Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Singularities must be Rewritten?

From Dr. Kip Thorne, Caltech 01 On Relativity-Plate 24

I have given examples why the singularities have to be rewritten. I explain the value of the KK Tower as well. As well, it's relationship to curvature of the universe. Following through that discussion I hope I reveal the thinkng that has been garnered through my own research and understanding.

If the initial states at the beginning of the universe are to be in concert with particle reductionism, and the particle creations that I have exemplified in how particles came into being, then, the understanding of what can be transmitted through the blackhole is extremely important as a valuation of what appears over time?

So we have this universe and the temperature of the WMAP and the cosmic background?

You have to know what the entropic realizations say about this time(now), as well as what is gravitationally being exemplified at this junction of the universe in terms of geometrical curves.

Are the expansitory revelations being realized as I relate entropic and temperature valuation to the existing universe? What about the beginning then, and our supersymmetical realization?

It was much simplier then?:)

So looking for similarites in expression ask that "lagrangian methods" be established in terms of how the "weak field measure" in context of the Sun/earth relation, also speaks too, what is transmitted in the high energy collisions "outflows" as well?

Image and text from NASA Solar System

The Quark Gluon Plasma revealled the anomalies for us to consider the "jet outflow" of all that is being propelled back into this universe? Much like this image that is being reproduced. The beginning has then been established in my point of view:)

Particle creation helps to exemplified this position.

You would have to understand this geometrical progression as well?

If you seat yourself in the terms of high energy considerations, how shall this geometry be expressed? Topological undertanding would need to be examined as you progressed to the basis of the singularity with the way I am seeing. The way I am directing one's view to that singularity in terms of the Quark Gluon Plasma.

High energy photon recognition helps us in this regard as well?

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