Monday, April 03, 2006

EQ and Intuition

A 180 degree stance on how "consciousness," body and emotion, might be directed by mind? So, you might say "mind is emphemeral in quality" in some regards?

All heart you say! "Heart" is the balance between? Involution and evolution

Yet, there is a interplay between, "the body home" and "the abstractual mind" further out, while, they reside "in life," with each other? You had to know that this "schematic" was, and is, deeply implanted within our historical minds in many ways? The strive towards "wholeness" is strong even in the scientist?:)

Harmonical patterns of Jenny's, and the modulation of the brain state? Neural correlates to consiciousness, but of mind working from the other perspective, that inherent patterns will be revealled as the truer source of expression and origination of mind moving and all things following?

If conceived as a series of ever-wider experiential contexts, nested one within the other like a set of Chinese boxes, consciousness can be thought of as wrapping back around on itself in such a way that the outermost 'context' is indistinguishable from the innermost 'content' - a structure for which we coined the term 'liminocentric'.

Things borne in mind, brought to reality, and back again? Liminocentric structures are very important distinction in that toposense, possibly?

When presented with certain ideas it was with the recognition that insight and devlopment might begin from a certain perspective. If you change that perspective arouund a bit, just a bit, and the presumption is a 180 degree position :) how would things look if they had followed from mind directing the neurological flows inside that lump of brain?

Damasio's First Law
The body precedes the mind.

Damasio's Second LawEmotions precede feelings.

Damasio's Third Law
Concepts precede words.

Consciouness emerges when this primordial story-the story of a object causally changing the state of the body-can be told using the universal nonverbal vocabulary of body signals. The aparent self emerges as the feeling of a feeling. When the story is first told, sponataneously, without it ever being requested, and furthermore after that hwhen the story is repeated, knowledge about hwat the organism is living through automatically emerges as the answer to a question never asked. From that moment on, we begin to know.
Pg 31, The Feeling of What Happens, by Antonio Damasio

Having some of these books on related subject of intuition and emotion, other issues on the book shelf, I thought because of the event reported by Clifford and others, I would look directly for any wording that might issue in regards to "intuition." I did not find this word in the index, nor in K.C. Cole 's book, "The Hole in the UNiverse."

It is nice to know that times have changed, in regards to the responsibilty and recognition of how this process plays a role in our developing perspectives.:) I would add Joe Polchinski here, but having moved to such abtract realms, it might be to early for the mind to grapple what "inherent model application" this might play in that developing perspective. Still it is nice that Joe offered his perspective there, and all being respective of the science in knowledge pursuate in that event.

EQ and IQ

It is not to hard, when having done research previously, that we will come across ths idea of the Emotional Quotient(EQ) versus the Intellectual one, (IQ).

There seems to be some recognition now of the importance this role now plays?

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