Thursday, January 12, 2006


Aborigines went walkabout in Australia for thousands of years before the first Europeans set foot on the world's oldest continent. They continue to walk, keeping alive the traditions that connect them to the landscape through stories called the Dreamtime. Today, "going bush" is a term heard from hip bars in Sydney's Rocks district to outback pubs.

While Clifford of Cosmic Variance used this refeence in his latest trip to Taiwan, and the subsequent stories and images he is giving us, I seem to be attached strongly to "the word" above. It's like when you go fishing, you have these rods, lines with a hook on it.

What value this hook? Well, to me the deeper imlication is the civilization I am referring too as the oldest people on earth(?)But I am atache to them more then in the usual way. Sound is a very provaocative thing when it resonates with ones being.

So I do not have much time before the power outage so I will expand later on here.

There is another way that you can startup walkabout on Windows. Once you have the screen sizes, and the stereo mode and your user name set and saved, you will be able to double-click on scene files and have them automatically launch walkabout with those defaults. The first time you double-click on a scene file (with a .wbt extension) you will need to choose the walkabout application (probably in C:/Program Files/ GeoWall Consortium/Walkabout/ as the program to execute when a .wbt file is double-clicked. After that all programs with the .wbt extension will launch walkabout.

But for now consider technologies and there applicable usuages and how you might use this terminology in how to travel through different terrains. IN this Case I was thinking of Clifford's stories but I also am thinking about other things. I'll show that, and also the ideas of his questions taking statistical infomration from his students to asess alot times student might use over preference for this class or that.

Ths is unique feature of integration wit students I am sure as well as what methods used in the ideas of the Future of the Notebook gatherings that he had. This technolgoy applications not just in Walabout feature heres but in how we might use gogle maps to fly across this terrains and take in the cities that we've draw down to for inspection.

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