Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Books for the Dead are Really, Books for Life?

The Papyrus of Ani
(The Egyptian Book of the Dead)

Translated by E. A. Wallis Budge

Tibetan Book of the Dead Teachings

with Lama Kusang Norbu

I mean most certainly that if such historical context can be "so clouded" by this introduction of things, aside from the science validation process, how much weight would we apply in such measures? To have found our current state of illusion, so far from the truth? So far interceded by the degration of fog in regards to the color purity of clarity realized? You had to know, that the truth here, had some measure. I relayed "this myth" for a means in which to investigate, your truth, as you have learned it.

In this sense the ultimate judge of who you are, have been, overlays all life experience. Forces us to consider the "emotive content" of that experience in relation to the "ephemeral qualities" I had assigned to such memory induction.

Would it be so free, that we had distanced ourselves from the bias of emotion, that sent this memory into a "resource base" with which we shall measure and speak about all reality? So such an assumption of life before our eyes, as it replays in our day today, has us reflecting on the nature of our life experience? What differences in time, before and after, that we might not say ,that after this journey completed, such measure might not have been used to take stock of?

So is it, our names are not so important? But the understanding, that we create this name?

So what art form would we imbue to such facades and measures of illusion, that we would "be" the life, and recognize the truth, as we have come to deal with it, soul by soul basis. Recognition of "our sins flawed" in the rhetoric of our character, biased and messages sent forth.

Had we forgotten then this tool of measure then, and what it means. The "contrast" to subjective realization, is the distillation of what value the "heart is" and the truth with which we will bear down on the responsibility of our life, as well, as the life of others.

Soul by soul basis, we recognize the freedom with the probability outcome, would have said this resulting soul "choose" this experience, and in this life experience, what was the reality and concrete forming, that all life issued from this result, was to be, the "new" life?

This "cyclical nature" had to be realized?