Sunday, August 13, 2006

From the Stillness Born

Can harmonic oscillators serve as a bridge between quantum mechanics and special relativity?

"Daddy, is this the World," my young son asks, as we drive through the neighborhood with which we lived. This still sits deep in my conscious mind, as I tried to understand the scope of his vision, about reality. I looked at this small human being, and what he thougt of the world.

Years pass, and born out the child's mind are things that were once asked of him. That if you wanted to "be" something in life, as to a vocation, what would that be?

He was on stage, with the "rest of the people" as the hypnotist walked among them all and asked a question. They were all "highly open" to the suggestiveness of the question. Not knowing what my son was doing, as his arm was making this sawing movement, the hypnotist asked. My son replied, "I am a builder."

He was young to know that he was really going to do? He was young to know that he would one day try this? But, from the results, you might conclude that he is indeed a builder?

He has completed the roof lines here ,and in the following days the roofers will come and finished the roof. As well, we will be placing the doors and windows.

Unfortunately I could not help him with the roof, and this seems fitting, that he finish this part of the job as the icing on cake.

On the ledge

I am one of those people if standing on the edge, becomes very disorientated. If one might of saw my reaction as I stood on the edge of the vastness with which my wife and I gazed upon the grand canyon, it was "this thing about heights" that makes itself known to me. That the closer I got, the lower, I would place myself to the ground. My comfort zone is to know that there is a solid place in my life that I can always hold onto, as one might begin to explore the vastness of the world. A railing/home to which one could hold on too.

Out of it, new life emerges. That what what was once the seed of the design of life, becomes and became the children and their children. Our grandchildren.

It is no great feat that the ages of the scientists "who endeavor now" speak about the world, are in their youths and are much as my own children. Quite capable, to face and handle the world with sound reasoning and judgement. Will become the "parents of life" as this is past on, from one generation to the next.

The Proof is not Enough?

It could not and did not happen without "energy" thrusting itself into the capability of what all things could become? You ask for proof? It is all around you.

"What is a pipe?"

So where is this "stillness," out of which all things are borne? If there is no basis from which for all such things to exists? What is space then, and I am first drawn to coordinated systems? The foundational perspective perhaps?

Is it all such a muddle that you can't tell there is a pattern emerging from within the self? The "energy you have as to what plans and lessons you will engage and of course hidden amongst all this information you will make certain "conclusions?" You own that. If you take it inside, "you own it."

But there is more to it for sure. There is more to it, in what we think of what is "inside" can be outside, and this exchange with reality, again forces us to ask? Where did it all begin?

A condense Matter theorist might deal with the matters in a special kind of way? It also forms the basis of my thinking, and again, I am somewhat biased in my views. It colors this whole bloggery. The way in which I might look at Mendelev's view of the world in the most colorful and harmonical in realization?

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