Friday, April 07, 2006

Working the Angles UNtil They Add Up Too?

I assume now, you are in the non-eucldiean inferences?

If people had thought "the negative" always evil, then what value any "dynamic of thinking" if we could not resolve what we had been doing by changing the shape of our attitudes? :)

Helen Joyce:
Both spherical and hyperbolic geometries are examples of curved geometries, unlike Euclidean geometry, which is flat. In spherical geometry, the curvature is positive, in hyperbolic geometry, it is negative.

Some might have never understood the dynamics going on, and if a "backreaction" was created, what value would this serve in our thinking? I ponder. Some might think of Dirac? Some of anti-matter? In opposition, some might think of Reimann and what was encapsulate in Gauss's Mountain.

So maybe in churches, or concert halls, we might think about the ways "sound reverberates," within an enclosure? The lines in the architecture? How this resonance passes through and changes the very matters in their oscillations?

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