Sunday, November 05, 2006

Tonal Perception Changes

Sir Isaac Newton
It is true without lying, certain and most true. That which is Below is like that which is Above and that which is Above is like that which is Below to do the miracles of the Only Thing. And as all things have been and arose from One by the mediation of One, so all things have their birth from this One Thing by adaptationSir Isaac Newton

Of course I see these things a little differently then some of you because I have researched and found, "model changes using theoretical perceptions," allowed such perspectives to form. Sort of like "shifting perspective" by the shifting of the Tonal.

Now seen, and understood in context of current science valuation demonstrated, I thought it important to understand how the "effect of" the sun as a central theme, could have been transmitted to "our way of thinking," to a humanistic point of view?

Atheistic or not, you cannot change what the result of your biochemical thinking does and "subsequent states of consciousness" if you did not understand the deeper correlation to what "point of view" is being explored here.

What if we “reversed” the way we believe the “mind is inherently embodied” to, “the body” is inherently embodied by the mind?”

Is this acceptable/not aceptable, to a scientist?

Now I don't want you to think that because my own life's research has been "shallow" and "just starting," that I might have been called a professor by now in years spent?

That I use the term "layman" because each departing point of perspective I find through such research, seems apparently "new" to my thinking. To others as well, I am quite sure?

What we have learned

We have found consciousness can be described as an emergent property of the complex electromagnetic process generated from predictable biochemical and biological processes. Although the terms soul and mind may have been useful at one time to describe this process, they are no longer required. They are more like the term "phlogiston" that was employed to describe why things burned before modern chemistry emerged. When there is no electrical current moving through the parts of a television, there is no picture. When the specific electromagnetic patterns are not generated within the brain structures there is no consciousness or awareness.

Some individuals with very different brain structures show different electromagnetic correlates that are associated with their ability to discern stimuli others cannot detect. Counter clockwise rotation of weak magnetic fields around the skull at specific rates of change (derivatives) can affect subjective time and allow the average person to experience many of the altered states reported by practitioners of mystical traditions as well as "paranormal" phenomena. The critical variables, like any chemical reaction, are the complexity and specificity of the temporal parameters. One component of consciousness may be "sequestered" within second or third derivatives of very narrow bands of changes in frequency within the theta range. Our calculations of resonance, based upon the power changes within quantitative electroencephalographic measures, suggest that one electromagnetic source of consciousness may actually exist within the 10 cm region outside of and surrounding the cranium.

I add this underline portion to show why I would assume such a statement represented in Cosmic Variance comment section under the God Conundrum presented by Sean Carroll.

Also the link in general to give Sean Carroll something to think about as he speaks of what the presence in terms of what a God might mean to him regardless of what he had to say from a atheistic position or from anyone else for that matter.

We are all responsible for building the walls/tonal around us. If you work hard enough to build the understanding you have and supportive positions then why would you not think the desired result would have far reaching consequences?

While Persinger was not able to induce the desire state for even the “most skeptical,” the research is interesting nonetheless.

"Organized religion" for those "less then kind" for what a God might have meant to us? Those, "less then human" in their evolution, their actions in the name of?" Would this have been a safe statement under the guise of conformity?

We have seen enough rationalization under the "auspice of religious tenets," to know that such a statement is "shallow" from the animalistic brain? Fight or flight response?

As we evolve to the "frontal cortex," then does it not seem strange that our thinking would/should evolve too, while all the aspects of the brains physical development follows the thoughts accordingly?? Qui Non?

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