Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Backfill Complete

As you can see in the background there are some things that were installed.

Underground wiring, water line and sewage line. His lagoon sytem will be completed further on when the contractor is brought back. As well as the driller will be here to dig their well.

As you can see the backfill here completed , took about 10 t0 12 truckloads of gravel. The thing here is, as the gravel was layed inside the foundation walls, it needed to be compacted as it was being dumped. So using a 450 compactor this was layed out about a foot at a time, to make sure the inside compaction was solid.

There are reasons for this as the type of heating system that will be used are tubes laid out in the concrete, and by using a on demand boiler, the heat will be radiant from that floor. I find this much better then the forced air heating system.

This of course has moved us into the construction stage, with our first wall up, two days ago, while we are near completeing the main floor. We hope this to be done by Thursday, as the main floor design trusses will be delivered then.

This stage then will allow us to move into the second floor construction.

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