Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Accretion Disks

"For everyone, as I think, must see that astronomy compels the soul to look upwards and leads us from this world to another."


Lubos Motl:
One of the potentially far-reaching consequences of Eva's and Gary's paper is that they seem to have found some stringy realization of the black hole final state by Horowitz and Maldacena.

You have to remeber the reason I am looking at this has to do with how collision processes within LHC and RHIC have demonstrated things happening with the creation of the strangelets.

Of course, I am thinking here of graviton production and where such things would accumulate, and if such a process was held in context of let's say scenarios given to the production of these gravitons held to the center of the earth, it would have been from moving to this 5D consideration, that such model building had overtaken what was limited to the collision process itself.

So one sees now in context of what was productions from the effect of microstate and blackhole construction in the cosmos and having joined these perspectives had to have taken some form.

So having a model in mind in terms of the Laval Nozzle explained here in previous thread such explanations would have move the conisderation on how such gatherings would have instituted in moving physics within the realm of the speculative and theoretical, to have actual models we have created by using LHC and RHIC as tools of graviton production scenarios.

Black holes often shoot out jets of material perpendicular to their accretion disks.

However, more fundamental than the absence of dissipation is the behavior of superfluids under rotation. In contrast to the example of a glass of water above, the rotation in superfluids is always inhomogeneous (figure). The fluid circulates around quantized vortex lines. The vortex lines are shown as yellow in the figure, and the circulating flow around them is indicated by arrows. There is no vorticity outside of the lines because the velocity near each line is larger than further away. (In mathematical terms curl v = 0, where v(r) is the velocity field.)

How would we see such production if superfluid consideration, if the jets were opened to new possibilties?

the graphic shows spiral shock waves in a three dimensional simulation of an accretion disk -- material swirling onto a compact central object that could represent a white dwarf star, neutron star, or black hole. Such accretion disks power bright x-ray sources within our own galaxy. They form in binary star systems which consist of a donor star (not shown above), supplying the accreting material, and a compact object whose strong gravity ultimately draws the material towards its surface.

I still need to do some homework here.

High Resolution 3D Hydrodynamic Simulations
of Accretion Disks in Close Binaries

Michael P. Owen
Theoretical Astrophysics Group
Department of Physics
North Carolina State University

So we look at the LHC model for comparison here in accretions disk energy formations, as we projectile these protons in either direction? Now if we were to lay over top of LHC the very idea of jet production in a macrosense, where would this jet in terms of it's collision process reveal itself if not towards the center of the earth or skyward to do what? Now you have to rmeber you are seeing in a different way that is based on assumption of bulk perspectves.

Have I some how bastardize this process from my ignorance as a layman?

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