Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Game of Life

if experimenters have free will, then so do elementary particles.-John Horton Conway

What prompted this article here is the one of JoAnne of Cosmic variance writes here about the poker hand of Binger.

Of course these things attract my mind because of how I see what may of caused "first principle" to ever be endowed in some algorithm, that could explode into some and appear as a chaotic pattern, could now be garnered in some predictability?

It was Ulam who first invented the "Monte Carlo Method" to study the chaos of a nuclear explosion.

But hey, lets go way back for a minute here and try and digest some of what began historically and grew into some idea of what the particle world now holds with it's regard for coming into "being" and serving the complete rotation, until it dissapears again?

Martin Gardner, "Mathematical Games: The fantastic combinations of John Conway's new solitaire game `life',", Scientific American, October, 1970, pp. 120-123.

Martin Gardiner:
Conway conjectures that no pattern can grow without limit. Put another way, any configuration with a finite number of counters cannot grow beyond a finite upper limit to the number of counters on the field. This is probably the deepest and most difficult question posed by the game. Conway has offered a prize of $50 to the first person who can prove or disprove the conjecture before the end of the year. One way to disprove it would be to discover patterns that keep adding counters to the field: a "gun" (a configuration that repeatedly shoots out moving objects such as the "glider"), or a "puffer train" (a configuration that moves about leaves behind a trail of "smoke").

A lot of times if you cannot direct the mind to percieve supersymmetrical idealizations, then what use ever looking for the places that would speak to the nature of the universe? God of the Gaps?

"Every space" is reducible until? The realization then exists for me, that such outward moments had always been "geometrical viable" when seen in a continuing cycle of some sort? How would you have explained it?

Geomtrodynamically, this, has been talked about here in this blog many times. I needed ways in which to see this analogy "extend the vision of" what could have happened with our own universe. How this universe came to be?

Yes be careful with the analogies I know.

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