Monday, July 10, 2006

First floor Completed

Finishing the first floor framing on the ground level entry, on Friday, my son had his first floor trusses delivered. I got to take a little break this weekend, spending sometime with my grandchildren and taking time off regular work.

While doing this, his father-in-law helped to place these first floor trusses. Looking down upon the layout today I was quite impressed by the work they had done.

Today I went in about seven in the morning, and finished up a "to do list" that has been haunting my son. These small things have been accumulating, while moving ahead with the pace of construction.

Getting these out of the way today, we will start laying the plywood on the first floor and begin framing again starting tomorrow morning.

Hopefully all this will be done by the 18 July.

Dreaming of Another Vacation

All this work has me dreaming of another vacation. As I was scanning my pictures, I couldn't help think of the "landscape" pictures other people had taken.

From our vacation last year. Taking the Gondola lift up to the top, gives one a good clear view of the Banff Spring's Hotel and the surrounding terrain.

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