Sunday, January 22, 2006

Earth Bound Solutions to All Possible Pathways

Will I might have been guilty of taking Physics down a road so similar in conceptualization bastardizing, that I would have driven a nail in the very deaths of what could have emerged from the outcome of all possibilties? That we were indeed attached to the consequences of our ever actional decisive forays into human contact. Decision making, action orientated, outcomes, of the original simplectic intiated ideas?

It had to arise from something?

Would it be so easy to lay out the pathway required, that each of us woud have recognized our time in existance, would have indeed been the measure of all things that we choose to endorse in our ever perfecting evolution as cyclcical choices of perfecting our thinking.

This is a interesting thought held in my mind when you think of about what is held in context thinking, if we hold the photons in context of earthbound recognitions of those time orientated distances.

Many will know instantly what this means while others, scoff at the notion that we could have seen such influences telling us anything useful about the space of these interactions.

All the while the initial plectic recognition of Gellman's arose to complexities. We lost sight of the simple ideas about what might happen to the spin rotations over those vast distances? That the connectiveness, would have ever acknowledged equative relations that these two photons under the squared earthbound views, would include all probabilites being still held to view. While we still look at all possible actions? So what about time indeed.

Einstein's prettty girl scenario and hot stove, served to help me see conceptual framesworks about speed attributions of the nature of fast and slow moving world in terms of our earthbound considerations. This action was decisive, and held in context of that experience. He helped me to see that experience is indeed fleeting, depending on our circumstances, where such nature would have embedded the very nature of the spacetime fabric itself to include, how we will measure that distance of mind.

Is there another story here that we might be convinced of a rational behind?

Here is something that Brian Greene mentions to reinforce where I had come to in looking at the completion of that chapter.

the quantum entanglement would become so spread out through these interactions with the environment that it would become virutually impossible to detect. For all intents and purposes, the original entanglement between photons would have been erased.

Never the less it is truly amazing that these connections do exist, and that craefully arranged labratory conditions they can be observed over significant distances. They show us, fundamantally, that space is not what we once thought it was. What about time?
Page 123, The Fabric of the Cosmo, by Brian Greene

Does gravity vary over time?

If you did not have this in mind, what value would you attribute gravity in any scenario, as you mull over all the geometrical implications if a positive geometric solutions to Riemann's spherical solutions. The persective that GR holds for us, in our considerations?

Theory, experiment and fine structure

Were it not for relativity, the three states with different J would all have the same energy, and the light emitted in the transition would have a single frequency of about 277 000 GHz. However, relativistic effects mean that the states have slightly different energies, and when this light is analysed carefully, splittings of the order of 10 GHz are seen.

If ever driven to micro-perspectives how would time been of value if held to the quantum perspective as a strong enviriomental influence. One which spreads out all interactive phases that we could no longer discern, a viable solution to what is presented to us, unless in "symmetry breaking" realizations. So what was that beginning. Again Kravstov computer simulations help to drive that concept home.

Another laser beam is used to make the atoms fluoresce, and the amount of fluorescence is measured as a function of the microwave frequency to plot a "resonance curve". An ultra-precise measurement of time can be made by measuring the frequency of the peak in this resonance curve (see "Atomic clocks" by Pierre Lemonde in Physics World January 2001 pp39-44).

So simplicity for me asks what image in mind would hep one to discern entropic valuation to what this universe had become from temperature orientated view of that early universe, to have said, "that the probabilites that are evident now, have become like this?"

Two things formed in my mind as to the consequence of numbered systems, and pascal triangle, as to the source of all probabilitistic valuations and the marble drop held in context of BINOMIAL DISTRIBUTION.

So having defined the early universe and quantum valution arising from temerature, it helps to think about the outcome emerging from what had never been understood or have in "measured stick," to what would become our universe today? It still is the earthboud experience that we have, has emerge from astate that was equal in it's determinations. Ideas are like that.

So you had to see simplicity settling into our minds in such a way that If Plato indeed points up, then you would understand immediately, what he is pointing too. If you hold that image in mind of the triangle, then how would you ever assess Riemann's hyptohesis, as to the spirlaic outcome of Ulam's spiral indications? While the spiral opens up to the vast potential of outcome originating from ideas, it still settles into minds in it's concrete form.

So you have to define this relationship very carefully, and if I had said Liminocentrically topologically organized, what the heck would I have been saying?

Heaven's ephemeral Qualities?

It seems it would have far reaching enlightening features of what the buddhist mind might have to offer? What subtle arrangement the conceptual framework might have said about our everyday interactions with each other? Then you might have said what color indeed are the emphemeral qualities to our [mathematical]decisive minds that we would choose such abstract colors as yellow in our mental appreciations of what nature hides in the color of flowers around us? :)

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