Saturday, June 10, 2006

Quantum Gravity and String Theory

Of course the very title of this entry is a "direct link" as well. I mean, I watch scientists in their debates. How they treat one another, and the most profound contributions are opening the floor to dialogue as the seed bed, for other things to emerge.

Again this just seems to be the way of it. So the thinking already assumes certain things, having accumulated in model comprehension, to the degree, that such statements provide for, the "ideas" to manifest amongst them.

"Dialogos of eide," means, to discuss the ideas. So from where to do they come from? How is it they are transmitted in the minds of scientists. Conclusions drawn, set as the bait for things to enter?

In post #19 I am of course responding to Elliot's question about the observables, what is taken as science, and what Sean is referring to as science from the participants contributions.

I think from what I read their is a common bond and understanding, as to what each represents in the way they think about things. This is fine and no one is argue the validation process as to what expeirmentain does,a s they take this for granted from each other? They are scientists.

Quantum gravity and cosmology at the PI Institute

Finally, the extension of quantum theory to cosmology raises new questions concerning the meaning and interpretation of quantum theory. This is because the conventional uses of quantum theory presume that the observer is outside the system studied. But the universe contains everything, including all its possible observers. This means that quantum theory must be extended (or re-invented) to allow observers to be part of the system they are observing. This is presently a lively area of research, to which scientists at PI have contributed important ideas and results.

Of course I will lead by Plato's example and have these thoughts in mind as to substance, and not care as to the issue of substance, just that such ideas exist for us all to consider in context of groups that gather creatively to propel mind forward in our apprehensions about life.

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