Saturday, March 11, 2006

A Professors Fate, or Encouragement to Continue?

In regards to #72, as a layman, I continue to wonder.


Most mathematicians adopt a pragmatic attitude and see themselves as the explorers of this mathematical world" whose existence they don't have any wish to question, and whose structure they uncover by a mixture of intuition, not so foreign from poetical desire", and of a great deal of rationality requiring intense periods of concentration.

Each generation builds a mental picture" of their own understanding of this world and constructs more and more penetrating mental tools to explore previously hidden aspects of that reality.

No one can be faulted can they for developing pespective? :) No mathematician, for solving age ole problems in regards too, let's say, "Riemann Hypothesis."

What say this view or that view, without siging the death of one professor, or the death of another, as a hand sweeping gesture. As to the "illegitamacy of math models" and their relation to the physics world, lead by science?

Who(the community of scientists) shall decide, or one man?

Not so by evidence of failure? Experimental proposals continued, justification sought by tabletop experiments, or a less then concern, of energy missing from total calculation of imput energy? Within context of the standard model wrapped, and the comlete rotation within, as the signs of the time in one graviattional consideration of it's strength, or it's weakeness? Each "cosmological event" held to this perspective?

So resulting energy calculated in particle showers, leaving amount of energy missing, points too "new physics(increased dimension perspective)?" I mean that is a generalized statement, that might have been asked while the general "state of being" had been reached, in any collidial design? How would this method of travel have been encourgae fromthe event itself in colidial view to one that had traverded through superfluid characteristics and anomalies of such design?

Sustenance of any predictable future in energy production would have asked then, how such perpetuity could be been sustained? Where is that missing energy? How is inflation motivated, if held to the current state of the universe as some cosmological constant method? So the resulting missing energy had been seen in relation to manifested possibilties as strange matter or result cerenkov radational design, of the blue daylight of our world, from the many microbial blackhole events?

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