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Strangelets in Cosmic Considerations

In accretion disks how would this counter intuitive recognition of the Jet have been incorporated into what could have been ejected as anti-matter creation? Doing the Bose Nova maybe?

Killer plasma ready to devour the Earth Reports by Robert Uhlig David Derbyshire and Roger Highfield
(Filed: 07/09/2001)

By colliding gold nuclei at huge energies, the RHIC is investigating "quark-gluon plasma", a state of matter in which the fundamental sub-nuclear particles, called quarks and gluons, become unstuck and swill around in a kind of particle soup that should have been around shortly after the Big Bang.

Dr Allanach warned that if experiments with the RHIC go wrong, it could produce a new hypothetical kind of particle called the killer strangelet.

In a catastrophic chain reaction, the killer strangelet would gobble up nuclei until it had eaten a million billion, when its weight would pull it towards the centre of the earth.

This isssue is important to me for a number of reasons. One of which is the Risk assesment, and how something could be gobbled up. These were ole concerns that began to appear around 2001, in the understanding of blackhole creation in the colliders.

Since then what has come about is the recognition of this new superfluid states that would help propel thinking as a measure of what could have began from a particle state collision that we have gone to enormous energies in which to concieve, as to what took place at the beginning of this universe.

By grasping the understanding of strangelets and the relationship gained in understanding what effects can be creaetd by producing collisions, the resulting product created in the form of Quark Gluon plasma as a superfluid, how would such creation see the use of this as a possibility recognizing "counter intuitive" thinking in the apprehension of what flat spacetime as a measure would have signalled there?

Earth punctured by tiny cosmic missilesBy Robert Matthews, Science Correspondent
(Filed: 12/05/2002)

According to the scientists, both events are consistent with an impact with strangelets at cosmic speeds. In a report about to be submitted to the Seismological Society of America, the team of geologists and physicists concludes: "The only explanation for such events of which we are aware is passage through the earth of ton-sized strange-quark nuggets."

Professor Eugene Herrin, a member of the team, said that two strangelets just one-tenth the breadth of a hair would account for the observations. "These things are extremely dense and travel at 40 times the speed of sound straight through the Earth - they'd hardly slow down as they went through."

Strangelets then come to mind as a possible scenario worth considering in a geometrical sense, as to what the beginning is, out of the length that we would go to track back from those same collisions processes. Our mappers would have to be very busy and detailed in their discriptions to help us see how such cosmic strangelets could have been recorded in current data.

In general, AMS is trying to study the sources of cosmic rays. These sources include ordinary things like stars and supernovae, as well as (perhaps!) exotica like quark stars, dark-matter annihilations, and galaxies made entirely of antimatter. Each astrophysical source emits a particular type of cosmic rays; the rays migrate through space in all directions; we detect the ones that pass near Earth. With careful theoretical modeling, we figure out how astrophysical objects leave their "fingerprints" in cosmic rays, and we figure out how to measure that fingerprint (or the absence of it!). Sometimes the fingerprint is the presence of a whole new type of particle (like an anti-helium or strangelet); sometimes, the fingerprint is an unusual feature in an energy spectrum (like a dark matter or microquasar signal). Click on the links above (or in the navigation bar to the left) to learn more about AMS's physics goals!

So we were given some perspective on this issue, from then and now, some review as to what takes place in these accretion disks, suddenly hold geometrical insight as to what unfolds in a complete process.

Jet production, from what the superfluid can do in it's characteristic natures, to have seen how this feature operates independant of the buckets rotations.

See earlier references. Counter intuitive realizations manifested in the properties of these superfluids.

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