Friday, July 21, 2006

Framing Complete

I am somewhat happy to say that the framing for the second floor is complete.

That last few days the drillers showed up to do hs well. This was a little of a tense time for my son as he tried to concentrate in tdoing the work we had to do. They came within his budget, so my son and his wife were very happy.

They have about 30 gallons a minute, at a depth of approximaryely 300ft. Which is way more then what is needed. This just makes life that much mre simplier then tying into a well with other people and monitoring. The "power consumption" and "water habits" that people have, from what seems to come easy can cause strains on the pump if it is running all the time with so many people on it.

From a conservative standpoint, the amount of water that was tapped can support about eight homes quite nicely. In the area he is in, he thought it better then to have that shared well responsibility. That option existed already, so that is servicing other homes in his area.

Having about two years previously tapped into my existing well, my son trenched about 500 feet approximately 7-8ft down to help me service our second place. I am happy to say that this has been sold, and some nice people now own it. The second place we now live on which I bought beside, I created the option to share this well, as it was quite appealing while still owning iour first place and servicing it.

WE were a couple of days behind, but overall we pretty much kept to the pace my son had set to get the house to this stage, before he went back to work.

What is nice, is that I will still have some time off myself until the 31st, so I can take care of the work around our own place that has been neglected. Also spending some time with his mother as well.

What makes me proud is that during his youth and raising, the ideas behind establishing oneself in the country was played our twice in his lifetime. His mother and I went through these stages, and tried to live as "free of the system" as possible, and then of course sucummbed to the good things of life as we got older.

The sense of conservation of water, was a principle factor in my son's life, as his mother and I had to truck in water? Had too, if we could not gain from "cloudy skies" or "winter snow melt." It was very rough getting use to it, but then we learnt lots about cisterns and the methods to support oneself away from a system that is taken for granted.

I created a water hauling service which I ran for a couple of years with my wife, and then abandon this idea to drill the well. I was dong two jobs then, and having to depend on my wife during the winter months, while working the other job.

She's a tuff woman who gives a greater understandng to what equality should mean in our recognition of the sexes, when it comes to survival and living life apart from the comforts that sustain cultural habits of entitlement.

If you do not live life in this way, how would you know the dependance with which we gain comfort from life, where others have been struggling to make the comfort of home an everyday dream.

As I said, having drilled our own well about 7 years ago now, I understand the necessity of cost and having to be conservative for almost 10 years before that. Turning on a tap gives one a whole new perspective about water and the sustenance with which gives life it's comfort.


My son is gooing with a in cement tubing which will circulate fluids for controlling the temeprature of a radiant heat. A boiler will produce the heat and create hot water that flows throug these tubes. I like this idea, becuase of the heating system and force air systems that produce all this dust and airborne particulates. Much like water conservation, I am very conscious of the money involved with the winter months. I guess in the sense of what air conditioning can do for those in the hot climate.

Also at the time, my son was growing we had two propane tanks installed one at each place respectively, as a with the resources at our use, we tried to be conservative on what we use, so we transferred some of that depenadance to the wood source heat, I had installed myself, to take some of that cost burden

Being tied to the grid, and power consumption goes right along with what your willing to spend on your hydro? Since there is quite an abundance of forest lands and dead timber, there is a supply that can be used to heat homes during those winter months. Beetle kill is quite a factor at this point in time as well.

Which reminds me of what my wife and I have to do in order to reduce our dependance on the propane we used being off the natural gas route. I like this backup to the wood heatalthough the propane is the primary, I treat as it the secondary), that if we go away, I can set the temperature, as one would in any normal house.

I do this anyway during the winter months, in case the temperatures drop off and we become lazy in not stacking the wood stove in the stove before bed. Which I am happy to say my wife does(I just make sure it is there to put in). She maintains our home while I work, and has taken care of us, for quite a few years now. :)

Well it seems I have turn the project of my son's into somethng else here, and given a little preview into what my son was exposed too has now become the plight of our children and their attitudes. My daugthers are very indpendant too, so I do not have to worry about them not tryng in life.

Our children, make my wife and I very proud. All three tend towards this country living, so there must have been something good come raising them in this way?:)

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