Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Strangelets Form Gravitonic Concentrations?

While it is never easy for me to follow these things, it is nice that such leads would have been moved forward by others, to help in that regard. At the same time will we have been lead to the interesting feature of what ends and begins in new universe interpretations?

I always hope so from the understanding of what had become cyclical in the detrmination of this universe, considering, that we like to proceed only from the big bang?

I guess when one saids that the quark Gluon plasma is the blackhole, how shall we treat the deviation of symmetry breaking? But as the place in which deviation to negative attributes, would have taken Gr down to the understanding of hyperbolic tendencies?

We added the quantum nature to compactifies statements about how we think the nature of reality is bent extremely? We look for such information in the reality around us and if such mircostate balckhole are dissapative, and very fast, what is left for us to view in the daylight of our reasoning, that we did not understand that nightime follows. The sun has enormous powers in our cosmic realizations?

Where now, Dirac entered the picture?

There are strange things happening with the superfluids? By looking at these, one's intuitive alarms are ringing, because it seems to be counter-intuitive? What do I mean by this?

So lets look back at them and wonder, what feature of the suppersymmetrical universe would have ever had this form to new universe that "the potential" would have been the bubble that formed from quark gluon plasma states, to have said, hey, maybe Dirac's sea of virtual particles has some realistic vitality here in rising from Mothers womb?

You have to understand I am prone to layman misunderstandings so such growth factors have been the attempts to follow the logic of experimentation. What are we left with as we gazed at the reality around us? The experiment mentions that strange quarks are created.

Accretion disks and models of the universe

While such feature would have been the example of geometrical principles throughout its stages of universal developement, the overview would have been a interesting comparison of what emerged in the first few seconds, would have had some comparative models for viewing.

Mark's recent meeting at the AAAs and new material promoted, might have asked us how shall we view such cosmological events that seem strange to us? Similar to what is being discussed here?

So how would such gravitonic concentration be collected at the center of the earth, if we understood, that gravity waves would pass through all things, and yet such accretion disks create more then the solid definitive answers about such singularites adopted. Then the "pea" that uncomfortably leaves an impression on the fabric of spacetime?

So what logic is forming about such geometrical features, that such collapses are included?

Of course I need to understand more here.

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