Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Krauss Speaks, People React? :)

We understand that Alice is just part of the developing perspective we have about interactions? THis is consistant with Glast, as well as any calormetrical understanding, from an interaction?

That we had not explain the extra energy should still be held respective positions in mind if incoming and outcoming energy calculatins do not match? That left room in mirror world for other possibilities and had not explain all "sum over paths?"

My understanding is that the very main point of his latest book, Hiding in the mirror, is to present the idea of extra dimensions as an essentially religious idea in order to diminish the credibility of the research of modern high-energy physics - because he knows that most of the readers are anti-religious.

Everyone who has ever worked in phenomenology or string theory knows very well that this research has nothing to do with religion. The link is an invention of Krauss' - one that is intended to politicize things and to encourage his readers to think about completely irrational relations between different ideas.

Foot, R., and S.N. Gninenko. 2000. Can the mirror world explain the ortho-positronium lifetime puzzle?

(belongs to another article words that follow within link)
Welcome to the mirror world, in which every particle in the known universe could have a counterpart. This cosmos would hold mirror planets, mirror stars, and even mirror life.

While Alice in Wonderland may be a fictional story and pervasive in terms of many paths taken, the consequence of the photon in this enviroment and under gravitational influences, is well understood I think?

Lubos's first paragraph quoted is a questionable one to me, "on character," as I have understood Krauss to be.

Startreking explanatory on the understanding of reality, to make sure we understand what is going on, as well as, explaining the idea's of scientists who write for the public, in the movie production scenario's?

Kip Thorne and Brian Greene?

Would the normal public understand the evolution of Abbott and flatland, or the develomment of non-euclidean geometries?

You have taken the word geocentrism in vain Lubos:)

As a "liminocentric structure" wholeness is important to me, not just as some circle, a sphere, or how a genus figure is move from one form to another, but that other things are happening as well, when this happens? If it happens many times microscopically will this have satisfied our viewing of Coleman de Luccia Instanton?

It's just another way of "toposeeing" is all" ( many microprocesses make for many new physics to emerge?), and as far I understand it, it is necessary back ground with which to develope a consistant picture of what is going on with our universe, macroscopically, as well as microscopically, continously? Wmap polarization is topolgical driven by perpective sound valuations, blendings so that sucha 2d pciture measured is much more dynamcially seen?

Yes I know, no one knows what geometry this is in the blackhole or what new physics will emerge, so we needed to look for this consistancy beyond the standard model?

How could one not attempt to join this with quantum and cosmological views?

This just may mean that "uncertainty" is encapsulated?

I am glad to have "information" that would maintain my current hold on reality, as I expand the brain's coverings.

As we project our "evolutionary mind in projective geometries" further into the strange world of high energy, as well as reducing to a weak field measure, some hope of a consistant picture.

Okay, I have not forgotten what string theory has already done in regards to bulk pespective:)

So the bulk perspective is "nothing," or does it act as a catelysct?

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