Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Tomatoe Soup is Physical?

Spacetime in String Theory, by Gary Horowitz

Of course, one get's to thnking about where all this theoretical stuff is taking us, and the result of such conclusions become interesting in having consumed the model assumptions? Having Grokked it?

So how did you get "here" in the "mapping and finding of treasure" in recognition of thoughts that manifest and had taken us on ths wild journey?

Very simply we should see that the "fifth dimensional referencing" is based on a legitmate processes used to extend our thinking beyond what it assumes of 3+1. It existed in "other states" before this? Yes/No? :)

So what we have taken for real in our 3+1 now holds our mind in thinking beyond what it has as a "resulting frame of reference?" We do not ignore the science behind such thinking, as it is progressive in terms of the "theoretical stance" we take. Is it right or wrong? Well that remains to be seen.

Will "gravity waves" one day prove to be right/wrong, or shall we ignore them all together?? What have we spent in order to "refer too this thinking" as we see often of string theory? That it is a "waste of time and is fantasy induced" states of realization?

How did you get there to find your treasure trove? :)

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