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Mendeleev's Table in a New Light

Taken From the Future, to the Note book

No, I, Robot, this is not a bad physics joke. Cruelty, is dark and matter based. Heaven is colored more empheral?

Rusty, the Tin Man:
Cruelity/ideas arise in other ways. From "spaces created," for which they can manifest? "I needed "a Heart," and so too my father, the Bicentennial Man changed. Until, we now dream.

Quantum Computation and the Future

Courtesy Edgar Fahs Smith Memorial Collection, Department of Special Collections, University of Pennsylvania Library

By a certain criteria Mendeleev was able "to predict" what would come next in the elemental table? If such an assumption "was posted," on what would arise in the elemental table next, "new physics," how would it change the way we see?

Chemical Feelings of Guilt? It's a phase transition:).

Such a perspective on Murray Gellman and the relationship to Feynman is an important one. When you bring these two gentlemen together, you have a third choice resulting. It speaks to the particle nature, as well as the interactions. Such an assumption, changes the way one see's the world. The rivers that run, or the branches of trees, coming from deeply rooted historical lines of progression.

Sitting in the aethers of mind drift, I seen those trees, and had been inspired by the flow of the river.

You know I have no fasttrack answer or secret to the way the universe is. I have no important dicoveries that I can change any of the way we see? Yet, I ponder the very kinds of things like Wolfgang does, not because I wish to create the matters we would like too, but to understand how "entanglement" would have assigned energy/matter such a place, according to the characteristics, we might percieve from those same matter states.

Dr. Wolfgang Ketterle:
You could call it designer matter. You take atoms, you turn on a magnetic field, you adjust the interactions between the atoms, shape the external potential, maybe add a lattice by interfering laser beams, maybe add magnetic fields, maybe add a spin mixture. In this way, you’ve created a form of matter that shows, in a very clean way, properties like anti-ferromagnetism or different forms of magnetic ordering, superfluid behavior

Would you call me religious, or part of the statistical foundation of a religion specific?

No, Because there is so much I just believe is part of our reasoning, that the outcome, is as much individual as it is by the very nature of all our personalities. I believe there are repercussions by our very own selective choices, yet I cannot know by which combinations, such choices would instigate the probability in your future.

Do I believe that at a deeper level I might be able to see my own? By the very question of what I might do in response too, I think such moments are very telling about the next choice I will make. I had then assigned some of my responsibility into how our future will unfold.

At best, a new computerer with the ability to imput extraodinary amounts of data for a model prediction, yet there is no method to detail where all microdynamic processes will lead to other then to assume it on a classical level?

So I can lead you in the direction of views other then scientific, and this would be seen as a regress of the values of science> The value it would enshrine less than in progression and experimental basis. Can I help, that such philsopohical views arose from insightual developement, and through reading, to have formulated in the way it did? Some might of said, "be more cautious on what you read."


Feynman from what little I read did not like psychology or philosophy. To tell you the truth, there had been no road made out, other then for me to read and bring perspective together. So the very combinations and idealizations piece mealed, as they are, culminate into a perspective view. Do I know myself fully of every possible mental thought, and in perfect control of my emotive being?

Of course not I struggle.


Is this not a better list to ascribe too, then the crackpottery index of John Baez? I would like to ascribe to this one. Point "systemic" counting, when applied to some personalities has in some ways been lost on that point system alone, so, I do want to be more responsible.

(02 March 2006 Wikipedia)
Accusations of postdiction can be avoided if the claimant follows some simple guidelines:

  • Make one prediction per event.

  • Structure the prediction so there is a brief summary, a detailed description, followed by any notes.

  • Make the summary and description as unambiguous and specific as possible - state the nature of the event, the date, the location and other information plainly and clearly.

  • Use plain language, not verse, allegory, flowery or other incoherent or non-obvious language. A prediction should not have to be "interpreted" - it should be self evident.

  • If there is uncertainty about any details such as the location or date, state it clearly in the notes.

  • Post all predictions to a public location such as a Usenet group or a mailing list which has a large subscriber base and a date stamped archive of posts.

  • Don't massage the facts to fit the prediction.

  • Acknowledge the misses along with the hits.

  • Time Variablenesss, and the World View

    So yes, I would be guilty of so many things, but through it all, the one thing that stuck, was where to find the "perfect model" for such predictions. It was the basis of how one might see in Thalean views? This basis of thought(as a measure), was one inherent in how I see Mendeleev's table.

    So, who was the "Father" of Mathematics? Would all such mathematicians not be wondering then, how such a progression in any "model assumption" could have lead mathematics to see "time variable" as significant? That question is for Peter Woit alone.

    Aristotle: Commenced his investigation on the Wisdom of the philosphers. "Thales says that it is water" it is the nature of the arche, the originating principle. Water is the Nature of All Things"

    Is it not a bit odd, that such model assumptions could change the way one sees all these matters? That having a "nice list" and a table with which to go by, is of value, had we understood when we seen the elemental table created, might have been seen in some "other" reformed way?

    The term "Composition" can imply a metaphor with music. Kandinsky was fascinated by music's emotional power. Because music expresses itself through sound and time, it allows the listener a freedom of imagination, interpretation, and emotional response that is not based on the literal or the descriptive, but rather on the abstract quality that painting, still dependent on representing the visible world, could not provide.

    Maybe I am just a so-so writer with a good imagination? A so-so composer, who see's sound, in a new light? Literally. Such "analogies" in thinking "seem strange," once you seen such a possibility into what "might be" expressed? How, such a periodic table is "assumed to be true," in another way of thinking.

    How would you assign such matters given the "new light" as a result? How one might look at the earth, given new ways in which to perceive "time differences" within a given environ? From earth, to above earth. A "third choice" cosmologically now formed by the limitations of wealth on earth, that the poor man's view will have been formed and enlightened to the above.

    I, Robot:
    signs of new life emerge as images photonically flicker in the new logic forming apparatus
    I had a dream....

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