Sunday, January 29, 2006

Being Informed On things One might of Missed

Some links and slides given by Dr. Nick Evan. Clifford of Cosmic Variance relayed this information in a titled post called, "Return to the Fold"

Every model assumption has to involve the understanding of all "science processes." "If" any of these processes are missed, then the assumptions that we move from, to those speculations beyond models and further idealizations, will suffer under the idealization of correct thinking and hence, spread misconceptions.

This is not my ideal, so then indeed such an idea of working in the blogosphere is not to advance an ideal that I have about life and the learning that it has taken me too, but fully recognizing that to advance under the auspice of right thinking, requires further work and understanding of these science principles.

  • Two articles from Physics World - String Theory Meets QCD & The Gravity of Hadrons.

  • The Search for the Ultimate Theory - on steps towards grand unification.

  • Particles & Strings - an overview of the frontier of particle physics and string theory.

  • Brane World - an introduction to the latest ideas from string theory

  • Quarks & Strings - an introduction to the duality between quarks and string theory

  • Understanding Nothing - the physics of the vacuum.

  • Light Fantastic - talk for a laser show about Relativity, Quantum Mechanics and Particle Physics
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