Thursday, November 24, 2005

Unity of disparate Pieces

Even if you take the string theorists viewpoint that the energy may “leak” away into a brane instead of actually disappearing I think I’m correct in saying that you still need to ensure that energy is conserved regardless.

Plato:While some might of thought it "dreamy," there is a direct physics correlation to that leaking in the collider. Although it is encompassed, like you said.

So where did it go, and how is "it" encompassed?

understanding the unity of disparate natural phenomena.

So some people tried to form "new models" to help extend the way perceptions in science have always existed?

In a similar manner, in string theory, the elementary particles we observe in particle accelerators could be thought of as the "musical notes" or excitation modes of elementary strings.

While there was "particle states" to consider in terms of fermionic realizations, there was bosonic(force) interpretations that arose as well?

If such states were considered in the colliders, then, what valuation would have seen the extension of what is leaking to have been encompassed? Here the onion signatures are relevant.

Bulk Perceptions?

While the "brane features" seem to answer this, what moved the ideas of bosonic interpetations as features beyond the colliders? This all had to make sense to me. So the history of the expansion of processes, have been altered much as you would look at sound? Gia's example of hitting metal plates, to sound created when billiard balls collide, to exemeplfy a greater understanding of what theoretics is doing here?

Sound in relation to collision had a effect? It was this effect beyond the brane that was considered.

How could such thinking have lead to such abstractions and analogies if the theoretics had not be connected in the consistancies that are required of science?

As Maxwell equations were encompassing. As Einsteins theory of gravity was encompassing. By this methodology what came next? You has to understand this "tree of expression," in the modes of this thinking society "branched" to followed a format?

Time-Variable Gravity Measurements

As well as, the expansion capabilities of our brains?:) Osmosis, would have greater impact then:) From the ground up, as this tree grew? :)

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