Friday, October 06, 2006

That "light Bulb" was the Sun?

It was important for me to reveal how I am seeing the cosmo. How the superhighway has been spoken too, in regards to the Langrange points.These points are lead to and from unstable orbits. Points, where gravity balances out between bodies, like the earth and the moon. These are not to be considered stable equilibrium points

It was Socrates' turn to look puzzled.
"Oh, wake up. You know what chaos is. Simple deterministic dynamics leading to irregular, random-looking behavior. Butterfly effect. That stuff."
Of course, I know that," Socrates said in irritation. "No, it was the idea of dynamic logic that was puzzling me. How can logic be dynamic

Now surely this is not the case? A "light bulb" is really the sun?

Some Orbits with theirLyapunov Exponents

Maybe just some analogy to what may have become the brilliant idea, was just looking hard enough into what the energy is doing? It found an "avenue or road" to allow for the transferance from "the place," where all ideas reside to become? Hence, "the nature of all things" which already exist, to have found it's way through the mind into a more briliant focus of what was determined of the energy now, becomes, the sun/idea? Worked hard enough to manifest into reality?

Artist's impression of the micro vortices observed in the Northern magnetic cusp by Cluster. It is the first time ever that such phenomenon is observed in space.

So I sit here wondering about where that energy had gone, and how and I am quickly transported back to the conditions of the early universe? "QGP! what you say?" How is that possible?

And from it we see the lagrangian views as points between the sun/earth relation that allow for easier transport(satellites in orbit) then other conditions if gotten into the flow of things?

A State of equilibrium? Que! Non?

Sample Orbits of the Standard Map
(x, y) → (x + y, y − 0.971635 sin (2πx)/2π)Different orbits are assigned different colors.

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