Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Blogging Experience

Making "Hard copies" is always nice :)

I have spent roughly two years devoted to using the blogger format to bring information together and have shared some of the research I had been doing . Bring perspective to areas that while fragmented, brought some new perspective to furthering the issues.

But the question of whether this blogger shall continue while it has been compromised, has me wondering whether this effort should draw to a close as well.

If such efforts are not "corrected" and I will be giving this some time for reconsideration, then at that time, I will see whether my efforts should continue.

What is missing in regards to John Bachall, and here. Shall determine whether I will continue.

Plato on May 29th, 2006 at 11:35 pm

I’m sorry it just seems to get worse and worse as I find links have been changed or updated, some of the articles on cosmic particles, gone?

The Fly’s Eye and the Oh My God Particle?

In recent years the main focus of fear has been the giant machines used by particle physicists. Could the violent collisions inside such a machine create something nasty? “Every time a new machine has been built at CERN,” says physicist Alvaro de Rujula, “the question has been posed and faced.”

Anyway here’s is a nice picture while too, any information on John Bachall, reveals another very interesting man.

Why would one intentionally blur a picture that would help people, like Sean Carroll to understand as well as many others? If a image is "directly connected" to your site, then how has this infringed on what you had been saying? I too, wanted to increase the flexiblity of the internet, to encourage images in mind, to be connected.

This is the next stage of the internet that I see as useful. Why, I applaud Clifford's efforts, as well as the many who help us see and undertand the issues of science. It has to be highly visual. This has more impact then all the words you can combine, as well as makes the deeper impressions on the soul.

See Sean Carroll's posting:

Gamma-Ray Moon

  • The Moon’s an arrant thief, and her pale fire she snatches from the Sun

  • See you in a while.

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