Monday, August 21, 2006

Doors, Windows, and Shingles

Last Thursday the 17 of August, my son and I were able to get the windows and doors into the house. It's quite an accomplishement for me, as the height issue is a troubling one for me. So climbing the ladders was a good crash course on "facing the fears."

The roofers started on that date as well, and they will be finishing today.

The work by the electricians was not started as promised by the contractor, and there were no phone calls or attempts to let my son know why. So it's like your suppose to be somehwere and you just don't show up?

WEll, because of the trying times to find contractors in the trade these days, it's as if you have to suck that up and then see what do next. He is settling to do the work himself, as he finds these challenges as acceptable propositions to overcoming what was done before in the tibits here and there.

Like handling construction on this scale.

He's going to approach the subject head on and if the answers are not suitable, well the option is there. It 's a matter of reading the guidelines on the electrical trades and then having the inspectors come in to have.

That's been the process anyway so far.

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