Thursday, March 23, 2006

Modulating Phases States:Neural Correlates to Consciousness

J. Metzinger Le Gouter/Teatime 1911

Dynamical triangulation

I added the wording below picture to encourage you to click on the picture. While discretization may have been thought endorsed, I still believe in continuity and flow, yet, I could not help think about how the mind is wanting to speak about that confined space, and the simplest discription of it. So in this sense, there are a lot of us asking what geoemtry/physics is involved in those spaces?

Lets be kind to each other.

I was just thinking about how, if I can so easily shift into the ways of non-euclidean realms, how perception had been changed from my current state of writing, how would I convey that?

Classically Shifting Gears maybe?:)

Such vast insight into how we see the universe with it's "analog in nature," sound was considered to extend our thinking by such relations, as well as, point to current WMAP data and the way it is being percieved. I introduce this here, in this blog after travelling through much information.

But it is more then this, with which I have been enthralled about, how we see that situations arose, where my not getting the message across , had me think about what was going on. About the ways in which I like to be creative. Use words, in a multidimensional way, as to poke fun. I am not saying I have what Kandinsky has, but as I thought about it more, I wanted to undertand this creativity, as well as, what the seed bed of each of our experience might manifest to the way it would in our role in who we today.

A High School Tutorial

Something to consider before we move into todays world of science. How I am seeing the data:)

While some of what I might be saying has been relegated to our senses, I would take it further, in that model apprehensions could , and do change current life positions, about which future possibilties arise.

We know this intellectually is a simple assertion about all life and it's changes, that from day to day, new insight, would make the new tomorrow very different.

Signs within Society

Can I say, that peppered throughout society, that the adventurous in science, could have been attributed with skills that could vary according to the modulation states of the mind, with which it had been gifted?

That it would know no race, gender, and human being that what ever the conditon, such skills applied, will be creativitly used in developing science alongs it's routes. Along what ever road it took in life.

IN the one sense "gifted with" might have implied a "given ability" as is the case in Kandinsky's, while in other's I see those whose same wirings had "crossed paths" and created such points, as modulation of the thinking brain. Ths is not held to any one person. Yet if you were to take the "senses away" would imagery have still be functionable in the mind?

In a similar manner, in string theory, the elementary particles we observe in particle accelerators could be thought of as the "musical notes" or excitation modes of elementary strings.
In string theory, as in guitar playing, the string must be stretched under tension in order to become excited. However, the strings in string theory are floating in spacetime, they aren't tied down to a guitar. Nonetheless, they have tension. The string tension in string theory is denoted by the quantity 1/(2 p a'), where a' is pronounced "alpha prime"and is equal to the square of the string length scale.

This is a bold idea I am stating in conjunction with how deveopement is taking place in science, and wondering about, as, "sign's of creativity."

Wonder about what is hidding behind the "facades" we had built up in our lives. That a truer seedbed existed, for life to be expressed in you. You, are the modulator.

Phase shifting(wikipedia 23 Feb 2006)

Phase shifting describes relative phase shift in superposing waves. Waves may be of electromagnetic (light, RF), acoustic (sound) or other nature. By superposing waves using different phase shifts the waves can add (0° shift = "in phase") or cancel out each other (180°). A modulation of the relative phaseshift while superposing waves thus causes an amplitude modulation.

There are so many things that I am trying to bring together from what I see, it is very hard without all the science undertsood ,to the degree that any consistent picture sould ever come forth. The picture(yet fuzzy and foggy) is there, and it holds ideas about holography, about the map of the universe supplied, and it's phase changes. Also that such an idea would have been held in relation to a "troubled mind" who might be exposed to Kandinsky's troubles, or, how society had been changed in a way, by such ideas being put forth in modulation idealizations.

I won't lie to you here, my mind is whirling with all these things in relation to how we are developing along in society as well as what is taking place in our universe. Such a large contrast to each other for sure. Almost like saying the microperspective view had some relation to evidence int he cosmo as we know it today.

I know it is not that easy, and the whole story about uncertainty, is really a baffling one to me. Yet, for some strange reason in face of this uncertainty there seems to be ways in which we can speak abstractually about the effects on the horizon issues, in relation to conformal theories.

So how would such transformative changes allow us to speak to what might be happening inside that blackhole would be as challenging as describing the length measures and what signal planck length according to some time clock measure? Yes i understand that this is important because the limits had been set as to what point quantum gravity effects come into play. How fine our measure that we can know the depth of dynamical situations.


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