms of Colour of Gravity "is" indeed very colourful?

That showing you the ways in which these models can perceptionally make one work can be a sobering thought once having drunk "the beauty" of any language?

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